Lucky Patient - Part3

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Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part3, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part3, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part3, picture 3 of 3

This is a new episode from Lucky Patient series and hospital adventure of our good friend Mr. Jonhson continues! This time, our busty beauties Miss O'Connell and Ellie are prepared enough to ride his fucking huge cock. They wait eagerly to feel such a hard dick inside their pussies. And both of them look so horny! It would be hard to decide which babe you'll fuck first :)

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Game Size: 10.7 MB

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372 Responses to “Lucky Patient - Part3”

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  11. no sounds thats not cool :(

  12. This is great!

  13. ya a new lucky patient I am so happy

  14. this makes me cum cum cum nuber 8

  15. pretty big load

  16. the load is very slow

  17. I lova meet n fuck !!!!

  18. number 15...?

  19. its already rated 5/5!

  20. nope not 15... lets try 19

  21. dammit!!!! 21!!!!

  22. too short!!!!

  23. dammit!!!!!!!!! it loads too slow!

  24. yes good game

  25. Suck ass long load!! Great game, but too short.

  26. Great Game. I am fucking horny right now

  27. very slllllllooooooooooooooow

  28. can the people who made this make more of this game and make it load more fuck ing faster


  30. too slow

  31. uuhh... well, like the guys before said, the it's too short, please make a whole game at once, when hard fucking everything is just speeded up, nothing really done at it, and why is it censored? i dont get it, if its really ''our game'' i dont get why u guys arent censoring M&F, but those do... but to the guys who play it, lol, wait one day and it will load fast!

  32. its a really long load

  33. You mean theres people who come to this site who think that they make every game on this site? They ONLY make the MnF, everything else is stolen from elsewhere. Even the MnF artwork is stolen from elsewhere.

  34. the reason it is censored is cuz its a movie. its called lewd consultation room. they r just taking bits from it an making it into a game. i like it none the less

  35. taking ages to load!!

  36. taking ages to load!!


  38. Some fun? Check me out...XXX

  39. wtf, im stuckk at 91.4% the helll...

  40. Wow, there’s more. This reminds me when i was dating a striper. Good times.

  41. I still like more doc than nurse ... ;-)

  42. dude im horny and this is only loading XD hella long load. i thot it was just my comp acting up again. and the doc seems trained. she's fking pro right there

  43. dude im horny and this is only loading XD hella long load. i thot it was just my comp acting up again. and the doc seems trained. she's fking pro right there

  44. Wow this is an amazing game. I can't wait till rourth part, even do its made from a movie, it is still amazing.

  45. Mmmmmmmm Yummy Yummy f***ing....

  46. thats the best game that i know

  47. TOO Fuckin long for loading

  48. worth the wait

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  51. way to long of a load

  52. wtf! continue again? cant they just finish in one story? anyway nice game and it make my dick very hard

  53. short but sweet

  54. this stupid game wont load it stops at 53.2

  55. wonderwoman, is that ur kind of action?

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  57. it took ten minutes to get half way loaded, it better be worth it.

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  60. it kinda reminds me of a roller coaster ona busy have a long wait to ride it then the ride is over in a minute...

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  63. For those who;s saying the Loading time is too long.... Read the size... 11mb. Lolz. It's kinda big for a flash game.

  64. stopped loading at 31.9%

  65. more Lucky Patient its just as good as meet n fuck games

  66. to long of a load

  67. i had to jerk off a few times befor it finished im outa cum...

  68. holy shit, that was really good. cant wait for part 4!!!

  69. good shit

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  71. the load time was a little long, but it was more than worth it, great game.

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  74. tardaaa bandaaa!! :(

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  78. hey, the only reason the load time is so long is because of graphics, so GET OVER IT and be glad such a great thing is being produced

  79. Hot damn!

  80. 한국 사럼 number 1

  81. howto donlod this great series... wht title is the movie ?

  82. They should just end it and tell me where to find this hospital.

  83. slow load

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  85. Fast Load !

