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In this hentai sex game your aim is to undress the sexy anime girl wearing red dress and black pantyhose. Use your mouse to click on various parts of her clothes to make it disappear, you also have to drag some parts to uncover her pussy. Then you can stick the cock in her pussy. After you fuck her for some time, circles appear around her tits and her pussy, click on one of them and you will cum. Enjoy!

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  94. sex in Japanese is SEkKUSU. the verb form is SEKKUSU o shimasu, or past tense, SEKKUSU o shimashita. ^_^ the reason it sounds so much like english is because the Japanese language don't have a word for Sex (besides gender) so they borrowed the word and put it in katakana (dialect/writing system used for foreign words) as for the game, is anyone else disturbed by the green veins on the penis?

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