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This is a shooter game where you need to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Sexy girl Cheryl will guide you through 5 levels filled with dangerous creatures. Good luck!

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Game Size: 1.7 MB

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70 Responses to “Battle of Survival”

  1. NUMBER 1

  2. fuck numbers noone can stand them or you

  3. numbah 2

  4. lol sukablat you were number three

  5. too hard X_X

  6. speechless, beat the game, that was hot

  7. You know there's an "easy"-mode

  8. number 9 -.-

  9. easy but rewards are not enough..

  10. nice game

  11. are there different rewards on the different difficulties ?

  12. too slow to reload, bad game


  14. i like shooting

  15. sex scenes were not worth the dumb game, even on easy mode

  16. the game was good, the sex scenes weren't. i hate this type of sex scenes they suck...

  17. The moaning sounds were the best part of the whole game, the rest sucked.

  18. Anal sex!

  19. reload sucks

  20. No difference of sex scenes on different difficulties, pointless

  21. this game is too easy....

  22. Just play it on easy. There are no differences in sex scenes between easy mode and non-easy mode. The game itself sucked huge hairy monkey balls. But the artwork of the sex scenes were pretty good in my opinion. Anyway it caused half a boner in my pants...

  23. @t nadia- do y wanna fuck with me

  24. game sucks

  25. check my profile

  26. the sound is not godd

  27. game sucks big rocks

  28. Meh, game eats, the music cuts out immediately and the sex scenes just aren't very good.

  29. see my profile

  30. anal sex was the hottest

  31. lol got to caught u in the shooting to really pay attention to the sex scences never got even the slightist feel of a bone either *sigh* ohwell time to go play some other game now.

  32. opening song is woman in chains by tears for fears... good song

  33. it all talk

  34. Too easy for an old arcarde gamer, but is there any girl who wants to replay the sex scenes with me?

  35. hot game, almost as hot as me. girls, plz check my profile!

  36. Not so great. Too long, and sex scenes are lame...

  37. it's good, but too short i need more weapons, more enemies, more sex!!

  38. Yeah, too short ^^ but still a nice game

  39. the moaning is the hottest part.. the scenes need more to them

  40. nice creampie scenes

  41. hard game

  42. moaning was as good as it always is, it just needs better scenes

  43. fuckign impossible to get past round 3

  44. this game is one of the more difficult games on this site

  45. so if i kill spiders with my gun i can get a blowjob, cheers to that shit

  46. fortunately there's an easy mode

  47. This abandom building is in two kilometerts from my house, lol.

  48. The English in this game was atrocious! You don't AFRAID of bats. You are very brave man! Either the author needs to learn some or the ninja chick should be replaced with someone else who can speak proper English!

  49. The Engrish is almost as hilarious as the penis she has in the segues.

  50. dsdssssssssssa

  51. very shit games

  52. that was it is too easy on easy mode,didnt get hit once in any level :P

  53. i like when guys cum inside

  54. i like to scum on you

  55. shooooting game ??? u serious ? i dont have my fucking mouse !

  56. check my profile

  57. well...nice rewards!!

  58. Nice One ! It made me Hard

  59. she looks more like a ninja chick than a post-apoc girl haha

  60. gun looks like half life 2

  61. i like condoms

  62. @ENGLISH don't afraid of bats is a reference to the internet meme "doesn't afraid of anything" google it

  63. lol ghost cock

  64. the game is bad

  65. a bit hard at the end but its not a real good sex position

  66. even during the sex scenes, until the very last one she didn't look into it at all, and it was the same grunting noises each time

  67. i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. everyone wants this game sex and shooting :D

  69. i like this horny games..>.< aaahh

  70. hard game

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