Abduction 4 - Amanda - The 3rd Day

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This is a third day of our BDSM fun with Amanda. She's still sitting in the dungeon and waiting for another sexual perversions. Don't make her wait too long and take out your fat cock. Fuck her in 6 different positions. I'm sure you'll get a lots of pleasure :)

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79 Responses to “Abduction 4 - Amanda - The 3rd Day”

  1. this game is good

  2. that game is lame

  3. its very lame

  4. 4 and fun game

  5. Finalt they made it. and number 5

  6. lol. the one on the bottom rite looks like hes doing her while shes dead XD

  7. btw. i liked it :D->--

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  12. Whole series sucks ass!! And, Snowys a closet necro since he likes a certain scene where she looks dead

  13. Finally he fucked her

  14. whew haha LOL

  15. I have seen some Lame ass games on here, but this one has them all beat for Lamness

  16. I didn't really like this game. Kind of boring. =/

  17. Not bad, but there could have been more cumshots.

  18. girls message me for some fun ;)

  19. girls message me for some fun ;)

  20. boring as hell

  21. Lame as hell. Nothing more than clicking arrows to see preset mediocre porn.

  22. that's it

  23. ive played better

  24. the other ones were better

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  27. this game sucks i mean drawing is horrible boobs horrible there dicks are lick fuking pickles i mean wtf stop makeing these

  28. i fuckin love titties

  29. u can tell the chick loves being raped secretly... lol

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  32. nice game i am frR om belgium

  33. Lame need more Rape and Insest torch torch torcher

  34. very lame

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  36. good game

  37. caNT PLAY IT

  38. is it the last part of the game?

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  40. boner now :)

  41. I'm a canadian girl, and i would love to get fucked like that, any takers?!

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  49. im 18 and im looking for some lush pussy any takers xx

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  51. This series started off so GOOD, but why is this so mild??

  52. fucking good i did that to my girl and she fucking liked it

  53. dat shit iz whack

  54. small dick and-...boring. XD Needs sounds

  55. she really enjoyed it:)

  56. este juego me excita

  57. is this great

  58. Not sure this should be classified as a game.

  59. The series is interesting. Could have more, but it's simple and nice.

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  61. good positions

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  63. not much intersting

  64. My boyfriend, i caught him playing this and broke up with him...this is absolutely horrid and a disgrace towards women in general. Just horrid. I bet all the guys on here are just D-bags.

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  66. where are you from in canada?

  67. she liked doggy the most

  68. The guy on the last one looks like he's holding a doll in his hand.

  69. boring game

  70. still sexy

  71. if anyone wants to, im a male, and i would LOVE to be the women, esp on no. 5 please

  72. I'm so horny right now.. The thought of being kidnapped and raped just turns me on..

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  79. good series for it's time

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