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Stun Samus by shooting her in her morph balls or crew attack forms. While she is stunned, destroy her Chozo armor and you will see her beautiful shapes naked.

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26 Responses to “CLIXsposing Samus”

  1. Isnt this one really old?

  2. @Snillet5 You are thinking off Clixsposing Cassandra I think is what it is called btw 2nd

  3. @Anon This one is really old too


  5. this game is dumb

  6. I felt very bored. NEXT!

  7. Yeah this is old. Better chances to hit her while she's flying and shooting missiles.

  8. Finished it. There was no sex scene.

  9. this game is fucking difficult

  10. Who are the assfucks that keep making this shit for desktop users only

  11. Too damn hard even on easy. BORING

  12. i like this game not very old but it okey i like this games

  13. very boring

  14. this game if fucking gay

  15. WOW Not even worth playing the reward for winning on hard is a joke. For those bitching about trying to play on a lap top buy a mouse lol I just beat it on mine.

  16. is cool but a bit old fashioned

  17. Not really exciting... Roleplay? Contact me! You find my e-mail-adress on my profile

  18. Roleplay? Contact me! You find my e-mail-adress on my profile

  19. It is very old indeed. Atleast 6 to 7 years.

  20. too much clicking and it's almost impossible to win

  21. Too difficult to get her naked. Nice tits though.

  22. boring game,girls look at my profile

  23. THIS GAME SUCKS DONKEY DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. game make me horny

  25. harf game

  26. it took me forever to beat this and all i get is a shit ending like that are you fucken kidding me

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