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Spend this day on the beach in the company of charming mademoiselle. Your goal is to take off her little red bikini and fuck that girl hard using a dildo. You should pretend to be a gentleman, because she doesn't like rude morons. Good luck!

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167 Responses to “Beach Girl”

  1. Like always from sharks lagoon, great game!!!

  2. thanx! i'm crazy about outdoor sex!!!

  3. stuck at 248 =(

  4. I get stuck all the time in these, frustrating

  5. Good one, these guys know what they are doing ;)

  6. can't get past 230...what do i do?

  7. am pula mare

  8. bloque apres avoir enleve la culotte

  9. stuck at 230. just removed her bottom. now what?

  10. hum game over 550 punten including dildo fuck

  11. fuck i'm stuck on 256

  12. walkthrough?

  13. hotness should i help you

  14. @nadia lets meet and have wild outdoor sex :p

  15. i cant get past 90 wat do i do after i rub in lotion and feel her up

  16. ok she gets naked...what should i do next?

  17. get to where legs bend up now wot

  18. her bottoms came off WHAT NOW?!?!?!

  19. Girls, add me on msn:

  20. How do you get 400 points?

  21. too hard

  22. I dunno pinstripe can you? Check my profile

  23. stuck at 195

  24. the points vary so you have to describe the position so it wont help with JUST the points

  25. I got to the point where I had her panties off, but she brought her legs back down and brought them together... all I could do was rub her clit, but I couldnt find anywhere else

  26. she piss off her panties, i stripped her, and now stuck~

  27. same here hotness

  28. 535 Final End

  29. hotness, u just have to hold it a bit longer, every action after stripping =/ hope i could help... greez flo

  30. i got her legs up & i rubbed her clit but now what?

  31. take her glasses off too!

  32. what now i got the bonus scene but nothing

  33. god dammit im stauck

  34. how do i get her panties off

  35. finally finished it lol 598

  36. finally finished it lol 998

  37. 1205 before bonus

  38. to those stuck, as mentioned above you need to continue to hold down on rubbing her clit even after your points accrued

  39. what i have to do when she is without panties ? please help:

  40. @t nadia. Hey! My dick is so hard. I can guarantee you a wild sex. I will make you cry.

  41. 1475 points on finish :D & bonus :)

  42. You have to "take" the glasses when she's without panties and put them in the bag. Tricky

  43. stack at 145 :(

  44. Got bonus, used take option on ass...then nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

  45. beat ya all^^ 1880 :P

  46. so make a tutorial for the rest of us

  47. Finally finished it. Was an okay game.

  48. took of her glasses now what?

  49. stuck in 245 please HELP


  51. what do you do after rubbing tits?

  52. HOHO, 3225P FINISH

  53. rub her clitoris in a long time

  54. Stuck at where u can put ur finger in her pussy and lick it

  55. What do you do after rubbing the lotion

  56. mmmm i'd love to feel the same



  59. What to do after she opened her legs and I touched her clitor through the pants? Can not find the desired action: (

  60. sarap nasarap xa...

  61. stip doing this shits

  62. swwsdswd

  63. bug , the one and only, Rex, guest, sexy, This game have onli 550 point lol =)))

  64. +ou- foi quase bom faltou o cara

  65. looking at all these ppl who are stuck, i'm not going to begin this game.. i get stuck so easily :( i think i'll need some private lessons..

  66. i am 864

  67. very hot sexgame

  68. i finish the game with a bonos scene. ah ah ah ah

  69. What do after she getts naked?

  70. what really sucks about these games is the fact that there is no real "help" feature to this. I sat here trying to figure this game out for an hour and could not get past the point where she's naked, legs closed, and all I can do is rub her clit to where the points just go up and down. Any tips out there?

  71. naughtygirl, need some help? ;)

  72. what a lucky girl

  73. i just got her to open her legs. how do i take off her panties?

  74. woot glicth 954 points

  75. ooookaaay i got her panties wat? ive tried every action everywhere and i got nuthin. any help?

  76. After you get her panties off, TAKE off her glasses. No, seriously.

  77. What do u do after you lick her nipples....need help

  78. i have more than 500 points... but she does not turn around????

  79. i get stuck on 200

  80. Finally beat it!!!

  81. wanna touch me like that?

  82. fuck you!!!!!!

