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Another game of Holio U series for today. It means you should visit a new babe of next door. This time she is a sexy nurse with big breast and nice pair of lovely legs. I think It would be fun to play doctor with her :)

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79 Responses to “Holio U Phyllis Nightengale”

  1. Get ready for the Idiots who make the Meet N Fuck comments.

  2. Yes... It always comes >.>

  3. This Game Was Ok :-) 6/10

  4. more meet n fuck

  5. I will enjoy the moment of silence while it lasts :)

  6. Where are new meet'n'fuck?

  7. this game is awsome because your the dude

  8. yiipppeeee!!!! another holio u...i like them...but not more than meet n fuck...think shud recommend it to sam....she'll like it too!!!

  9. i said it last time... this really sucks... do you idiots really think they will post more of this games because you're whining around? Ah, and hey... stop posting holio-crap too...

  10. nice fucK GaMe!

  11. you whiny bitches can please stop demanding meet 'n' fuck like its your right or something. ITS ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS

  12. Holl U is the best , not like meet 'n' fuck , whats game creeps me out..

  13. they should make one of these that you are a chick and you fuck a chick a lesbian one would be sweet peace

  14. They are just sayin they want more meet 'n' fuck because they enjoy annoying the shit out of everyone.

  15. wtf where is the meet n' fuck?!

  16. I don'r ever seem to be able to get to the "mony shot" on these games no matter if I get eveything right or not.

  17. There needs to be a lesbian Meet'n'Fuck

  18. Its about time to change the name Holio U to Screw U...

  19. yea, I hear ya, @_@ lame asses.

  20. ist ein super geiles teil

  21. i wish they would make a lesbian meet n fuck

  22. you are all arcaidian leusoscints!


  24. meetnfuck is ok and so is this.. so ppl stop complaining and have a wonderful christmas :-)

  25. For those of you who keep saying we want more Meet N Fuck either you are really stupid or your just being annoying. It takes him at least a month and half to finish one Meet N Fuck so if your posting on the next day game saying we want more Meet N Fuck stop masterbating and go get a life. So who cares if they keep posting Holio U (yes they post regualary) thats becasue they keep using the same format. As for MNF the last one he added a lady as a pleasure bar you can choose the buttons and get different scenes and he has to type out the wrong and right answers. So shut the fuck about the saying "WE WANT MORE MNF" and go masterbate to the other ones

  26. there needs to be a lesbian meet n fuck

  27. Yes more meet n fuck

  28. God damn it (pun intended (look at name))! Enough with the fucking Meet And Fuck shit. They suck anyway!

  29. The guy sounds like such a queer in this game

  30. Actally meet-n-fuck games are fun but i still enjoy the Holio U games

  31. these holio u games are fun and meet and fuck games are fun also

  32. i will kick the next guys ass who says the want a new meet n fuck you assholes can wait for a new one shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. come on more meet n fuck

  34. i'll be very honest i could use a good ass kicking

  35. i said it bicth wat u gona do

  36. any girl wana fuck gime me ur email address

  37. anyway... people's comments about "annoying meet 'n' fuck requests" or "stupid wannafuck? requests" are even more amazing, imo... it's an adult site, people come here to masturbate... do you want smart and edulcorate comments? then go for a library!

  38. Lindsey Lohan, I would'nt mind being with you for the rest of my life cause I would like to do you to and be very good guy to you and plus I would love you and take of you and by the way you are gorgous and sexy and a great actress

  39. Lindsey Lohan if we were together and married I would do you nice and good because you would enjoy it and do dirty thing together if you wanted to but if not thats ok I won't force you to do other dirty stuff I just wish I was with you, hey also if u get back on again send commit to me ok and I get back with you ok

  40. Not bad, but whats with the guys voice??

  41. I find it disturbing that all these girls have the same dorm room number and the same room layout....*gasp* conspiracy? or flash author laziness?

  42. Meet N Fuck really are quite pathetic. They are little more than a badly drawn video with bad dialouge, which is standard for porn I guess. You can't do anything wrong. The animation is horrible at best and every girl likes it up the arse... Get the fuck over Meet N Fuck.

  43. Sadly, Slightly Perturbed, its not just the room layout and number. The girls are all the same too! They change the hair style and a few colors and BAM! New Holio U! Swear I have seen that blow job scene at least 5 times by now >

  44. lam horny

  45. they do the same shit in all the holio u's just different people but same playing with them selves

  46. big cock big cock girls come and get your big cock all sizes

  47. what is up with this guy"s voice?

  48. meet and fuck should be stopped and whats the point of little kids bitching bout a fucking game they wll put a new one on when its complete assholes

  49. HAHAHA this guys voice, sounds more stupid than any voice ive heard

  50. waw pota i want to fuck somebody punta kayu d2 sa meycuayan

  51. Damn I love me some Nursie Nurses.............Oh, and I thought the guy's voice sounded a bit like Larry Laffer.

  52. I think its funny that they keep giving the same guy diffrent voices. He sounds annoying and hilirous at the same time. I like this one though, Doctor/Nurse role play is always good medicine for the "physically excited" individual.(-_^)

  53. Not bad. Nice game :)

  54. wat do ya al think the next is going 2 be

  55. Meet NВґFuck is a stupid game, itВґs just stupid fantasy with bizarre girls of this game.

  56. The nurse is really hot

  57. fuck ya meet n fuck is a awesome game so ya can suck ya dick ya pussy's gay a fagits

  58. drought makes little sense. What's so great about Meet n Fuck? I'd just go for hentai or an erotic story voices in holio have strange accents sometimes , some a bit insulting, but the guy always sounds funny with one.

  59. Oh... Nurses...-faints- I love them!

  60. the name says it all.

  61. plz stfu everyone :P

  62. a vires so i thought this game was good

  63. i love meet and fuck

  64. nice fucking game~

  65. the loading sucks

  66. ladies add me .. faj@live.ca ... i gotta cam ;)

  67. it so fucking hot i want someone to fuck me too

  68. fuck me too

  69. i love meet n fuck

  70. more horney afternoon please

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  76. i like her clothes

  77. whats with his voice

  78. you know you could just buy the membership and play all you want

  79. mujha chu cahey

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