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Meet with Laura... she loves cooking tasty dishes and playing in her kitchen. It is your job to explore this kitchen for many surprises. Laura has all kinds of things hidden around and she's always very horny!

Filed under: 3D, Action
Game Size: 2 MB

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141 Responses to “Laura”

  1. or number 3! hahaha ^^

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  3. this game is gay


  5. sucks like youe mom

  6. This game sucks! the jumping is impossible to small hitbox!

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  10. Losers. THis game sucks though. Stop asking for Meet N Fuck it will come out when its ready.

  11. Once again, christie's room takes what could have been a really good game and screwed it up, by making it difficult.

  12. Where is the hit box for the wall with the doors to get it started?


  14. Italian fun...check me out...

  15. boring like hell

  16. Game's retarded!!!

  17. Lvl 2 is impossible.. what a disapointement.

  18. it loading slow

  19. I cant even pass level 1

  20. its toooooooooo freakyyyy

  21. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUPID GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Completely retarded. I had to cheat by right clicking and selecting play, just to get through level one, then level two is impossible. This game is retarded.

  23. what the fuck.. level 3 is impossible to pass litteraly lol

  24. fuck this web site

  25. your are all gay


  27. YES!!! Beat the Whole Game. Wanna know ho w? Just ask me for help ;)

  28. need help how do you beat this game???

  29. just keep right clicking and pushing forward

  30. Yes, need a help!

  31. games suck

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  33. not worth the aching wrists ... level two sucks. You're halfway through the time bar before the animations even begin

  34. I beat it, its a bad ending, it just says shes grateful...

  35. This game's fucked up, I have a feeling this site doesn't want to make their own games anymore! They keep releasing dumb shit like this.

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  45. game sounds dumb so i will not play it

  46. damn, it could have been great but is too hard

  47. how to play that stupid game?

  48. I a dont pass of 10

  49. wow this game was pretty bad

  50. Very very bad game ! how to destroy his hand for notjing...

  51. easy with tab key

  52. Boooring

  53. This game deserves a cock slap

  54. how do you take a picture?? lol

  55. she looks like a very young girl.....child porn is prohibited)))))

  56. are you kidding me i have to play this with both hands? they are vietnam veteran friendly thats for sure! (damn commies!) number 0 like you life skills!

  57. this game is bullshit

  58. Just when you thought things could'nt get get bad, they bring this shit out.

  59. i don't know how to pass = = & this game is boring

  60. fucking retarded piece of shit game totally unplayable.

  61. use "TAB" ......

  62. help me pass level 1

  63. just keep pushing in tab and u will find everything, later u can use it to get the dildo stuff n all done fast..

  64. game fucking sucks

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  70. i wanna see level2

  71. i am really just a kid

  72. Hi guys, Im on level 2 , but I really cant get her excitemeent hiiigh .. how did you do it?

  73. ok but rather difficult i got bored on level 3

  74. ice then hands

  75. I can't get past level one!

  76. i have to agree this game is very bad made the collision points are way to way to narrow

  77. are you kidding me? what is this game?

  78. i agree with game gott

  79. ea u now marisa plumber that good game please make that a new game and new detekttiv game

  80. i've read the instructions carefully...and i can't pass

  81. fucking gay game

  82. please help me pass level 1

  83. what are 17 spot?

  84. Too damn hard. Can't wiggle the mouse fast enough to get past part 2

  85. silly use less game.... doest work all the hints.. boooring waste of time

  86. stupid hotspots i cant find them wtf?

  87. WTF my cooment contained disallowed shit lol

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  89. have anybody passed level1 ?

  90. i beat the whole game

  91. it keeps disallowing what i type

  92. number 94! yea!

  93. dude its not cool when ur number is that big

  94. but still...

  95. but still nothing, its not cool

  96. ok fine.

  97. this game is sooo easy........................... i like to masterbate when i play this game..........

  98. At last i've pass level 1...but level 2 seem impossible...too bad

  99. still a bad game... cicking but bothing happens....

  100. i'm very disappointed:(

  101. The hell with the game. I wanna play with Becky! :)~


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  104. Wow! Horrible game.

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  106. very easy

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  109. Just do an animation and stop calling these games.

  110. Delete this game or fix it

  111. this has got to be the worst game.

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  113. I cheated :)

  114. how do you play this shit?

  115. when the game things pop up right click and click play makes is so much Eiyer

  116. this fuckin game take a lot of tym to lodinggggggg...more then a girl...hahahah

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  127. just use the TAB key

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  135. to the desperate losers who post dick pictures on here: go to hell! In case you haven't realized it, there are no real girls on this site! They're all just guys!

  136. try the tab key

  137. one right click play two and three tab and rub the box

  138. what should i do with the ice cube?

  139. rub it on her nipples then hold tab

  140. to get past levels right click and go to forward.

  141. Very nice

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