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Hey, Do you remember the game "Heaven Dolls" we posted last week? Yeah, it was just a demo. Today We have got a full version for you :) There are 5 different girls waiting for you. Fuck them all and you'll get a secret bonus-babe to play with!

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211 Responses to “Heaven Dolls (Full Version)”

  1. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the game is good

  3. Not bad at all, much better than the demo by far +~(Simple and Plain)~+

  4. damn pressed rong button

  5. with me there are a lot of bugs the girls always fall apart

  6. this game is Great

  7. I need a cock!!!!!!! Quick!!!!!!!

  8. poephoofd

  9. ill give u a cock girl

  10. あはshfかsjkfじゃskljdflk

  11. ----------

  12. it´s a cool game but i prefer meet n fuck or horny afternoon

  13. anyone wanna fuck me?

  14. i need i dick in me bad

  15. this is funny



  18. OK game. Only the blue hair girl broke up for me.

  19. IT WONT WORK FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lol ik ben Nederlands lol

  21. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fukc tits

  22. way better than the demo. but i think they could do better about the gliches

  23. Nice game, but way 2 glitchie

  24. Im impressed

  25. The game was good but whats up with that last chick

  26. im 9 and i wanna give someone a blowjob...

  27. well, that was shit

  28. now Victims of Forest Monster part 2

  29. or carm point part 2 or as last stolen princes part 2

  30. do you know were victims of forest monster part 2 is

  31. do you know were victims of forest monster part 2 is

  32. good good good

  33. ass................ pussy.................. tits.................... i need those to fuck!!!

  34. perfect *-*


  36. We Will NOT stop asking for Meet and Fuck they are the best so you shut the Fuck Up!!!!!

  37. It was really glitchy....

  38. I need someone to fuck my wet pussy im so horney!!!!!!

  39. talk about getting wood, lol, that penis looked like something I carved out of a two by four

  40. if you take out the plot, which usually in MnF is just plain wrong, it is thew same just with more girls than positions. If this was called MnF harem dream and had a crappy plotline you would all eat it up happily but since the name is diffrent you all scream and shout, whine and moan.

  41. Two stars out of five.

  42. It took really long to load once I started the game. Titty fuck and blow job mode is really glitchy. But otherwise, good game

  43. to get the secret character In "Please Click" Press the big red letter I in "HEAVEN DOLL's TITLE PAGE" then if yellow Text appears Click it then Waalla teh Secret doll is now unlock the Blue Haired Betch there

  44. Its MTF without the plot. also, secret slut at end could use bj option

  45. It was kinda meh. The graphics were pretty decent (other than the censoring), but the sounds, yuck. For one thing, the climax sounds sounded like you were fucking oatmeal or something o_O

  46. so many glittches

  47. always fell apart at the blowjob scenes, but pretty good

  48. I wish you would have worked out the bugs before uploading this. You shouldn't listen to the people who want to rush you and you should just take your time put out a good game.

  49. remove the bugs from the game please

  50. At least one of the girls should have had an anal option

  51. There are bugs on two of the girls on the "Head" option. The last one does not even have one. It was an okay game. Needs work though.

  52. Dont mean to sound harsh but ya...really does need work. Its ok. Shouldnt have rushed it... >

  53. 와우 이젠일본인도오는건가


  55. just incase no one else noticed this IS girls for the Dragon Quest Series, even the logo is similar

  56. what can this game was fucking hot make more like i gave it 5 stars wooop love it good good game.

  57. damn and I thought it was me that caused those girls to go all to pieces

  58. this game great fuck is soooooooooo great

  59. ????????????????

  60. not bad. but not realy good

  61. hey girls add sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com for some fun cant wait:)

  62. i need wet pussy

  63. the only bad thing is the censor of the game :s

  64. The main problem for me is that this game is not even playing, it is not showing anything but buttons but is showing where the screen say "Please Click." It is a blank and white screen showing the buttons and the girls faces, that's it.

  65. what the fuck hahaha the bluegirls blowjob is funny! Im trippin out! WOOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!

