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New elite brothel opens his doors to everyone. 5 lovely babes for any taste are waiting for you. Who do you prefer, gorgeous big boobed blonde or pretty seductive asian? Don't be confused, take'em both, cuz in this game you can fuck two girls in the same time! Unfortunately there is only japanese language, but it's not difficult to understand how play this game.

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267 Responses to “Bleach Circle Eden”

  1. It's okay

  2. its so bad - no commen t

  3. The game is retarded, not even fun!!!!

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  5. im a dude and if u wanna get some send email to chevynova882 at aol(dot)com

  6. Good game

  7. this game is good

  8. im savage send emails to my address

  9. i watch bleach on sater days and i have always wanted to see those girls naked

  10. and one eyebrow will be raised like ur saying "say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

  11. Game is weird. Nice option to chose tits size. Needs some more options and more animations.

  12. Bleach is gay... who watches that

  13. I am, my son...

  14. asains love my tiny penis

  15. sexy time i think ur gay btw deathcoclk ,squidbillies every other 15 min show on adult swim sucks

  16. No ur retarded z, cuz Aqua Teen Hunger Force rules!

  17. Nice game. Loving the neko option...

  18. game dosnt work

  19. alriiiiight i made a touchdown

  20. if u marry me ill bid for you and pray you all this will i do if you marry me all this will i do if you marry me o crap lol silly nannies

  21. what a lame game

  22. Wow, fuckin tow girl at one time mmm... I'm lovin it.

  23. Sry two girls ..

  24. Bleach kick @ss

  25. and u can make them blead from the pussy nice!

  26. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

  27. This game rocks!

  28. Worst graphics ever!

  29. who wants to fuck me?

  30. eeeh not bad seen the show and (damn i have to admit i have always wanted to see thes girls naked lol) but not bad i got a hard on lol

  31. The Game is ok



  34. ill fuck sexy slut

  35. ill fuck sexy slut

  36. im a sext slut tight pussy, big boobs, im horny as heck some1 fuck me!

  37. this game is amazing!!!!!!!! i could play this all night

  38. are u able to unlock anything? just wondering but good game

  39. i hate games with no sound

  40. hey sara , why dont you cum over here :)

  41. hi my email is ilovesdildos@hotmail(dot)com

  42. this is a good game but i think you should be able to change the girls position

  43. I loooove this game =D xD bleach babes are HOT;D butbut...where is orihimes best friend? :I xD

  44. okay game good for wasting a few mins but got boring quick, sound would have been nice, being able to read what they where saying would have been even better.

  45. Oh and being able to fuck multiple holes would have been nice...

  46. bleach is not gay ass hol

  47. Man this is good i already got a hard on nice game but i cant read abloody thing they are saying but that doesn matter the game is alsome

  48. i cant understand the words and no sound!

  49. pretty gay its censured

  50. hey over here horny slut bent over I fuck ya good from behind in both tight pick hole's

  51. it aint so bad

  52. iam hard

  53. Why are they're vaginas huge gaping holes?

  54. because the dick is too big for small pussys

  55. y the hell is it censured

  56. yeah good game but not fuckin good!

  57. its alright

  58. its alright

  59. very good game but and don't have anal penetration

  60. need a pussy so bad

  61. I am awkward!!!!!

  62. i have seen better needs anal

  63. 281-330-8004

  64. bleach is retarded i only played this game cuz im bord and dont feel lik movin

  65. this is da best game eva,their fun 2 fuck

  66. i like when their bellys get fat itz sooooooooooooooo fuuuckkkkkn cute!xD

  67. I'd wanna fuck Ichigo's little sister, she is 6, right? Thats the age that little girls' genitals are the most ripe.

  68. i love bleach games and this is the best of all of them

  69. it is fucking sexy

  70. im very horny now

  71. I think if it had a story line it would be better...

  72. From now on ill just come here to read comments!

  73. hey please got fornicate youre selves you are an asshole!!!!!! i mean shes six you asshole and a perv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. This game is brilliant, when it go out the next version?

  75. I made this game two lol. I suck cock

  76. this game is boss i have a big dick 4 all u ladies

  77. pretty good after u figure out what does what

  78. o........k

  79. o........k


  81. i love the beach sex

  82. this gets me wet everytime...

