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Porn Game - Abduction 4 - Amanda - The 4th Day, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Abduction 4 - Amanda - The 4th Day, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Abduction 4 - Amanda - The 4th Day, picture 3 of 3

It's been a long time since we met Amanda last time. But now she is finally back! This is fourth day of her imprisonment and she was dragged to another room by force. This time the bastards are going to gangbang her hard in every fucking hole.

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  4. no numbers please

  5. Normally is Alex M THE man of those kind of games. But this isn't so good as his previous ones.

  6. Very sexy

  7. I like the factt hat hes starting to get more interactive with his games. rather then just ckicking buttons but hes still got a ways to go .

  8. love this game

  9. what a lucky girl:)

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  11. -Sigh- Always same... Not bad but also nothing new...

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  13. Really guys (and girls), this is rape. There's nothing "sexy" in rape, even though it's just animated, or is it? 1/5

  14. Thanks Alex M. Another great "game".

  15. Yeah, not into raping chicks. If she was into it, gangbangs are fun for everyone. Pssst check the profile

  16. Damn! I've been waiting this serious for too long. Must have been for half year.

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  30. I love the rape series but I fucking hate fisting. That shit is just sick.

  31. very hot scenes

  32. bleh, blood was a turn off

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  34. game freezes after the gang bang??

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  48. Well done

  49. I normaly like this series. But the fisting turned me off...

  50. Yeah the fisting turned me off too.

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  52. The woman was crying...this is awful and horrible...I hate it...her worth was being diminished, she was treated as an object, I hate it

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