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Hero of this game Chris promised his old friend Richard to give shelter to his young daughter Lola. Chris hasn't seen Lola many years and doesn't even know that she's grown up and become a beautiful woman.

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263 Responses to “Babysitting”

  1. ... lol ... cool

  2. Someone message me~ I want someone to talk to~

  3. what is the hint word?

  4. Miffy give me an add

  5. awesome scenes

  6. You know what's shit about these games are? My willy went to sleep by the time I found out what the next step is.

  7. so boring

  8. hi milf i'm so excited

  9. i got to the shower She take his hand, and I can't figure out what to do next please help?

  10. i just cant figure out what to do at the pool table scene. i touched her back and he says stay steady, and then you just keep doing the same thing over and over. what's next?

  11. need some hint on the massage part.... can anybody help? thx

  12. touch her ass and than her boob

  13. great game, hope to see another good one soon

  14. how to touch her ass? i press everywhere but it just dont touch the ass? how many part u can touch? shoulder, back, tight and boobs...

  15. the hint word for this game is luigi. Btw it's lola's phone ringing when you get that far.

  16. nope, no phone ringing no matter how long i hold the bar

  17. need help with the shower plz

  18. I'm on the bar after the pool table and i' m stuck who can help me?

  19. shower. how do get through it?

  20. wtf do u do when the guy says stay steady i cant figure it out

  21. wtf do u do when the guy grabs her boobs at the pool table

  22. after you touch her hand click on her hips

  23. it's the red head's phone that's ringing if u choose lola it's game over

  24. Im stucked at the massage; found 4 spots on Lola but cant find any way to continue, please help.

  25. Hehe, just finished the game. Pretty sexy idea, babysitting teenage girls. God what a tease!

  26. i am in the bedroom what should i do next

  27. Good game as always, fucking the "baby"sitter is great :D. But he figures look often similar, new characters would be nice. And Lola is a little bitch :D.

  28. what is the code?

  29. this is soooo stupif it is like readin the minds of the creators

  30. in bathroom ? touch hand men and???

  31. hi milfy mommy wanna chat? check my profile and add me, and this game was too boring,

  32. i'm at the point where she's at the bar and the guy has his hands on her shoulder and hips. what do i do?

  33. Hey can anyone tell me what's that code is??

  34. what is the code?

  35. During the massage, what else is there to do after: shoulder, back, legs and boobs?

  36. Code to get to the good stuff is: exciting

  37. irresistible

  38. at guy massage part and stuck...

  39. someone message me..... i'm horny

  40. stuck at the shower scene hold hands then what?

  41. wouldn't it be weird if hers was the dress of the future? back then, people would bait to piano legs.

  42. The help word is "Luigi"

  43. got further stuck at the GUY massage got legs belly and chest what am I missing?

  44. gets annoying to guess wht to do

  45. what do i do after he says stay firm at the pool table


  47. I am horny,now...

  48. Will Someone tell me What The Hell is The Code ????

  49. Codes, to get to the different "Levels": 1. nice 2. attractive / boring 3. exciting 4. irresistible

  50. check my profile


  52. Stucked wolding hands in the shower :(

  53. good game! you have to hold the hand and then click on the hip, and the breast after clicking the hand again and then in the pussy the same way

  54. type luigi if you don't know what to do

  55. cant get past the shower bj...which is weird cause Im good at those hehe

  56. at irresistible at the massagec with all 3 what to do?


  58. a very good game hope they make babysitting 2

  59. now thats a sexy game...reallly nice....milf mommy, u can chat wth me if want

  60. code tol get to the good part: irresistible

  61. shut the fuck up you "luigi" people THAT "CODE" doesnt FUCKING WORK!

  62. realy hot game but many ends

  63. pretty damn sexy

  64. Walktrough Video at Megaupload, d=IVPHVXDC Password: gueststar

  65. phew that took a while nice story and yes luigi does work anon...

  66. i just dont fucking know what do once finish at the pool (the bar)

  67. Maury: Chirs you are NOT the fater

  68. ilike this games im little bit horny add me up merenejhones@y.m.

  69. Girls add me on yahoo mail

  70. what to do after they sit together in the bar

  71. the final part is so hot

  72. luigi does work, you just type it anywhere in the game and it will show you where to click

  73. takes to long to load

  74. hi girls if you are horny and want so relief then contact me at

  75. guys,luigi very much works if u know how 2 use it...its damn simple..

  76. @ Milfy Mommy, hi

  77. fuck the game its not sex game its mind fucking game

  78. wath is the solution in the bedroom

  79. irresistible

  80. fun game but very hard, hehehe id like to see one of you very hard, check out my profile!

