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This medieval story starts off from the prison cell where we meet our hero. His is a slave warrior and your goal is to help him make his way to freedom.

Filed under: 3D, Action, Quest
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26 Responses to “Krynatria's Tales”


  2. Good :D!!

  3. very very nice)

  4. really very nice))

  5. I really like this game)

  6. That was so hot. Anyone feeling just as naughty as me?? I'm ready for you at: bit. ly/1du0tz7 Just sign up and we can play ;)

  7. Nice concept, poor execution. The idea of a game with these sort of controls is a good, but god damn they're just so janky it hurts.

  8. Everything was great except the combat, but the combat was terrible. Still, I greatly appreciate that it can be played with just the mouse.

  9. If you have problems with combat just press the Q button on your keyboard and you can skip them.

  10. Graphics remind me of Runescape, nice!

  11. Not bad but a little bit boring...

  12. Game has great potential, but needs to be less player-driven (just let us set speeds like slow medium and fast) it requires to much work for very little payoff at the moment.

  13. awesome quest. check out my profile t i n y u r l . c o m/pfarjhx

  14. This game is awesome !! Come see me here m y f r e e c a m s . c o m/?baf=7491394

  15. Hello to everyone and thanks a lot for playing my game and mostly for your comments, those will help me a lot for improving next chapters of K'sT

  16. Looks like fucking Runescape

  17. Busted ! ;) I really liked playing Runescape for a long while and inevitably that influenced my 'creativity'.

  18. this actually isn't that bad. animation is okay, story is good (for a flash porn), game is meh but at least it's there, which is more than can be said for 90% of 'games' on this site. Sex scenes do take too long to complete, but it's much better than click button to win. SFX could be more varied, specifically the female sex voices. overall a B+

  19. I didnt know how to fight but i still beat the game

  20. Do anyone know how to open team sex scene in credits?

  21. Do anyone know how to open team sex scene in credits?

  22. poor graphics, cool gameplay

  23. To unlock team sex scenes you have to complete all previous scenes without filling the male pleasure bar ( the blue one ).

  24. The game picture is bad, can also content

  25. I can't open my inventory with buttons, or by clicking the bag icon...

  26. to old, but good in those times!

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