  83. very nice

  84. very nice

  85. i wish you could like hear them scream as ya fuck em

  86. i'm so horny. any girls wanna get off with me? 559-362-6167..girls only

  87. i love it!!!so sexy!!! i hare to go to the happy rum..!!!0o q p W

  88. oh mi god. i am so sexy

  89. Its a pretty good game, ad some sound and some more things you can put on the girl and do with them ,so will this game be superb.

  90. ok, nleach rules and why didn't they include rukia? she's pretty hot!

  91. I was wondering the same thing! Where's Rukia!

  92. these chicks are hot

  93. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

  94. why no sound???is it my speaker or it is the program??

  95. its the program

  96. 媽ㄉ 真ㄉ好棒

  97. fun but i cant understand the word she is saying!

  98. i don't like the load is super slow!!!!!!!

  99. im rick james bitch

  100. 真ㄉ好棒

  101. I Like this game

  102. nice game

  103. bleach girls is hot

  104. woot lol

  105. I LIke its is giting me hornny

  106. very nice game

  107. yo any1 wanna fuck? email me at ninja_girl_2323@yahoo(.)com

  108. I'm horny :( and my boyfriend's not home i got a webcam soo many please chat with me im bored =[ Miss(dot)Escalante@hotmail(.)com

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  110. it sucks they dont have all the bleach females but dis game is alright,funny as hell to

  111. 6 years old, go find some older women you fag!!!!!!!

  112. this games the bomb! they're hot, you csn make them pregnant, pussy bleed, and even cumshots! kewl...

  113. this game on this site is awesome all the others around the net have like no content compared to this one

  114. good game fucking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

  115. this game makes me as horny as a cat in heat! (no pun intended)

  116. 나초딩5학년이다

  117. 난 저중 요루이치랑 소이폰이 제일 좋어

  118. GREAT GAME!

  119. ahahahahahahahahahhhahhahahhahahah

  120. acm1pt re piola


  122. hehehehehe i alwats wanted to F&*%$ the big boobed red head

  123. ENGLISH!!!!! then it would be nice

  124. what are you guys talking about this is a good game, all it needs is slight grahics tweak, sounds and have a language toggle button, would be on of the most popular games

  125. 씨발 존나 잼네

  126. this rules you make them pregnant

  127. someone should take this game and remove the sencoring, that's all it realy needs, ofcourse adding sounds would help alot, but i don't think it would be necersery with english text

  128. this game is fun

  129. this game is fun

  130. no ASS fuck

  131. English people English!

  132. Needs to be in english, but good over all

  133. good game but should be in english

  134. Good game. but needs to be in english.......AND NEEDS SOUND!!

  135. watta fucking game

  136. This Site Has a Problem when you play any game theres a like a White Square box on the Game its real annoying anybody know how to Get rid of this Thing ?

  137. This game is fucking good!I want download this game.

  138. I know Anonymous it does needs to be in english.......AND NEEDS SOUND!!

  139. eh s'okay

  140. I'm black and i got a big dick, ladies what more reason do you need

  141. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  142. Nice Game I Like It

  143. I Like It too but it needs to be in english to you know. some pepple talk in english you know....!.....Oh Hi Ryu i didint know you play gams like this????

  144. All the time & you

  145. A friend told me why?

  146. This game needs a sequel... With better graphics and more stuff and IN ENGLISH. Otherwise 10/10 =)

  147. Someone should make a game like this from Code Geass

  148. this is a good gam but zeros idea is better

  149. Code Geass rules

  150. 루키아 어딧어 ㅠㅠ

  151. 아낙 한국 만세이

  152. This game is the shit. off course there are a lot of things that should be improved but that thoesn´t make it a bad game

  153. i agree with Nightcrawler this is a good game but there should be a part two with more girls and much more opsions

  154. i agree with Nightcrawler this is a good game but there should be a part two with more girls and much more opsions

  155. i agree with Nightcrawler two this is a goood game but there should be a part two with more girls and much much more opsions

  156. This game rules!!!!!! It makes me horny, ladies, I'm available

  157. Woow This Is Fuck House

  158. oh yea this got me all hard

  159. i like bleach most

  160. i wish they could take the censor off, have rukia and tatsuki, better graphics, sound, english, and have anal. other than that, this is a great game

  161. any ladies want this =============D 13 incher?

  162. need american subtiles

  163. ppl who say this game is bad suks balls its good

  164. pregnant?!?!!?!?

  165. ㅋㅋ 나 쪽바리다 불만있음?

