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Jasmine is here for your command. The sexy beauty wants to please you in any sexual way that you may desire. So, get in bed with Jasmine and try-out all her holes from every angle. Then just shake your mouse to slide your cock into Jasmine's tight cunt.

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94 Responses to “In Bed with Jasmine”

  1. what is this? :/

  2. SUCKS....

  3. Wow, never thought I'd see Disney Hentai. Walt Disney MUST be rolling over in his grave right about now.

  4. Well, considering all the subliminal porn in old Disney movies, I'd guess that he probably isn't... unless someone has made Disney hentai with Jews being involved...

  5. Jasmine is awesome but lame game

  6. comment just VERY LAME

  7. lame, but I got a blow job by Jasmine, hehehehe

  8. oh yeah # 7 and 8

  9. super lame. waste of my precious time

  10. i hate games that has the sentence "shake your mouse up and down"

  11. What happn?

  12. me and some friends checked it out a few weeks back said "good teenagers dont wear clothes" in alladin i think it was, was kinda high so it mighta been the little mermaid

  13. jasmine is wonderful

  14. dis games sux shit well,kindaa

  15. yea #14 & 15

  16. Yeah, shaking your mouse up and down just isnt right.


  18. this sucks

  19. GREAT!!!!!!

  20. Poor Jasmine, she deserved better.

  21. boring very boring

  22. nice artwork - but too simplistic gameplay

  23. hmmm Jasmine. U can do better than that

  24. Zitat Homer Simpson: Laangweiliiig

  25. Heya profile wait u!

  26. where in da WORLD is da sound. u cant even hear the girl Moan. Jazmine , dont even suck dick. she gets it pushed in her mouth lol. its ok but it could be better. i give it a 5

  27. no sound no fun. how u gonna make a flash game with no sound hehehe. do anybody agree with me? Jazmine dont even moan. agian , i still give the game a 5 but i like said. it could be better

  28. piece of chit

  29. WELL STOP MOANING AND MAKE SOME THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. i hate those shake mouse games cuz they r so freakin hard! could do with a bit more than shakin a mouse! 6/10!

  31. *action but at least it wasn't censored!

  32. It would be difficult for Walt Disney to roll over in his grave, but his head must be spinning.

  33. what was that......ehh.... that blue fuck?

  34. no sound no fun

  35. Supa site!

  36. These games suck. We need something better

  37. The game was ok but their was no sound all games including porn games should have sound I mean come on why make a game that has no sound I just dont get that it doesn't make sense I like it but shaking the mouse up and down I don't like because it hurts your hands please no more shaking up and down game and please more MNF

  38. oh I forgot Jasmine is so dang sexy and great body too

  39. Jasmine deserves better

  40. I fuck Jasmine,, it was so good

  41. the shake up and down with the mouse was much easier on some of the Meet and Fuck games, epic fail.

  42. i hope aladin not going to kill me

  43. I sense a series. Can Belle, Esmeralda, Pocahantas, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest be far beehind?

  44. game is too short, hate shake mouse up and down games, but Jasmine is hot

  45. this game sucks!

  46. nao presta pra nda

  47. subhan alla

  48. masbturbate all these games dude!!!

  49. i dont wanna shake my mouse anymore :[ does anyone wanna shake me up a lil ;]

  50. i gonna cum

  51. Not Bad could have been better

  52. An idea for gamemakers - make a jasmine game similar to "Condom Man" but in reverse. Jasmine would try to avoid getting banged by the guards, tiger, jafar, monkey on her way to Alladin. Instead of condoms, she could collect genie lamps or something.

  53. uh the game was ok but i hate moving my mouse up and down

  54. shaking the mouse is damn hard on a laptop... And is always annoying anywhere. 0/10

  55. Its about time! The problem I have with this game is that its too short and there is no emotion in Jasmine when having sex. The sounds are recycled from other games.

  56. i hate using this comment interface.

  57. Jasmine is easily the hottest Disney girl out there now. (Runners-up include Esmeralda, Ariel [better if she's a mermaid], and Helen Parr/ElastiGirl.) My only problem with this game is having to furiously shake my cursor around; I hate games like that.

  58. wow gr8 fun



  61. My arm almost fell off...

  62. Lame Idea to take a Disney Princess Character and make a porn featurette out of it These are kids' characters, anyway.

  63. is good game

  64. how is shaking ur mouse sposed to be a game?

  65. galing lupet

  66. i never new that Disny haves sex game : (

  67. eh i give it a 2/10

  68. This game was rushed!

  69. i think its a stupid game i agree with the mouse thing and if that was jasmine i'd be watching alot of aladdin and if she was real i wouldnt be here i'd probaly og get her lol

  70. Jasmine has a perfect body

  71. genie i want you:)

  72. his big blue cock with golden ring drives me crazy!


  74. very hot and beautiful cartoons...thanks

  75. they r kind fine

  76. i can so good web cam fucking

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  79. jandora sex Ira Pregnant 3d sexgame free download q

  80. this is great

  81. coooooooooooooool

  82. WTF cool and awkward wouldnt be the other guy

  83. ummmmmm...i want to have my personal genie

  84. this is great but i can do so nice

  85. i want 2 fck u jasmine


  87. ummmmmmmmmmmmm i wanna have a cock with genie and pussy

  88. fucking games thanks

  89. Pretty Lame

  90. damn thats lame

  91. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

  92. Great Jasmine game.

  93. This game is dopr ass fuck this gamr is the shizzle.

  94. I meant dope not dopr

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