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I want to meet you with Poowinder. She's damn hot student from India. She arrived in America recently and still has no boyfriend. I think it's a good time to pick her up :) So... What are you waiting for? Go ahead!

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70 Responses to “Holio U Indian Girl”

  1. At the end she likes it from behind for the bonus scene, trust me its worth it, fukkers

  2. any1 wanna fuk my sweet young pussy

  3. is it only have two round or only me who couldn't the next round??

  4. г…—г…—г…—г…—г…—г…—г…—г…—г…—

  5. I love it! Now I am wonder what it would be like to do a Indian girl

  6. is onli you have 3 rounds and 1 bonus round

  7. this is almost gd but i am sure it would be better if we get the rest of Meet'n Fuck series

  8. shit!@awesome

  9. smileyface:)

  10. cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. is it just my computer, or have the loads slowed way down?

  12. hey slut ; )

  13. let's chat sometime

  14. it fucken bull shit to ask ppl on here if they want to have sex with u. just play the game and then when ur done go outside in the real world and get a real person and have real sex u losers

  15. i agree n, go grab some vagina on the street cuz the chances of nabbing vag. here is like 1000-1

  16. this is a old game from a another site

  17. met n' fuck games are better...

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  20. the game is good, allthough it's the same as all the other Holio U games. Just a different language and a different colored woman. I would give this game 3 out 5 points.

  21. it fuckind sucks! their never gonna stop making these bullshit games

  22. whoa! i got her all the way too max and i got to see the bonus scene! AND my sound wasnt working and i got it all right! :)

  23. hey slut u got yahoo?

  24. slut probably isnt a real person

  25. the game is cool

  26. they need to make better games!!!!!!!!

  27. hate the game, sucks balls

  28. didn't even make me horny!

  29. Stupid games

  30. Game sucks ass

  31. slut let's chat

  32. All Holio U games are the same. Meet 'n' Fuck games pwn this games.

  33. Online sex is fucking stupid. If you are such a big loser who has to get girs/guys online then you should really leave your parents basement and get a job! Mother fuckers

  34. Nice game

  35. you shut up ! fucker !

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  37. Good game.

  38. i wanna fuk a nice fresh young pussy! chat with me girls if u want my big cock

  39. wow stupid fuckn game ny horny girls dat wanna chat hit me up

  40. REEEEEE!!!

  41. anyone ever stick a plunger handle up their ass, anyone, guys???

  42. dis is very sex game

  43. ok types

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  45. That guy looks so fucking creepy I hate seeing his face

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  50. where are these bios?

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