  166. ive favorited it. its actually halfway decent

  167. There is even Lady Yoroiitchi :D


  169. GOOD GAME

  170. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

  171. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

  172. 아기못놓아요?

  173. 섹스좋아 하고싶어 매일자위해

  174. Actually the creator has updated the game, but someone's gonna need to buy it and reverse-engineer it so it'll work on a webpage...

  175. 我射了...

  176. 會唔會出2呢?? 強烈希望 可以加妮露 久南白 等就正了

  177. I like it when you choose the breast size and see the bitches will reacted and you can make them horny.

  178. very good game, it just needs to be in english. and it also needs sound. but other than that it fantastic^^

  179. where to download

  180. 한국분대답좀

  181. hello there!! wanna be my friends? ? and have some fun on cam?? just add me on yahoo,msg franchezka_ronin im online now.. ! see you there . love you!! muah!!

  182. 정액먹어

  183. this game is fucking awsome and if there are any horny girls out there leave a reply . ps no fat ugly chicks only the ones petite with big ass boobs and small round ass

  184. great game.

  185. ewefewfefefesggersggessgrgsrgrsrgsrgssgr

  186. Could you guys running the site get version 5.0 please?

  187. very good

  188. it's funny to see how they get fucked through their panties lol

  189. nice game yo look me up on you tube kitejoyner and ladies call 202 361 3031

  190. their pussies drawn like big black holes))


  192. sucks

  193. holy shit i lov this game but it could be better

  194. dang they're hot and i wish i can fuck them

  195. loved it...

  196. im a huge bleach fan and this game is AWESOME !!!!!!

  197. wish rukia was in it though

  198. The game is good

  199. yeah!!I have dreamd to fuck Yoroichi-san.

  200. I Like it but u must add sound then good le

  201. Great game

  202. mmmm....i wanna get fucked rigt now

  203. haa gozeii

  204. it great

  205. it is actually pretty good

  206. Would be better if Halibel was in it.

  207. it is so good

  208. this game is fucking good baby!!!!

  209. Bel gioco

  210. this is a great game!!!

  211. i love bleach

  212. blck power

  213. It needs 2 b in Fucking English!!!!

  214. also it needs sound

  215. what does the button under the cat ears and stuff do?

  216. You're all prevs and should kill tourselves the soonest chance you get

  217. You're all prevs and should kill tourselves the soonest chance you get

  218. man, they dont have rukia. damn

  219. please get the new version of this game

  220. just need to translate it to english

  221. i love it



  224. liked titfuck and facials

  225. i am horny ladies

  226. love the game and the show

  227. sucks you cant gag them or tie them up

  228. dar is a way 2 get 3 more pepol

  229. this game is cool

  230. poor graphics and no sound

  231. ver 5.5 s out and is in english

  232. ver 5.5 is on hentaifromhell if uploader can plz make in to flash form plz do and add to site

  233. it's suck u can't suck in the ass

  234. i mean fuck in the ass

  235. wow it is game good!!!!!

  236. PAKANTOT!!!

  237. enakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pisan

  238. need more bleach circle eden

  239. finaly a game with these biches

  240. not the best game ever... but I've seen worse xD

  241. put up version 5.5 already 3 new characters many more options and it is in english

  242. They Should add rukia and ichigo's sisters

  243. i want sex

  244. they should put all of the girs of bleach in there and fuck my dick

  245. this game rules

  246. to all you ass holes who think bleach sucks fuck you

  247. interesting game but it needs sound

  248. my favorite game

  249. good game

  250. Needs ANAL.

  251. r there any new versions or in eng

  252. needs anal, rukia, captain unohana, momo, and tatsuki( i can live without the sound or english). i am glad they threw in nemu shes my favorite bleach girl

  253. I know its cliche but this needs a maid outfit

  254. They need to make a game like this with the girls from Rosa+Vamp... no better yet a lot of different animes/mangas, so you could screw Mizore from Rosa+Vamp and Nemu from Bleach at the same time aaahhh (O_O) ( colassal boner right now ).

  255. i love bleach and would like for a better bleach game

  256. i cumed all over my pc

  257. it's good

  258. to all pretty girls suck my cock

  259. I have lost count of the number of times that I have fapped to this.

  260. Update this. There's a newer version with more girls and an anal option.

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  264. get the update

  265. how i fuck ass in this game

  266. Where's the new update

  267. I just checked. My vagina does NOT look like a big black oval!

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