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Today in the city will be a great fashion show. Celebrities, paparazzies and a lots of sexy models :) Our good friend Jake just have to be there, cuz this's a good chance to pick up some long legged beauty.

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  13. I can catch the dog but how the hell do you give it to the model?

  14. serioulsy how do u give the dog to the model

  15. You put the got like right on her and she takes it.

  16. I don't understand you tomha. I tried it a several times but i can't give him to the model :S

  17. Jake is annoying yet funny, and I like the whole "Choose your own adventure style". Thus, I like playing his games.

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  28. Have anyone figured out where you drag the dog? Tried draging it to the girl, but doesent seem to work. any clues?

  29. Right on the chest worked excellent, if i only read what was written 10 min ago.

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