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Name of our today's hero is Austin. Today on the bus stop he met one very pretty black girl. Your objective is to find a reason to visit her house and fuck her good :)

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182 Responses to “Ebony Hotness”

  1. hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. s e c o n d!

  3. t h i rd

  4. forth!!!!!!!!! ;D

  5. best mnf i've ever played!

  6. Sandro doesn't know how to spell fourth.

  7. one of the worst MnF

  8. not bad game. not bad at all


  10. how do u set up the tv scheme?

  11. im lost can some1 help me

  12. wit da tv part plz help

  13. their on a fairfax county connection bus

  14. perverts

  15. i also dont know how to do with the tv...someone help please...

  16. How do you fix the TV

  17. What the hell is this? Talking bit, then in her house you move from room to room, hitting the tab button to find all the pieces of the television she has hidden around the house in order to mess with your head apparently, and then back in the tv room you get to put them around on a diagram of a television set, and try to figure out what goes where. I guess you have to pay attention to the name of the parts when you get them?

  18. to vik-vikont if we are perverts why are you on here???

  19. To fix the tv all the parts go in the blue box they all have specific places so you should not have too much trouble (also, when they are in the right place, they all stick)

  20. i got it...u need to put in on the diagram..i thought put it on the name...haha

  21. i have nooo fucking idea

  22. that was very hot!

  23. could have been longerr

  24. good idea

  25. came twice

  26. this shit is hard like my cock any girls out there looking for a ride of their lifetime

  27. how the fuck do i fix the tv?

  28. What can i say? After they made meet&fuck-games to be playable only for a payment, this site has released really lame games. More free meetnfuck's or hell with this site!

  29. that game got me horny

  30. its okay

  31. f'ing lame!!

  32. NIce dialogue and movements, better than games done before !

  33. Game was meh.

  34. Fools just drag and drop the parts onto the TV Scheme.

  35. nice game but bad sex in the end - seen better

  36. What are you guys talking about? this is the worst mnf ever!

  37. What are you guys talking about? this is the worst mnf ever!

  38. It's not even a real MnF, dumbasses.

  39. Glad to have a mnf but yeah that didnt really impress me. The older ones are way better, even the scenes

  40. yeah now that I really look at it, its not a MnF. Falso alarm everyone, false alarm lol

  41. oh and I do like having my name in the title, even if its only half of it! hahaha

  42. that was shit, dude isnt even using half his cock

  43. It's on of the best games that's been on this site lately. More games should be like this.

  44. get the cock in

  45. fuck TV how assembly

  46. how the tvi don know

  47. does anyone know the songs that play in the buffy demo?

  48. Wrong game, Igana. Speaking of which, I bet all the new games are gonna be crap from here on out.

  49. Please , help me fix tv!!

  50. i dont know how to fix the TV

  51. What the hell are this chip....- -!!school work??? ...- - where is anime girl nice i cant see ...-_-!too bad

  52. you should find the details and place them right...it's very easy

  53. I hate this whole ebony bullcrap, why are dark girls treated so obscurely that they're just a fetish?

  54. all in the maincontroller!^^

  55. all you do is put the things in the blue box all the objects have wires so connect them to them to the right spot.

  56. actually now that im finished this game has a hot chick but the dood doesnt know how to fuck just look at how lame he does it.....

  57. Eh...The game was okay, far from the best though.

  58. where i have to put the parts of tv can you help me??

  59. where you put the parts of tv

  60. Simple, pick up the pieces for the apartment and then we just ride in the blue square, the pieces will stay fixed in place

  61. you put the pieces in the blue box in ways that they will close the circuits.

  62. lol, that's philadelphia, not Kansas City

  63. hey, how about you stop inflating the scores of your shitty demos? its pathetic

  64. very nice game. hot positions


  66. daria lets do it in those positions

  67. You know, she really doesn't look black to me.

  68. thats cuz she isnt stupid racist ppl

  69. dont u c her blue eyes? n i agree with eggplants y r black girls treated like fetishes

  70. this game is not really good

  71. This ESL course is soo lame. All I can say is NERDS! The designer must needs to hit puberity. LOL! Seriously, why don't they consider using a translator that actually gets laid.

  72. here is how you fix the tv: connect the pieces to the white circles in the diagram the resistors are the cylinder shaped pieces, they go to the diagram where the "R"s are there is one capacitor, this goes to the "C" the chips go to where the double "D"s are there should only be one thing left so put it in the final slot.

  73. derp derp this isn't mnf you fucktards

  74. lol ill try again later. this game is funny good fucking thing im not horny.

  75. not that bad game

  76. Ebony is hot as always.

  77. why did the repairman spread the pieces all over her apartment? i don't get it:)

  78. gamesofdesire has gone down the drain

  79. uuh did she put back on her clothes after she was in her panties? Why did his penis look like a bread stick? and she still had great TITTIES

  80. LOL. "Black girl"

  81. yeah thats Rin from Fate/Stay night made to look black

  82. vadim god sexy fuck we have done fuck hotly

  83. Ebony is hot as always

  84. shut up your fucking mouth

  85. wtf it wouldnt let me play it TT^TT

  86. austin's cock is nice but i'd like to see his face and his body

  87. its not a mnf game

  88. what do you do after the tv is fixed nohting is happening whe i fixed it

  89. i want sex

  90. how the fuck do u fix the TV?

