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Kasumi is one of the most favorite hentai characters of all time. Here is another adult game featuring that stunning busty girl. It seems she fell asleep after an exhausting ninjutsu training. So it's a good chance for you to play with her huge meaty jugs :) But you'll be dead if you wake her up.

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62 Responses to “Asleep Kasumi-chan”

  1. I don't fuckin understand how not to wake her...

  2. beat it it all about the timeing

  3. That was fun! :D Too bad it's so short :(

  4. it's so amazing

  5. waaw me encantan esas tetas enormes *O*

  6. hot lisa i wanna touch your tits ;)

  7. hot lisa i agree with u :)))

  8. kind of cool i am huge .i. now i mean i am big dead or alive fan of team ninja. I think that game is still a work in progress. Would like to see next version.

  9. man i wish someone would play with my titties while i slept. i like this game.

  10. Type Oppai to unlock the extra mode without having to play the entire game

  11. not bad i ve been able to play with her sleeping and awake

  12. you can take off her panties and feel her pussy to.

  13. This game sucks

  14. hotlisa your link doesn't work

  15. i need someone to play with my tits

  16. just be patient with her boobs to have some booby pleasure

  17. How do you take off her panties?

  18. Not bad...wanna see my cock moving?go to my profile to see my skype name

  19. wanna send pics? check out my profile for my email

  20. mmm so big boobs

  21. too short yar

  22. damn, if only she were real. That would be one hell of a good time

  23. 've mostly figured the game out... The heart symbol goes up as you grope her, she orgasms when it gets to a hundred, then the number in the heart itself goes up and it resets. The higher the number, the more easily she cums. Not sure about the snore meter, but I think increasing that makes her harder to wake up, with it maxing out at a hundred and staying there... Either way, about ten orgasms in you unlock an extra mode where there's no way to get a game over and you can even play with her tits while she's awake. Also. in the extra mode, exposing and covering her breasts can get her off, but ...

  24. how to take out his pantys?

  25. mmm my nipples are getting hard...

  26. I really enjoyed seeing her lactate.... There should be more milking games.

  27. how to take out his pantys?

  28. good game! Kasumi is so gorgeous!

  29. WHat The Fuck

  30. hate games I can't understand

  31. no sex scenes?

  32. Mm i love fat ass tits someone wanna rub my clit and big hard boobs? Find me on FB

  33. Btw i live in California Los Angles......i am 29

  34. i cant even take her shir of men

  35. Its So Fun... I Love it...

  36. hey im alway horny anyone wanna try my big cock

  37. wow awesome boobs and many milk girls look at my profile

  38. I will play wit anyones titts give me yo adress and I'll be ova dere

  39. lisa im gonna fuck you

  40. you're all pervert,including lisa

  41. How do I take off her shirt? She keeps waking up .-.

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  43. nice game , check my profile

  44. wanna play with me? mmmmm...

  45. i want to be afrind

  46. I need a sexy girl to make a baby OK?

  47. this game is lame as shet

  48. littlebit fun ._.

  49. check my profile and i will do anything to make fun

  50. want to suck my boobs and easy game

  51. want?????

  52. hmmmm too good:)

  53. It's a borin game .....T_T

  54. 143 times............................ xd

  55. mimimiimimimimimi

  56. i know how not to wake her go on the first boob then second boob in order she will not wake up or after a long time

  57. HottLisa22 id love to fuck your tits until i covered them in cum then wipe the cum off and do it again then after wiping the cum off id like to suck you milk jugs dry

  58. HottLisa22 can I get pics of your tits plz

  59. HottLisa22 wanna talk?

  60. There's a red bar to the right, if that fills up, you wake her. Keep clicking one boob and get the ZZZ to 100 then she won't wake up, then there's an extra mode where you can let her be awake and do anything :)

  61. You can also just type 'oppai' and she won't wake, cheat codes are great...

  62. you can just type oppai and cheat

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