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Evil squid monster has caught a merchant ship with young sexy cleric on the board. He had eat all the food and now ready to fuck our poor little babe in every hole. As usual, you should help him to bang her. Click all over the girl, find hot-spots and have fun!

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71 Responses to “Cleric Tentacle Sex”

  1. number one the game is too badly awesome

  2. # 2 Intresting

  3. number three you can't get her panties off

  4. this is lame

  5. #4 Extra lame and poor programming.

  6. borinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg more mnf please

  7. what is this?????

  8. 방법 좀...빤쮸는 안 벗겨지나??

  9. is it posebal to get the paintys off????

  10. add me im 15 yr old male

  11. this is poor numba 11

  12. please tell here if you can get panties off :-/

  13. can i fuck the girl pussy??

  14. what the fuck was with her left nipple... the nub was stationary while the area around it kept moving

  15. he tentacles squeeze the right one, it becomes a diff color...

  16. Bad programming, could do with some - sound - effect's and more option's! but other than that good art - work! 4-10 - 4/10!

  17. My neck is sore from tilting my head to the side. Poor animation, lots of graphical errors.

  18. sucks. alot.

  19. sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. would prefer more games like victims of the forest, more complex tentacle games please, maybe even multiple tentacle monsters

  21. i hate this game

  22. hate it ,meet and fuck is better

  23. Doesn't seem finished.

  24. dammit, this is incomplete look up sinfoniahentai on blogspot, it's got this one, the game it's from, and victims of the forest. Where fuck did gamesofdesire put them?!

  25. damn im hard i could use a girl

  26. So Fucking Lame and The Under is Not Removed ... Bullshit

  27. 문어 대가리 여러번 누르면 여러가지 나옴

  28. This is a poor offshot of a larger and better game...why can't this site load it up an spare us this crap?

  29. This is a total ripoff of a much better game. google electric jellyfish DE Battle and you can find it.

  30. Boooooring

  31. fucking bad,,, wast of time

  32. Самая плохая игра на этом сайте!!!

  33. Wow not just bad but really bad

  34. it sucks

  35. what the fuck was that shit ???!!! it's almost as ucking bad as meet n fuck

  36. the game sucks. Whoever made it up they should fire or send back too school to learn how to make a better games.

  37. play long enough and the panties break


  39. the only parts i found intresting is the puttin milk in her tits part other than that BULLSHIT

  40. This game is a piece of shit.

  41. sukkkkkkkkkking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who made this game????

  42. stupid, shitty, this game should die in a fire

  43. maybe we need a full version of this one

  44. the graphic is awesome but it has not enough options and these errors are bad too, but guys? do u made it better? huh?

  45. how the hell do you get her panties off?

  46. ][_, {[]} ][_,

  47. fucking boobs

  48. Her panties dont come off, they just get wet. The boob animations are pretty cool though.

  49. to weaken her panties, touch her pussy

  50. 星辰vcx

  51. i want to fuck horny gal

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  54. I love my penis

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  58. now my pussy is wet ...

  59. wow this one really sucked

  60. what's that? sex with octopus?

  61. rub my pussy too

  62. I would love to be fucked by tentacles just thinking about it makes my pussy wet

  63. suck it fags

  64. no more tentacles please!

  65. no penetration?

  66. you girls are sexy

  67. hi catch me up in my profile if u want a plesure..

  68. check my profile

  69. no fucking? hot chick :D

  70. this is ripped from a different game....

  71. i wanna be fucked

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