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It's rare to find an adult game with quality 3d animation. This one is an eye candy. The game plot is simple, damn hot elfish slut and some lucky paladin bastard are having steamy hot sex in the dark dungeon.

Filed under: 3D, Action
Game Size: 15.4 MB

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81 Responses to “A Paladin's Touch”

  1. What a piece of crap...

  2. im going to say it hes 1st

  3. and he wins the interwebs

  4. stfu, I didn't wanted to mention numbers, you guys are sick about that .-.

  5. The girl was well drawn but I didn't get any sound with the game. Even after switching the mute option. The game falls into the typical simulation genre. Not my favorite as I prefer more game play involved. Requirements on what it takes to reach the stages where she will perform.

  6. Wow, a free quality 3d game. Awesome!

  7. Not too bad. Fappable, but the fact that you have to change it every so often is annoying.

  8. That was hot! :D xx

  9. this game is shit!

  10. That was HOT!!

  11. Ok, if this game/animation is a crap, then go fap to the shitty poker labyrinth with ugly slut.

  12. o, while 3D hentai is always a good thing, this was basically just a longer advertisement for that one elf game. While it was well-drawn, I can't say that gameplay was all too good. It was easy to play with one hand, which boosted it's score a little, but... the animations are just loops, though they gave you a lot of ways to vary the same two positions, which was nice of them, but they still got old FAST. I understand that this is a demo, but still... I'd have liked a bit more variety than was presented. Once again, it was well-drawn, but it felt like it traded content for graphics, which I h...

  13. Wow. I passed the character limit. SWEET! As a demo, I rate this as 5/10.

  14. U ALL SUCK :D

  15. U ALL SUCK :D

  16. HotLisa22 can we meet ? i loike to take you home and insert you this 8=======D :D

  17. fucking hot scenes, excellent graphics

  18. Not a really good game...girls check out my profile for more fun ;)

  19. sweety you are also sexy

  20. Good game and at least it was not a fucking card game.

  21. That is one hot elf! Where's my dildo??!!

  22. That made me hard! Love this game: she's very hot and the 3D is really good. Girls, check my profile!

  23. Were is the continue of magic shop?

  24. This game is fucking great!!!!!!!!

  25. O_o this cartoon batch actually looks a lot like my rl gf

  26. super hot fuck! wish i was her


  28. this game is hot and so is hotlisa22

  29. Better than CDG games

  30. nice game but i do more fun than that ,check my profile

  31. wow superhot graphics,girls look at my profile

  32. qefqeffefefef

  33. This was pretty hot, got cum all over me haha

  34. love this game

  35. Vry dirty game but sexy

  36. this is hot.

  37. Very hot! That got me hard and throbbing. Any ladies want to make me cum? Call me 1-five five 9 ate won sex OO five 1.

  38. Me and my gf played this before fucking, we had an excellent night :P

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  41. good game for cum

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  43. couldn't ask for better 3D graphics


  45. This game is god damn sexy. My gf and I both enjoyed it before we " rocked the bed " if yah know Wat i mean :')

  46. This game is god damn sexy. My gf and I both enjoyed it before we " rocked the bed " if yah know Wat i mean :')

  47. No we don't know what you mean actually

  48. suck my croak

  49. Damn I Like This, So Hot!

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  81. complete turn off this is shit im pissed off so ima just go and play some actual games

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