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One sexy babe thinks that you're just good friends and no sex can be among you. But never give up! Today is your lucky day, Come into her room when she's sleeping. Ohhh-yeah... She's so sexy. Slowly pull down strap of her nightie. Shhhh, don't wake her! Nice, now I see her breast. Be gentle and this sweet chick spreads legs for you. Make this girl likes you more than friend

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30 Responses to “Dont Wake Her”

  1. how to drag off the sheet?

  2. I'm not here for luxury ..... my mission is very urgent!!!! that is so bad game ....! i hate it!!!remember ... i have a gf now and i dont need any girl !!! plz dont send to me any pm!!!

  3. This is a good game and it deserves a sequel but put some lusty sounds from the unsuspectingly aroused wife.

  4. this is fruuustrating xD

  5. the bitch always wakes up

  6. oh my god!!! this is so difficult

  7. Soo easy.

  8. Stupid game! The girl wakes up even you make nothing wrong. There should be a meter, which shows whan she is nere to waking up. The person who makes this game has a better mouse and computer tham me. Good bye came!

  9. can i download this game on my computer

  10. gooodddddddddddddddd one..................I love this game...........

  11. This game rocks and its soooo just got to take your time and have a lot of patience...

  12. big crock of shit u can't beat this

  13. It's impossible!

  14. its not imposibble heres a cheat code press the right click on the mouse and press play

  15. just zoom in it makes it easier to take off everythin

  16. hey, any girls from the netherlands here? send me a PM! hey, zijn hier nog nederlandse geile meisjes? stuur me een bericht voor een lekker batsbeurtje!

  17. Too easy !!!!!

  18. Dit con me chung may, deo choi duoc!

  19. i know all da rite spots

  20. she wakes up after i finger her & i was just fingering her for over 5 min.! boooooring!!!

  21. haven't he seen his girlfriend naked? :)

  22. you can just right click on the game and press play you know.....

  23. How the hell you suppose to do it lol.

  24. Patience, and the tab button to highlight where to click. That is how you win.

  25. easy lol

  26. yo fuck yeah ur boob's are great looking !!

  27. Very bad game.

  28. ladies that wanna have fun add me on skype middielax18 =)

  29. Anyone got some chloroform so I can actually beat this game. why this hoe keep waking up!!!!


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