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In this game, your way is leading you to Bay City. During the travel you can meet a young beautiful girl and fuck that sexy bitch in every fucking hole :) Enjoy!

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64 Responses to “Fuck Town: Hitch-Hiking”

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  2. bad graphics

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  5. boooo... she needs bigger boobs, not even sexy :(

  6. Hate the new Fucktown "Fuck me Gentle" and shit stuff. We should be able to fuck those sluts however we want to

  7. Horrible game... Since when is there a need to please the woman before having sex??? At least she blows till the end!

  8. By the way: "TheMan" is right

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  18. Which part of 'every fucking hole' did the admin forget to count? Meat Loaf might like two out of three, but I like _both_ ends of the alimentary canal.

  19. Didn't Fuck Town games used to be good? What the hell happened??

  20. hot positions...

  21. the drawing doesn't look so good, but yeah you guys should always be pleasuring us as much as we pleasure you ;)

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  26. bad graphics,good sex scenes

  27. They put more effort into the background graphics, than they did the actual reason your playing...o.O

  28. Bah, badly drawn, flat-chested girl....

  29. i miss the old Fuck Town games, they were one of the best... D;

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