  66. yes! ill need it! i need my vibrator:-)

  67. im getting samething as magicman

  68. picolo I will be your fuck doll

  69. fucking good game this is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking better then dat gay demo

  70. You guys really know how to surprise me! Full version! Nice job ;)

  71. much better than the demo i must say much worth of my time

  72. wow lol it must be just me but the guys penis always disapeared no matter what position lol....... like i was fuckin her and my dick would disapear lol i cummed from an invisable dick .......

  73. same as the guy above and the sounds of the girls are off way off the blonde sounds like i dont even know what but thats when you put it in auto

  74. fucking awesome der fucking asome

  75. This games is a little old lol I ALREADY PLAYED this game about a week a go and i have it. All well its still a cool game but i would like to see more sound effects to it instead of the same sounds over and over and more animation to it to.

  76. i nid a cock..... i still love meet n fuck

  77. i just fucked my girlfriend hehehehehe

  78. hey wats wrong with mine i cant open it its all black ???

  79. fuck i cant play it zzzzzzzzzz

  80. U.S.A Fuck You

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  82. Go to Hell you scribble writting, raghead, mother

  83. i like the hot stripper at corner of screen :D

  84. and the game wasnt bad but the girls kept breaking up :(

  85. OK wats up with so man comments and will some girls put there email on here or somthin because i want to c some boobs

  86. loved the bonus girl, and the two purple haired ones

  87. i wanna those sexy girl fuck me !!!!!!!

  88. shit these game is so fucking bulshit

  89. umm hi i have a 12 inch cock waiting to get sucked :)

  90. I'd rather have glitches than MnF. MnF sucks, and not in a good way.


  92. zzzzzzzzz i am the same problem with horny fucker

  93. good game but MnF's are much better

  94. fuck all you meet n fuckers if you like the game series so much go play the old meet n fuck games its not nice t say that this game is worse than meet n fuck if thats your opinion i hate the meet n fuck series this game is much better than meet n fuck

  95. I'm bored by all you asking meet 'n fuck; M&F in always the same shit, so SHUT UP!

  96. im horny

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  99. this si cornyy. :|

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  103. its fuckin japenese!!!

  104. fun and cool

  105. whats up with all u 9 year olds wantin 2 fuk already

  106. good game, but last girl sucks

  107. click the I on the title for the last girl

  108. its nice ! look like play mario stages ^_^

  109. that was nice just some image quality bug

  110. not so bad

  111. that was nice just some image quality bug

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  114. this sucked.

  115. oh it,s so good im feeling ahah!!!

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  118. this game is a shit it is nasty

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  121. Not a bad game but I'v played better

  122. i didn't care for this game too much......my dick can drive a female more crazy then that game.......

  123. yeah I want sex

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  134. GooD luck

  135. Awesome Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. welll this game isnt very good

  137. yes,it's very cute.

  138. how du unlock the last girl? if anyone knows pls reply:3

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  140. I need wet pussy

  141. how do u play it all i get it a white screen!!!!!!

  142. this shit doesn't work!!!!!

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  156. Oh My God~ What a sexy game!! This what I want!!

  157. it works great. i dont know wat u guys are talking bout

  158. gooooood

  159. This game is awesome

  160. fuck yea

  161. eh other than the dimembered cock and the girls falling apart i give it a 2 out of 10

  162. a few bugs in the flash game, but overall well done.

  163. well, it was an ok game

  164. glitchly, but good

  165. except for that one part with the girl in pieces it was excellent

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  176. how come u cant change positions with last girl

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  191. loading is soooooooooo looooong , games not bad but MEET N FUCK is still THE BEST!!!

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  200. wers the download button? this game is of the hooks!

  201. wers the download button? this game is of the hooks!

  202. how to start,,,

  203. If I wanted to see a lady fall apart.I would Tear one apart.

  204. anyone know how to get the last girl with a ? mark on her unlocked?

  205. should have been in english & there should have been a fellatio for the last chick ya dig.

  206. hey ! this is dragon quest game . stupid

  207. easy but good

  208. its focking hot. only bad that is was blurd.

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