  81. wath is the solution in the bedroom

  82. wish there was a threesome

  83. need hints or somthing takes to long to find the spots

  84. I need the code to start the game at the start Help me please

  85. looking for earring what to do next?

  86. I need a bitchy vaginal, give me the message

  87. I want to play with a girl

  88. guys and girls add me ;) im 16, female and megga fucking horny

  89. fucking hot game

  90. what to do when you stand in the bathroom after a shower together with Lola


  92. luigi is not working smh

  93. luigi works at any time not the box thing at start just anytime

  94. hmm whats the code

  95. why the hell they didnt put the key word there

  96. i like sex,my gril

  97. i like sex gril

  98. how do you get pass the part at the bar? Help me plz

  99. good game!!! :) totally worth the time

  100. girls add me kkng32@gm if u want some fun

  101. Drivetruepasses: nice,delightful,attractive,exciting,irresistible Have Fun Gecko

  102. tell me what to do in massage i touch back ,shoulder, sides now what i have to touch

  103. can any of you help me when she is one the bed

  104. lol its luigi

  105. wonderful as always on sharks games!! Thank you.

  106. how do you get past the massage?

  107. What to do at the pool part

  108. i want to fuck

  109. what do you do at the pool table part after he touches her back?

  110. Hi,Do you want know me check my profile now!

  111. sharks games are still the best :D

  112. Hello Peetches, Send me your email LOVE YOU

  113. i feel the ending could have been stronger

  114. I hated the ending. I hope nothing like that ever happens to me.

  115. how u get past the pool part

  116. typ n luigi wen u need help while n da middle of tha game dats all!!!

  117. after the breakfast, you will chosse one of 3 actions , but all will ends bad. can someone help saying what to do?, the chosses are : let she keep doing, let get dressed, and go to the shower.

  118. i keep getting off track with these sexy girl showing up on my screen yummy

  119. how the hell go on from massage?

  120. Stuck in the bar hint?

  121. how to get past of pool table???

  122. a bit glitchy... or it is just my browser(IE) idk

  123. after u hold hands in the shower put his hands on her hips boobs and puussy then i think they kiss then take of his towel then a blowjob and a handjob

  124. gooooooood

  125. Hmm this is such an arousing game, please contact this horny little slut :P Xxx

  126. t_nadia can I fuck ur perfect body

  127. thanks! hmmm pm me

  128. some one female on here wanna fuck with me??

  129. Super game wie immer Great game

  130. J'aurais besoin d'aide quand on est chez Luigi et quelle joue au billard svp

  131. after you rub her vagina at the bar what do you do?

  132. pretty time consuming

  133. what do you do after you make the guy rub her back and he tells her she's steady when you play pool i'm stuck

  134. fuck is d word..'

  135. i got stuck on the pool table thing

  136. girls !!

  137. I'm stuck when the chinese does the blowjob to Chris -_-" Somebody can help ? :D

  138. check my profile to see my addy?

  139. not easy but horny as!!

  140. at the irresistible level, and at the massage scene, i can't get any action to continue

  141. hey sweet becky

  142. @sweet becky which massage you stuck on?

  143. I finished it. Awesome game. :)

  144. what do you do at the bar after titty rub and vagina rub

  145. im stuck at the pool table, where the dude keeps his hand on her back.. What's next?

  146. So good! Nice work dudes ;)

  147. these games are always so hard.. i never know what to do. i'm already stuck in the bar. anyone make a walkthrough for this

  148. I love this game

  149. coincer massage de chris aider moi!!

  150. I wish I could wake up with a woman trying to sit on my cock. hell I wake up with a hard on all the time!

  151. in the kitchen , what can i do?

  152. why does the bar never fill up ?

  153. wat do u do in the bathroom?after u touch the mans hand then wat,i clicked everywhere,nothin hapens plz help

  154. what the hell do ya do with the pool table????????????

  155. hot game who needs help?

  156. HEY BABES

  157. hit me up check my profile

  158. use the code nice to skip the intro type luigi for help

  159. nice attractive exciting irresistible

  160. How do you get past the Bar when shes playing pool and the guy touches her back?

  161. ladies add me ..

  162. milfy ..add me we will have great time

  163. Someone message me I am very horny and willing to do anything ;) x

  164. what do you do at the pool table scene?

  165. All I've seen at the moment is Chris getting a blowjob from Flo and a handjob from Lola! where does one find the massage part??

  166. WOW, type in 'exciting' as a return code, go to shower and it all happens from there!!

  167. I would like to fuck youre supper hot body dariaolsen

  168. your to t nadia you 2 girls are fuking hot girl

  169. wat do u do at the massage part? i did her shoulders,her hips,her boobs,and back;idk wat else 2 do

  170. @ Milf Mommy :3 wanna fuck?

