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Name of that busty beauty is Fuka. She will be your new private japanese teacher. But it's very hard to concentrate if such a babe is seating in front of you. Her huge pair of juicy melons are so attractive. Fuck the lessons. Let's fall in love with her!

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63 Responses to “Fuka F-Series”

  1. THIS **** AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@#$%

  2. gay game GET SOME NEW GAMES



  5. gay!!!!!!!

  6. Hey no one claimed to be #1, more Halio U, Jake, Charlie, please Milk Planet..OH YEAH #1.

  7. Shoulda had a New years MnF

  8. this game stinks like a turd covered in burnt hair.

  9. god more meet and fuck and stuff like that i mean come on what worng with you ppl

  10. Suck.. again &again. make more M&F games, How about MMF M&F teacher game.

  11. more quest games plz

  12. Can you say SUCK MASSIVE DONKEYBALLS!!!! GoD guys, yank this crap series!!

  13. wtf guys? if you like these other games so much why not make them yourselves, your acting very immature, jeez, games arent that easy to make ya know? so before ya start screaming at them take into account the effort put into it

  14. Thanks, cutie sophie. As someone who's trying to develop a game, I'm frustrated by the kind of feedback users leave on this site. A few people demand more of the same, others demand that they *stop* putting out more of the same, but nobody ever says what they like or hate about the series they're whining about. I want to make a good adult game that people will enjoy playing, but it's hard when nobody leaves quality feedback.

  15. i think dat there shud b more meet and fuck gamess also milk plant games

  16. we're talking about porngames....... i'm just someone who watches time to time what games that they put online but i don't let it be an important part of my life, its a game..... a PORN game it shouldn't be that important... djeez

  17. More Meet & Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Okay. That's a start. Now, random & Anonymous, what's your favorite part of Meet n Fuck games? What do Meet n Fuck games provide to you that these other games don't? Is it the gameplay? Do you just enjoy choosing dialogue options off a list? Is it the art? The story? random, same question with Milk Plant. What's your favorite part? What do you wish could be done better?

  19. Let the gamesofdesire team have some time before making a new MnF cus they just cant make one out of thin air.


  21. fuck al those games give me games like horny afternoon they rock ^^

  22. y the fuck cant thse serires chicks get any real dicks?

  23. this suck girls mesage me for sexy chat on msn

  24. hey girls if you wanan cyber jsut add my msn its sexynhorny at hotmail dot come and we can have some fun;)

  25. Thanks for jumping in, O_O. Horny afternoon was ambitious. It used rendered graphics to pretty good effect, considering the limitations of Flash. It also tried to take full advantage of text as a medium. The english is a little mangled, but you can tell the author was trying. IMHO if he had a native english-speaker proofread it, it would be much better text than MnF. Myself, I will probably use vector art because you get smoother animation (more frames) and a smaller file size, but if you feel the CG art was one of the main drawing points, let me know, and I'll consider doing a rendered game.

  26. okay, if you want to know what we like specifically, then here: F- series and Holio-U: what I really hate about these games is that they're so goddamn repetitive. Sure, the women may be hot, but you will always know exactly what will happen next. Milk Plant: Absolutely brilliant. it's rare to find good s&m games, and this one, on top of having really good animation, is full of surprises, bringing a "dear lord, he can't possibly be planning on sticking that in there!" sort of effect. More games like this, which keep me guessing, is what I ask for. Meet and Fuck: Again, a brilliant game, but for different reasons. Yes it is as predictable as Holio-U, but the amazing art and visible effort put into the story make up for that.

  27. just put new m&f games...

  28. Thanks, here we go. :) Always great to meet another paragraph-user. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out what it will let me say in this text box, so I'll be brief. I will take everything you've said under advisement. I'll try to have characters with consistent, iconic personalities and I'll try and make sure the game has a plot to it. I'll use anime art, or rendered art, but however the art gets produced, I'll avoid the Uncanny Valley Effect at all costs. If I tap voice actresses, I'll make sure they say it like they mean it. (Breathy moaning is no excuse for a lack of inflection.) It'll have a consistent UI, but hopefully a few surprises here and there. If I make sequals, I will try to avoid falling into a predictable pattern.

