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Good new for all fans of Iori Yoshizuki from I''s manga. She has become a star of F-series game for the second time! There is no wonder, because this girl is a rare combination of modesty and sexuality. Enjoy fucking her in 10 new positions :)

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49 Responses to “Iori F-Series”

  1. love it.......same as usual.....but this one was nice

  2. Stupidity at it's finest.

  3. sa va fut in gura de ratati

  4. number 1

  5. sunt numarulll 5

  6. the artwork is very nice. not much of a game though.

  7. why all f*cking hentai are all censored ...

  8. No Sound?

  9. hot positions

  10. thats the one thing that always gets me about the F-series games, no sound. so so sad

  11. i love F-series, soo fucking hot

  12. Enough with these numbers! is for idiots ... really

  13. stupid game,realy

  14. Bah, I have no love of censorship.

  15. dariaolsen, I want to cum in your ass!

  16. positions look good, but these F-series games always kind of bore me. Check my profile lets have fun

  17. Great art work. I wish they would spend more time creating better interactive game play with these games.

  18. i need sex i'm crazy i like so much sex

  19. I love the style of the games, but I just wish they had sound. That's half the fun, hearing all that moaning. But I still enjoy being able to control the sex, the speed, and the positions.

  20. New positions? Fucking bullshit! Totally the same positions as in the Nami-flashgame and probably few others.

  21. very hot positions

  22. hot positions

  23. interesting. a non-anime character this time

  24. these games suck

  25. yeah, they get boring real fast

  26. i wish these had sound, they'd make me sooooo much wetter

  27. nice game

  28. I thought it said "loli".

  29. thers no fucking sound

  30. thers no fucking sound

  31. Can i made your dreams true? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN: ! For a real big dick :)

  32. positions were nice, but needs sound. damn it, I cant cum without the sound. Any ladies wanna help me get off? Call me 1-559-309-4016. girls only.

  33. i agree. it would be way better with sound

  34. i'm really not into iof series...

  35. patito feo

  36. ?????????????????????????????????///

  37. ??????????????????????????/

  38. hey the game was interesting do you want some??

  39. very hot positions, made me all wet..

  40. it's censored

  41. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn :) im a 17 yr old male and im always on and horny;) girls only!!

  42. i love it

  43. Please make the next one be rydia from ffiv

  44. do yall like hairy dicks


  46. be a lot better if it wasn't censored

  47. rfcytfuvkb

  48. Why are there so much porn of Iori anyways? I don't think I's was THAT popular.

  49. hdfsdhgdsgsdg

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