Lucky Patient - Part 4

Porn Games - Lucky Patient - Part 4 - Free to Play

Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part 4, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part 4, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part 4, picture 3 of 3

In the last part of Lucky Patient series you are going to be witness of a wild sex orgy. Mr.Johnson will bang our big boobed sluts real hard! His huge cock like a jack hammer will make them moan aloud with pleasure. Take out your dick and enjoy :)

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Game Size: 13 MB

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537 Responses to “Lucky Patient - Part 4”


  2. Awesome, love this series


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  8. Takes too long to loaaaad!

  9. but It worth that xD

  10. N.O 1010101010 i love tiwan

  11. long load

  12. thumbs up very nice work

  13. nice,very nice

  14. huge tits

  15. waiting for it to load and so far, have grown a beard, and stupid nerds posting dumb things on here......yawn

  16. your all a bunch of idiots

  17. fwk long load but the long load is ganna come back at u with happiness

  18. good good

  19. man its way to long loading

  20. way to long to load

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  22. very long load

  23. i luv this series it rocks yea fuck

  24. loooooooooooonngg load

  25. Awesome game! Now I want to get fucked

  26. long load.......................

  27. so we played all the series just to find out he was dreaming thats gay still i loved the series but when he woke up from the dream they should have started having sex

  28. this game rocks thats right a girl played it and im bio

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  33. bullshit ending

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  35. try watching some porn whyl u vwait

  36. I think there should be Fith one to this one where you play it in full vison to last four games of Lucky Patient.

  37. damn it has long load time

  38. Long load, good game... XD

  39. Watch the actual movie. It's called Lewd Consultation Room. He isn't dreaming in that. He just passes out after so much sex. They just changed that for this game, which they totally ripped off from Lewd Consultation Room. They also cut out a lot of scenes

  40. where can u watch it in full????

  41. where can u watch it in full????

  42. where can u watch it in full????

  43. where can u watch it in full????

  44. load is long and grow 2 bead

  45. This has a really long loading time. Any longer and would have fell asleep

  46. youst go to spankwire and watch the complete movie

  47. ye long load but its awesome should keep making these

  48. you all have nothing better to do

  49. hahaha... i like this game.. it makes me Horny when i`m playing it.. >:)

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  55. Me gusta esto aunqe prefiriria verlas pariendo u si eso me pone geograficamente hablando claro


  57. great game

  58. What it was all just a dream

  59. it takes to lonq to load but worth it . . . n he was dreaminq???????!!!!!! lol

  60. mmmmm hot

  61. is there sound to this game or not?? i aint got any? cheers?

  62. Whoa, damn long load but it will surely make up for it. :)

  63. well i wud like this dream 2 XD

  64. well duh its 13 mbs

  65. that was a really HOT FUCK.

  66. its not rly a game persay its a ripoff of a movie really lol

  67. still cant find the full film any ideas?????

  68. i took a shower, a shave, and brushed my teeth, and it still was loading!!!

  69. That was pretty crap tbh, may as well watch porn. Fuck gay pixelated cartoon shite.

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  74. it froze at 48.0% wtf =[

  75. very long loading! I cumed three times :)

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  82. longest load

  83. anyone else like those sidescreen stripers

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  85. loading sucks big time, fuck this game


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  97. Thank u sooooo much Mike...U r the Best! I just watched the whole video.

  98. too frickin slow

  99. great game but the movie is way way better it actually has sound movie 5 stars game 3 stars=)

  100. anybody tired of the load. And also these anoying pop up girls that slow your computer down.

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  106. hahah nice ending

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  109. love this sierie

  110. and still loading! isnt there a way to speed up the loading or some...

  111. Use an adblock from mozilla browser...u can control the popup girls...Kacafe22

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  113. fucking load but very wonderful gome

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  115. damn i coulda drove to china and back and still be waiting for this to load. hope the game is good. and will u damn counting assholes knock it off? no one cares that u passed grade school....seriously.

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  125. Haha! What i love most around here are comments ;-) Hilarious stuff.

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  128. Poor fella i think he realy would wanted that he wasn't dreaming.

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  138. Did he really fuck em or was it all a dream

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  146. do you have uncensored version?

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  148. It stopped loading for me at 68%. :( Can someone help me, please? I would like to watch this, but I can't seem to get it to finish loading.

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  150. i would cum for days if there was a fifth with sound on it

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  153. wheres the fucking sound? i saw it with sound before but now i cant find it again. anyone got a linky?

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  155. That was HOOTT!!! But I agree, one wih sound would be much better...

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  166. Haha! loved the ending xDD Good game though. with faster loading time and sound this would have been perfect

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  188. You can't replay again by clicking the replay button - you have to reload the page. Plz fix it. Thanks

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  249. Loved the series! The worst ending ever though... Why does it have to be a dream?

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  252. I love this series. but the subway fucker looks cool too

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