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It's the same game as BlazBlue Litchi Sex Session one, but with Taokaka in the lead role.

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33 Responses to “BlazBlue Taokaka Sex Session”

  1. What a waste of making my time clicking on this and making my carpel tunnel syndrome worse. :)

  2. thats lame... watch my profile for some good stuff!

  3. Damm right... the graphics and animatin is ok but the content... well no story no challenge nothing to do but switch trough scenes...

  4. Mmm sexy game

  5. Forgive me for not knowing who thsi is from anime/japanimation, but the black face from this character is pretty fucking lame. If this character is from some toon, comic, what have you, being clothed is probably ok, here though, nude? Bleh. Like there are not countless other female japanimation/anime characters to choose from. And yeah, a bunch of looped animations, whoop-ee.

  6. She's easily the dumbest and most worthless character from this Anime - which is also pretty forgettable and not really worth watching. Yes, her face actually looks like that. Another reason she's pretty pointless in an already pointless anime. Don't worry about not knowing about it.

  7. hot positions, nice sound effects

  8. hey check my profile girls ;)

  9. Riddle me this; why in the fuck would anyone want to make a flash game using such an weird ass creature chick?! This is telling me that some basement dweller, with absolutely nothing to do, and probably won't amount to much more than the spots on his sheets just wanted to see something fappable. If that was the case try using characters that are more noticeable with more fame power.

  10. It's a mask not her actual face

  11. sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. This is Taokaka from the BlazBlue series which is a fighting game (there are also mangas, novels, and an anime). She is from the Kaka clan so her face is never shown because all Kakas hide their face under their hood (except the original Kaka, Jubei). They're not being lazy, that's just the way it is.

  13. I'm not saying they are being lazy or could care less if its a mask or her actual face. The point is, straight black like this, looks like shit. Black like this, not shading, no lighting, no diggerent shades. It looks blank, as straight black does. Take one of the many Tomb Rainder/Nude Raider/Lara Croft mini/flash adult games and instead her face was just one shade black equals shit, un attractive and un inspiring.

  14. mmm that feeling of hot cum inside my pussy...

  15. sexy game

  16. Check out my profile ;)

  17. . NO zuo NO die Why you Try?

  18. oi gostosas

  19. ruth looks like to me. I like different things that come up, because I find it boring to climb the face of normal animes because for me they are the same character just painted different colors. truth hesitate to see this animation but I really like. I find it very erotic with a touch of mystery and also the face is very basic but that's not a problem because it gives an innocent touch and is what we are not? the body is also very erotic to the top. and that more attention I get is what is seen in the background that was just perfect as any place a sheet and that is enough but there notice t...

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  21. nice sex scenes

  22. nice game :D but we can have more fun if you visit my profile :D ill wait for you

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  24. Like others have said, that's not her real face. Not like it matters, the skin colour, tits, pussy and ass along with those sweet ass sound effects are enough to make me cum buckets.

  25. so sexy man i want to go have sex right now haha

  26. puns the puns what ever i want to play right now

  27. It's not a bad game really nor is it a waste of time. she is actually my favorite character from blaz blue, which was a video game before the pile of shit anime. The thing about parody porn is its designed to satisfy the need to fuck your favorite fictional characters. And this game does a good job doing what it was meant to do, so fuck you guys who judge it upon biases. I'm sure most of you don't even know who Taokaka is do you.

  28. and first of all the blackness isn't her real face its shaded by the hood. underneath it is cute slightly dumb and funny cat girl. And just because its not to your liking doesn't mean you have to judge people who do "fuck you demos" go fuck yourself asshole

  29. SEXIEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER!!!!! Get it, "shooter"?

  30. xxx hentai porn sex yes pze


  32. Taokaka is for ever my wifu

  33. How the heck do you move the camera, other than that. Nice

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