  83. finish the game, not bad

  84. ough...yes..ough...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

  85. check my profile

  86. finished the game, got the bonus, pretty good game

  87. 3376,,,,finished it

  88. Great as always sharks games!! But people need to wait sooo long to have new games from him....

  89. guys, whenever u are stuck ieg: after she pees, you just click and hold the only action u can and wait for her reaction. Thats the only difference from earlier sharks games

  90. fucking hot game

  91. very good

  92. how do you get her legs open after rubbing her tits?

  93. What do in bonus scene?

  94. so I've got her bra off and oiled and rubbed her boobs, but what now?

  95. stuck at 100 can someone help me please

  96. she is naked with her legs closed and all i can do i rub her clit and get more points what should i do?

  97. how do you get her glasses off?

  98. i finish it, its really horny game

  99. hey! t nadia, I know you want to feel my dick in your pussy. C'mon I will fuck you till you die.

  100. Cmon babe let me fuck you. You will beg for more.

  101. I got her stripped and legs spread, but nothing else is happening...anyone have useful advice, or just gonna repeat the same crap? People who beat the game...share your info please, don't be vague on the details.

  102. i cant pass after oiling here in the beginning help!!!

  103. can someone get naked so I can masturbate? GIRL

  104. what do i do after i get her with her top off and her legs up and after i rubbed her clit?


  106. c long a loder criss

  107. 3533 points

  108. nice work sharks! but a little help function could...well help!

  109. wonderful this game is very very nice

  110. check my profile

  111. i got to the point where shes topless and i alrealy massaged her what next?

  112. i dont know how 2 take her panties off

  113. help me plz!!!!! :-[

  114. ok i got her panties off and she is naked but now i'm having trouble trying to click the next right place to proceed

  115. ok I think I got the hang of this( minus the bonus scene) massage oil on her arms top of her bobs stomach, legs when you are done with that rub don't squeeze the boobs(loose points if you squeeze them too early) when she is rubbed enough you are allowed to take off her bra(take then click in the middle) you take the lotion and lotion her boobs, now you are allowed to squeeze, rub and play with her nipples. Then you rub her pussy shewill twi

  116. funny how I try to list what to do and I get blocked and the idiots who just put numbers and sex adddicts who talk sex can put whatever they want

  117. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  118. where's the dildo?

  119. toutes des cochonnes!!!

  120. check my profile

  121. lutsch mein schwanz dariaolsen

  122. 629 I'm super kprean~@

  123. Ok i finished it if somebody needs help just leave a message and i will try to answer asap

  124. im stuck grrrrr and it took forever to load!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  125. where are you stuck?

  126. i can't get the panties off

  127. i guess you are in the point you can touch her clit. you just have to maintain touching her clit for a while you will know you pass because she will cum after this you can get her panties off and after her glasses

  128. can't get the bra off

  129. 760 points and bunus scene playing nice game

  130. stuck at 250 what shld i do??


  132. who had played on shark's lagoon, number 4 of horny? i'm stop in the bedroom . what does I do? help me please

  133. i get her bra off and then get her to spread her legs but then i'm stuck... nothing works! anyone can help?

  134. im stuck in 170 =((

  135. looking for a girl

  136. any malaysian girl here??

  137. i finished this mission REPLAY IF NEED SOME INFO.

  138. after you rub her you touch her pussy && then what

  139. how do u get her glasses off? =(

  140. such a hot game

  141. she has glasses, FTS

  142. what do u do after she spreads her legs?

  143. what do u do after she spreads her legs? GOOD!

  144. hey check my profile and read it please. then lets have fun

  145. i get her bra off and then get her to spread her legs but then i'm stuck... nothing works! anyone can help?

  146. hmmm horny girls add me at we can have fun cam2cam, i m male

  147. cant get her legs to spread

  148. love sharks lagoon games

  149. how the fuck will I perform bonus?

  150. cant pass 405...fuck it

  151. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  152. i got the is very sexy....

  153. hey anyone on here right now

  154. I finally got done i love it

  155. @Racheal what u do after you take her panties off??

  156. if you are stuck just hold the button and the action for a while and she'll do what you want ;)

  157. what do you do on the bonus scene? :(

  158. Finished""""""""""2397""""""""""""

  159. Why Hurry 3577P

  160. im fucken horny ... girl and boy you can add me if you want to talk more privacy ;) go cheke my profile ;)

  161. that was pretty fun and all you gotta do is rub her klit and you will get more points but just make sure she doesnt cum i got 2224 points!

  162. I got 515 points It is nice game

  163. just keep doing the same job

  164. take off glasses

  165. Can't play

  166. Failed to get 400 points? Right click, forward, right click, play.

  167. what should i do in bonus scene?

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