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There is another The Legend Of Krystal based sex quest. Lost wandering soul happened upon a castle between-worlds. She would unknowningly be the final judge in the cosmic battle between good and evil.

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102 Responses to “Dusty's Castle”

  1. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 1

  2. Twas alright

  3. how do u pick anything up

  4. good question..

  5. This game is slow and confusing but once you pick up, Twas alright

  6. its easy it just like a puzzle

  7. how do you pick stuff up?

  8. get a reason then go to the object and press space

  9. Broken game....can't play

  10. Already finished Demonic ending and Divine ending xD

  11. walkthrough on legend of krystals forum. just search for dusty's castle. The walkthrough is on page 38, you can't miss it.

  12. to get the gallery you need neutral ending three good three evil cook the slimething then ignore the bedroom and go straight to the top

  13. awesome game

  14. great game love it

  15. great game text me ladies(818)736-7140

  16. How did she get fucked?

  17. I'm wondering if they actually asked Gore for permission to post this...

  18. I love how you can play the hand with just your left hand, and not having to remove it from it's spot... Aww Yeaa

  19. Even with the walkthrough, it's still tedious and horrible. This is bad and you should feel bad.

  20. how do you use your items?

  21. Of course they didn't ask Gore, they never ask anyone.

  22. yay LoK game

  23. Thieves...

  24. where exactly is the walkthrough?

  25. stupid game... nothing to pick up... nothing happens... wate of time

  26. silly game doesnt work

  27. actually its a good graphic adventure, it does have logical solutions and so...could be sexier, but oh well, still way above average.


  29. Stupid people cant solve a simple puzzle Stop ripping this shit off LoK

  30. amazing game :p best we had in a while

  31. i have no idea what to do

  32. T how did you ?

  33. You can let her fuck a pig, great, lol. Which girl gets horny by watching her doing it? ;)

  34. i would like to sound

  35. how do i get it to start loading the begining video i cant get past the next button

  36. Nice endings. All sins:Demonic All virtues:Angelic From 1 to 6 sins:Enslaved From 1 to 6 virtues:Wandering

  37. nicest game since months fuckin good job guy

  38. Where can I get a vase from the game?

  39. BALLS!!!

  40. Pretty good in my opinion and at least its a new Game and not a crappy M&F Demo. It could have used a better explanation on how to play in the beginning but so do a lot of other things.

  41. how do you get out of the room with the light switch on?

  42. you have to switch it off, then the door will open.

  43. i have the item but how i used it?

  44. It's impossible to have light? i cannot get out to the room with light on

  45. GREAT game, Gota laugh everyone who thinks this is hard :p


  47. i liked it. almost could be an adventure game

  48. you have no reason or right to have this game make your own damn games and leave the creators of other games alone. damn poachers leave LoK to the game creators and stop stealing their games.

  49. how can i use the crowbar?

  50. que foda aaaaahhnnnn;

  51. good game

  52. know all but how to "heat up the plants" someone help want all good ending

  53. yo anonymus that asked about heating up plants you remember that furness in the basement? go down there press space bar on it and give it a good kick

  54. Since when has anyone asked to steal from LOK.

  55. Great game. easy to play, just gotta wander around. straight forward

  56. How to unlock Gallery??

  57. How do you use the crowbar to open the light switch room door. I can't get out without flipping the switch again

  58. Pretty okay game Ladies who wanna talk about anything text me at 1-619-735-6307 we can talk about whatever you want

  59. how do you use the items?

  60. I've done the nuetral ending and both good and evil ones but the only thing that happens when i get to the top is my character just sits there looking both ways. there is an arrow pointing right but can't do anything with it, anyone got ideas?

  61. What you do is when you get to the top, you press the space key to continue the dialogue. BTW, neutral ending will get you the gallery in case you didn't know. Have fun.

  62. Any sexy girls, message me if u wanna chat ;)

  63. You can get to pig to fuck her right from the begining. Just go in and out of the room with the pig picture until the pig is on the table with its tongue out, then go to the pig and press space.

  64. It really is a great game. Too bad the divine ending isn't very logical=>destroy everything!

  65. I LLOOVVEE the gallery idea

  66. really enjoyed it thanks

  67. there are two sides? it asid demonic ending.... i wonder what the angelic one is


  69. to get the gallary you need to do all three ending (demonic, angelic and nuetral)

  70. to get the gallery is by being neutral, can i finish evil then good or is it a pattern of 1 each?

  71. best game ever....

  72. Hi, this is a good game I had finished it all and I really liked it. I like the sort game.

  73. wow this game is great. made me really horny

  74. WOW lol

  75. It was good. I thought it wasnt too bad.

  76. this game is great??? bah!

  77. this game was pretty good i liked it

  78. Great game! love the tentacle part, but better graphics would be nice. and what is gallery? either way, great game, and remember, the deimonic ending is the one to go for XD!

  79. If you want to unlock the gallery half of the things you do have to be bad and half need to be good, there's five so the last one can be either

  80. there's 4 endings, divine, demonic, neutral good and neutral bad

  81. good game. Made me wet.