  29. I'll hold you to that :)

  30. And I know it's a long shot, but if you need any assistance with story-writing, I've been told I'm pretty good.

  31. Send me your email address and a sample of your writing using the profile thingy, and we'll see.

  32. personally i hate the MNF games nowadays. at the start it was good but it's the same thing again and again. same massage, same fuck etc. blegh, the games bores my so much. holio u does the same thing. and then theres milk plant, why the hell did they choose tifa and then turn the turks into weirdos and switch the plot from invading shinra to invading a milk plant. it's terrible to ruin squeenix's stories like that.

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  34. whats so good about meet and fuck and why are you guys always comlaining about other games i think in my opinion meet and fuck isnt all that great either the graphics are nice but the story line is so non chalant and repetitive i also find that holio u games arent that good either the graphics sux and the girls looks almost the same this is my opions and im sticking to it

  35. whats your yahoo messenger?

  36. Raion: yes, but what would be *better than* MnF? :) That's the whole point!

  37. alright then, give me a topic to work with and i'll send you a writing sample in a pm

  38. Do you want anything specific? e.g. How explicit should I make it? Should it be in script or paragraph format? That sort of thing.

  39. edfeewre

  40. All of you motherfuckers have bad taste , ERASE the whole JAKE shit , the whole Charlie shit , the whole Holio u shit and the whole fetish milk plant shit , that is just discusting !! more of these games but the upgraded version!

  41. Same, same, same.... Well still love those big tits...

  42. here we go more meet n fuck complants plz shut the fuck up if they want to make more meet n fuck they will

  43. Bad Idea, what makes for a great sex game is the fact that the girls are hot but also that you can live fantasies in them. Seducing a hot teacher, finally getting to have that S&M session with the neighbor girl... it has to be surprizing and kinky. Oh and I want to be able to play with the girl entirely. To be told what I can and can't do is kind of a turnoff.

  44. Guys, for fuck's sake.... Unless it's under the "our games" category, they didn't make it! Really!

  45. Bad Idea plans on making a new one. He didn't even claim to be one of the creators of any games here. geez lol

  46. The F-Series are stupid. The only thing you can do is to click on the arrows. Also, there's no dick, just this dildo, and the orgasm is censored. You just click five times on the arrows and then the game is over. And I don't like those babes with such huge ugly breasts -.-.

  47. MnF is my favorite series, Milk Plant is also good, although I feel bad for her now, gezz she'll probably go kill herself when they finally let her go. The visuals definitely add a degree of enjoyment to the gameplay, although I think the vaginas should be more detailed. I think people like it becuase it seems, offly, believable like that could happen some day. Holio and F are definitely to much of the same, although F supplies a variety of interesting angles. I find an open ended story to be fun, I'd like to have a few choices, what if I want to be with the bitch, or the innocent girl, or the weirdo chick. Choices definitely make a game more enjoyable. And, you're going to think this is cheesy but, I think a little romance help, maybe some actual sincere feelings, instead of just getting a quick fuck, how about the characters fall in love or at least like each other. I love the massage games in MnF

  48. I'm personally a big fan of bondage, but not excessive sexual torture, which I think Milk Plant suffers a little from. I also like to see girls getting the crap fucked out of them, but that's a bit more on the preference side. I like when they beg and scream but they still like it.

  49. this game would actully be better if they added a speed function instead of a set speed it bores me because of this

  50. damn this gams good

  51. damn this games good

  52. It is very cool

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  54. good good good

  55. Please download a Meet 'N' Fuck Game thats cool.


  57. You guys sucks cant play like sexy beach or artificial girl? you say milk things the best h game u sucks

  58. not that good people. and no sound f/x? wtf is that about?!

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  63. I don't know who, but I current game then please, when there is a story, and then there's the current color.

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