College Life Part 1

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Sex Game - College Life Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - College Life Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - College Life Part 1, picture 3 of 3

In this game you have to lead the young couple Pierre and Sonia to fall in love. You should be quick-witted enough to open all the sex scenes hidden in this game. Good luck.

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138 Responses to “College Life Part 1”

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  2. super lame and no point

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  5. nice. Any girls wana have fun?

  6. Takes a bit to load but very nice =)

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  9. Cool game, pity it's only day 1. Day 2 is promising to be very hot!!!

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  12. answers for d test?

  13. got 3 of 3 sex scenes!

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  27. how 2 get on nxt day?

  28. klick right click and then play off:)

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  30. Cartoon Sex

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  34. are there any sex scenes in the game?

  35. Mmm, I liked it :)

  36. Good game for sure, a little weak on the staticness of the images but still hot.

  37. i sonia, how are you? this is so sad what can i do for you? of course sonia, no problems management of a household, administration USA currency name of multiple countries ecu united kingdom, germany, italy, canada, usa, france, japan free trade agreement between canada, the US, and mexico ousting gold un specialized agency, with headquarters in washington, usa the monetary unit of the reserve assets of the international monetary fund (IMF) it was difficult, i had to try i did it with a pure heart, i am pleased to help such a beautiful girl i want to meet you alone and what do gu...

  38. i sonia, how are you?;this is so sad what can i do for you?;of course sonia, no problems;management of a household, administration;USA;currency name of multiple countries;ecu;united kingdom, germany, italy, canada, usa, france, japan;free trade agreement between canada, the US, and mexico;ousting gold;un specialized agency, with headquarters in washington, usa;the monetary unit of the reserve assets of the international monetary fund (IMF);it was difficult, i had to try;i did it with a pure heart, i am pleased to help such a beautiful girl;i want to meet you alone;and what do guys usually do w...

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  40. now it's better;pierre proposed to writ ea test for me, and i agreed;yes, nothing special;no, you know, i cannot, maybe another time

  41. OK game good graphics (not censored like most Japanese games), English is terrible and needs more choices on the sex scenes.

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  60. Click on the glowing line in the middle to get to the next part of the game

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