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Ok, now is the game about the girl who called Tieria Erde. She's one of the characters of some Japanese series. I know she looks sexy, but you should know that she doesn't speak English. So, if you do not understand what she said then click in everything to fuck her.

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64 Responses to “Hot Dating with Tieria Erde”

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  4. you do realize that tieria erde is a dude. he's from mobile suit gundam 00

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  6. great cock! too bad there's no sound

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  8. mnf please

  9. why the only women in here are all mercenaries?? too bad...

  10. lol the girl with dick

  11. anonymous your rigth the name match in mobile suit gundam 00

  12. Tieria's a dude guys......just so ya know.

  13. Any hot girls wanna to hit me up, im 15, cant wait to hear from you. 432-599-1319.

  14. ummmm tieria is a guy not a girl lol.

  15. tieria's a dude are people still cranking on that episode tieria dresses as a woman

  16. censored cock

  17. yeah, well, when you hit the middle button in the right you can give her/him a cock...

  18. .........

  19. ya des francaises ici??????????,

  20. its Regene Regetta! NOT TIERA! TIERA IS A GUY!

  21. woooT you're fucking retarded. It's Tieria from the episode where he goes undercover in a woman's body.

  22. dariaolsen, IM me on yahoo and ill give u a cock to remeber. Prowler271

  23. Who cares... It is girl in game :) We all know Japanese game makers have their weird moments :)

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  25. Hah! You can't de-Futa hir! XD

  26. wow, she has a cock

  27. tieria erde is a boy

  28. fatal mistake=)

  29. I really wish I knew what the hell they're saying.

  30. Like I said, I really wish I knew what the hell they were sayin!

  31. t nadia, are u horny? then hit me up on yahoo. Prowler271. ill make u cum like never before.

  32. same to u harley

  33. can turn it into a shemale O.o

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  35. technically you can turn her into a herm not a she-male since shi still has a pussy even when shi has a cock.

  36. you already stole the general name, stick with you offshoot of Meet and Fuck, so we can 'tel the difference. Because of stealing a whole series style awy, I will never subscribe to your hack job site.

  37. who of them is Tieria?

  38. how do you get him to cum on her boobs?

  39. The action sucks

  40. LOL Tieria Erde is a GUY!!!! Go check the anime called Gundam..

  41. Too Short and Boring

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  55. he is totally hot as a chick though

  56. Only one problem: The character Tieria Erde... is actually a guy. He does look like a girl though. I guess this is Internet Rule # 63 striking again

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  58. i want to fuck

  59. too bad Tieria is a MAN!

  60. you all know your fucking a dude right? He is a male from Mobile Suit Gundam 00

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  62. its a fucking dude

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