  82. cool stuff ! check out my profile guys ! would you like to watch me ?

  83. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !


  85. i have finished every thing eles but the plant but it wont fuck me what did i do wrong?

  86. Great game, loved it

  87. how do i use the crobar

  88. thnx for the tip

  89. You can pick stuff up after up check everything

  90. I dunno if I'm seeing things but... is the protagonist a humanoid Dusclops?

  91. ) Greed. Location: gallery. Artifact: picture with a flower. We enter into gallery. The ghost finds out that in the room is too dark. We go to a bedroom, we press the lever. We try to open a door, and, understanding that it is locked, we press the lever again. We go down in a cellar, we take crowbar, and again we press the lever. On the way to a ladder you will notice the hatch. Apply on it crowbar, and it will open. Go down also, as well as on a ladder. Go to gallery. ACTIVATION: we look at a picture; we touch a picture. DESTRUCTION: we look at a picture, but we refuse to touch it. We go d...

  92. Shit... Cut off everything... Now anew I will write.

  93. o pick up a any item: interact (by default "Space"). The subject can't be picked up while it won't be demanded. Solvent bank, for example, it becomes available after contact with a picture with a flower. To use a item: if the player has the necessary item, in a suitable situation the item is used automatically if the player agrees to apply it. For example, the hook is inserted into a bed, what not all understood. It is possible to move much quicker; by default - Shift. There are hotkeys for "yes" and "no" (Q and Y by default). Below the list of sins, their location and a subject to which they ...

  94. For some reason all my comments go in the cut-off look, and the system in general blocks 95% from them as "shit". I don't know who did this system, but it AWFUL. I wanted as better, but as a result all in a fiasco. I hope, here is whom to remove these messages (or rather the "bits" which have remained from them after sending).

  95. beat the whole game girls check out my profile

  96. this is by far my favorite game on here! gets me wet, makes my nipples hard and extremely sensitive ;)

  97. Pig Scene: Screen-transition between the dining room and another room a few times. I forget how many, too lazy to check. It's like 12 or so. Virtuous pig: Back out of the pig scene at any point before the end, go into the kitchen, get the knife, knife the pig. 2) Mirror Scene: Go to the kitchen on the right, then into the basement section of the house, to the dusty mirror on the left. Interact with dusty mirror. Go back to the Kitchen, interact with the cupboard. Go to the leftmost room on the same floor as the kitchen: the Library, I guess I'll call it, and look into the fire. Go back to t...

  98. o back to the kitchen and interact with the pot. Get moving. Interact with the ashes. Go back to the Kitchen, interact with the cupboard, take the cloth. Go back to the mirror, dust it off.. Virtuous Mirror: Back out of the Mirror scene, get the hammer from the dining room/pig room, break the mirror. 3) Painting Scene: Go up the flight of stairs left of the dining room. Go into the rightmost room, which is dark. Look at the darkness. Go into the leftmost room with the bed. Hit the light switch. Interact with the closed door. Hit the light switch again. Go back to the mirror room in the basem...

  99. asement, take the crowbar. Return to the bedroom. Hit the light switch. Crowbar the floorboards. Hit DOWN in the same spot as you pried up the floorboards. Return to the rightmost room on the floor with the bedroom. Interact with the painting. Virtuous painting: Back out of the painting scene. Go into the basement directly below the kitchen. Get the Turpentine. Ruin the painting. 4) Machine scene: Hit the switch in the room with the painting. Observe the machine in the basement directly below the kitchen. Interact with the fusebox in the same room. Go to the library on the leftmost side of t...

  100. eftmost side of the floor above the basement. Interact with the bookshelves. Return to the machine room and interact with the fusebox. Virtuous Machine: Back out of the machine scene. Interact with the fusebox. 5)Book Scene: Go to the library. Interact with the book. Find the first page far to the north, through various statue-room doors. Find the second page in the bedroom. Find the third page in the basement. Find the fourth page in the painting room. Find the fifth page in the plant room. Interact with the book. Virtuous Book: Back out of the book scene. Reignite the fire. Burn the book....

  101. ) Plant Scene: Talk to both of the statutes in the staue room regarding the plants. AFTER doing that, walk through the plant room a few times if necessary. Virtuous Plants: Back out of the plant scene. Go to the room underneath the kitchen, with the machine and the heater. Interact with the heater. (I guess Dusty has a fire kick from Combusken or something. Ain't no thang) 7) Goop Scene: Find the book in the kitchen. It'll appear some time after you get the first page of the other book, or at least BY THE TIME you get the first page of the other book. Get the ingredients. One's in the fridge...

  102. One's in the fridge, one's in the mirror room, one's in the plant room. Interact with the book after you have the ingredients. Interact with the pot. Proceed north through the statue-rooms until you reach the statue-room relating to sloth. (Even one right before sloth might be good enough, but I forget, so go up to sloth's to be safe.) Return to the kitchen. Interact with the pot. Go to the bedroom. Interact with the bed. Virtuous Goop: Get a vase from the painting room. Catch sloth in the vase. Those are all the steps u need to do in case if u get stuck

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