  171. nice boring delightful attractive exciting irresistible

  172. very exciting game

  173. people are no help

  174. im at the pool table and i dont know what to do next plz helpp!

  175. bel gioco ma difficile

  176. signorine

  177. hard game...but it's very hot

  178. I seriously can't get past the girl rubbing the other chick for the message .....

  179. i'm stuck at the shower scene can anyone help me

  180. At the massage, after shoulders, back, butt, and boobs, grab her friend's head and move the mouse up and down.

  181. At the pool table, grab the stick and move it back and forth, untie her top, then grab the shirt and pull it up to retie.

  182. For the shower, just keep trying the usual areas. Don't forget the hands!

  183. anyone for a little fun on cam send me a message

  184. when chris is getting massage what do you do next?

  185. Good ending, but when you have to jam on LUIGI repeatedly just to get help to know what to do, it is too hard

  186. love this game, it takes a while to go through but it's worth it

  187. like my cook?

  188. what to do after the pool scene ?

  189. any of u girls wanna give me ur numba

  190. nice*attractive*exciting*

  191. I am not a fan of how the "males" look in these games. The women look fine but the "men" don't look like men.

  192. This was a hard but sexy game however the last thing Lola says to you is really creepy.

  193. help word is "luigi" without quotes and codes for the diffrent stages are are (nice, exciting, attractive and irresistable)

  194. Mmm so hot

  195. After she jacks him off in kitchen then goes to bedroom and calls him in to help her find erring he bends down behind her to help then what

  196. hi sexy girls mesege me m very hot ,,,,,,,,

  197. what do you do in the bathroom after she kneels down

  198. im stuck on the pool part ive touched her back and it wont let me click her butt which bit do you click

  199. wot du u do after he touches the bak on pool table

  200. i need help on the massage part from the japanese chick... i clicked all four areas and i tried the head thing but nothing works

  201. call me 284-8011

  202. Pakistan

  203. its a cool game

  204. Its a lovely game but takes some time and well takes much more time for me to erect cause of the work I'm doing in here :D add me see my profile for details xx

  205. what do you do when lola asks for help in finding her earring???

  206. Oh god, it looks like it was made with Gary's Mod using Half-Life 1 textures.

  207. what is the solution for the bathroom

  208. Milfy Mommy REPLIE

  209. How can I finish this game

  210. very exciting game

  211. Girls email at:

  212. how do you get passed the pool scene fter he touches her back?

  213. what is the next move after pool table???

  214. Send me pics ladies ;)

  215. Send me pics ladies ;)

  216. Check my profile ladies :)

  217. cool game...made me so wet

  218. i cant figure out what i have to do after toutching the hand of christ at the shower

  219. @ The pool table one touch her back then ass then her back then boob. Hope this helps!

  220. whats a fucking hots game

  221. thats was fucking hot games

  222. help with coffee scene? plz :)

  223. Holy shit took me forever but finally got it, great game hard as hell now lol. I need some help with my problem ladies

  224. irresistble is a code but cant get pastthe girl on girl massage

  225. how to remove the towel in shower scene

  226. ne bdyy there plzzzzzzz rplyy i m hornnyyyy ...........

  227. hieeeeeeeeee joeeee

  228. I like sex always and I like only english girls to fuck

  229. i love wanking off to these games

  230. where is the code

  231. what the code

  232. People tell me there is another game in Russian language?

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  234. How do u get past the part were she has the pool stick.

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  236. good graphics...i'm so horny right now

  237. help what do you do during the pool ...after rubbing her ack

  238. wot do u do after u suck the mans dick in shower scene?

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  240. what i must do in bathroom

  241. good games

  242. cant fill the meter

  243. this one is for Milfy mom:3 hope u wanna have sex cuse i can grant your sexual desires

  244. this one is for Milfy mom:3 hope u wanna have sex cuse i can grant your sexual desires

  245. im stuckat the part where there on the floor and hes behind herlooking for the earing, idk what to do!

  246. One of the codes is IRRESISTIBLE.

  247. what do u do wen she is sitting at the bar

  248. Did you mean: apa yang harus dilakukan ketika duduk di bar? Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Indonesian French English Alpha what to do when sitting at the bar

  249. Massage : press on red hair and move down

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  251. Great game

  252. woooo i fuckin won bitches! that ho is pregnabt now!

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  254. funny ass ending

  255. yo t_nadia wanna talk?

  256. kind of fun... retried it couple of times... wew

  257. game.!!

  258. what do i do after he touches her hip at the pool table? someone please help.

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