  91. blah...not as good as it could have been

  92. It's not MnF at all. lol

  93. this isnt mnf all you dumbasses

  94. het i cannot fix the tv if you say how i will play with you

  95. het i cannot fix the tv if you say how i will play with you

  96. too hot.............................................

  97. easy games

  98. made my cock hard

  99. HOW TO FIX THE FUCKING MAIN CONTROLLER N THE TV????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. fucking hot scene

  101. the tv parts are in the room on table by the tv and on the dresser in the kitchen on white counter and by the side of the wall then the bed room dresser and or counter

  102. check my profile

  103. fffffffffffffff


  105. Ebony Hotness

  106. Check my profile! its vey help ful for you all if you know what I mean

  107. Maybe she just likes cheese.

  108. very very sexy

  109. you peeps that think this is MnF are fucking dum cant you see this is not MnF? the control have changed totally and the ''sex seacens are crap to MnF would not give us crap like that and the ''demos'' are not MnF that someone who taking greedid for some elses idea cuz he didnt put Copy right on his games

  110. i love to mastrubate while playing games

  111. can you repair my TV?

  112. i wish i could take a pictureof my cock and show u people it

  113. check my profile

  114. have no clue what to do


  116. what do you do after u put all the peices in!

  117. This BUG game

  118. cao ni ma

  119. i like this, but she is not "ebony" she is tanned:)

  120. The music during sex is Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh

  121. extremly tanned

  122. i fix the tv but wht the fuckis that afte fixing tv i dnt know how to increase ebony sex pleasure

  123. putos todos pinches jotos no mamen pinches tetonas

  124. jajajajajajaja

  125. perverts

  126. if it is free,it is good

  127. fixing the TV: just put all the pieces onto the white points in the blue box, where they fit in

  128. fucking wost game ever

  129. this game has a woman in it , i want a game for fags like me :(

  130. Would her eyes really be THAT blue without contacts if she was truly ebony?

  131. i like this, and surely i like her!

  132. hey~~ i give you some chance... just put them in the [main controler]

  133. hey~~ i give you some chance... just put them in the [main controler]

  134. great game great game

  135. that's funny, at one point the hot black chick turns into a white chick

  136. all girl yould cam to cam with big cock my skype is gorzila66

  137. Need help with the pleasure. Where do I pleasure here? (spots)

  138. LOL I realized that in the bus scene, the scenery is going from right to left. The bus is travelling sideways??

  139. thiz is good

  140. hi i want some girl to have sex contacte me at samirtatn17@hotmail.fr am on ligne

  141. yes i like this posotion i want some girl to practise whith here

  142. you have to turn the TV on manually, press the button

  143. fuck you

  144. They need to stop the BIG CUM endings,its kinda weird how in hentai the guy cums a heavy load,it makes his dick look like it has rabbles of something. lol

  145. I know this might be off subject but I like the soundtrack more than the game itself.

  146. that was as hot as i am

  147. Loved the sound effects..

  148. The how to play?

  149. simply erotic

  150. goooooooooood

  151. sdfasdfasdfsadfsad

  152. wtf hell is wrong with all of you fucking retards use your fucking brains morons

  153. unless your really that retarded and blind then don't even fucking play this game

  154. tv?how to fix it?who knows?

  155. Bout time people realize black girls are the hottest ;)

  156. Any 13 yr Old Boysx Wannuh Fuck.? Ihm 13.

  157. i'm not ebony but i wanna be your hotness

  158. sssssssssss

  159. VERY GOOD

  160. the vagina was awefully drawn....... the rest off the game was ok,.... the sex part was,.. lacking,..

  161. ya d,weihe zhwen bukeyi?

  162. dui le,houmian zenme wan ya? qiu^tongbao jiejuexia

  163. any sexy girls send me pics at pauld117@yahoo.c o m

  164. nice game made my dick hard, girls check my profile if u got facebook

  165. i have the biggest boner cum is running down my leg . i love porn so much

  166. The script is horrible. Who the fuck talks like that?

  167. i wanna get fucked like that

  168. hmmm horny girls add me at juicyjizz@hotmail.fr we can have fun cam2cam, i m male

  169. lol i beet it

  170. the parts goes into the main controler (the big blue box)

  171. So hdt!!!!

  172. good game!!!!

  173. i wish i was her

  174. nice game

  175. hell yeah i fixed the tv biatch!

  176. thts easy to fix the tv

  177. boys contact me...im horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  178. wow how dose this game know my name

  179. i love sexy games ... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i like it :D

  180. How the heel do u get her pleasure meater up?

  181. this game is bull****

  182. tuhya maychya fodyat bota

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