  86. Sooo Slow

  87. This was a fucking sexy video!!!! im still skitting all over my self

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  89. YAY PART 3! :D

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  91. god damn the pixels

  92. You mean there's more?!

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  95. This game is nice.. sexy doctors...If any girls are horny or looking for friends then add me on msn and on yahoo just look at my profile !!!! So you will find out what the adress is. I will be wait for you

  96. If any girls are horny or looking for friends then add me on msn and on yahoo just look at my profile !!!! So you will find out what the adress is. I will be wait for you

  97. A shit ass long load but it was worth it

  98. This is one of the best which the site can offer.. A new superstar is born...Lucky patient!!!! Yay lolzzz

  99. damn i like that but a new part? :o i hope it has lesbian stuff ^^

  100. Why are people always complaining about slow load times? The slower the load the bigger the file size of the game. The bigger the file size the better graphics and longer it is. So hesh up D:

  101. This is a freaking great game, I am so freaking horny now....

  102. Lol @ what the balls, but man I ate a whole pizza by the time the game was done loading. Whats with the numbers?

  103. what is it with the pixellation??

  104. that was a fun game but why to be continued

  105. YAY I'm number 105 ~

  106. Damn this is GREAT this is AWESOME This was already better than MnF loooooooool

  107. Good is so sexy miss o connell!!! good game

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  109. Long time loading

  110. its like having dialup all over again losing ur boner b4 it loads

  111. i love this flash..but i want uncensored...

  112. This game is good, bad i want Milk Plant or The Meet'N'Fuck: BDSM Club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. What going on the games not working???

  114. This would be better if it didn't take so long toload and with sound

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  116. this is the shortest of these and load so long

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  119. great game

  120. damn this game is probly the best sex game yet. maybe even better then Meet n' Fuck or Diva Mizuki. keep'em cumin

  121. that was a-w-s-o-m awsome my cocks as hard as it gets now .... now if i could only find a pussy to use it

  122. very good, but no sound ruined it

  123. ne one else have problem with game stop loading i know its eleven mb but the previous two parts of this game loaded still stuck at 31.9%

  124. that guy is officially the luckiest geek EVER great game i'd luv 2 be in his situation

  125. How come the guy is cummed on himself when he did it with the Miss O'Connell o.O weird.. lol

  126. great game to bad its sensored

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  128. heck yeah i love it.

  129. best game yet short but really good

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  137. acb ur tits r awesome ill suck em

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  139. just watch all three in a row, for the rest of you it is prob your internet connection or video cache. took me 25sec to load each one.

  140. this one is short but its still cool. does that mean that ther's also lucky patient 4? i hope so.

  141. i bet the real dude that fucked them was happy as hell i would be too =] because he lucky patient =]

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  147. with me the game stops loading at 31,7procent!! what to do?!

  148. I love it!! hehe makes me so horny every time I play it!!

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  150. brillant game my cock was so hard throughout! i cam 4 or 5 times watching it

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  152. hey guys this game has already been made, on a site called spankwire its called lewd consultaion

  153. make it unceensored


  155. Yes, yes, we all know its animation chopped and made into game... So what? I still like it.

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  157. great game but WHERE'S THE SOUND FX????

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  174. to all you dumbasses who are complaining about the games taking to long to load and it being to short just shut up because if it was all put together the game would take forever to load

  175. good NO.1

  176. cant wait part 4!!!!

  177. its less fun with no sound

  178. oh man i showed my girlfriend and she did everything in this

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  183. good game, too short, no sound sucks and why the fuck is it censored, but good overall

  184. part 3!very good

  185. ok, good graphics, but needs SOUND

  186. the doctor is the sexiest too bad i can`t kill the assistant

  187. Nice game)))

  188. its fucking cool !!! but too bad no sound effect. it would good it has it!!!

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  190. ....iv all ready seen this befor....the full movie

  191. fucking long load

  192. My beard growed wayting to load. Going to shave....

  193. What movie is this

  194. I love it...

  195. I thought it was a nice game. But it didn't take me very long to load it. Maybe it depends on the computer. It *is* a decently-sized file, but not that bad. Anyway, it was fun. I liked it. ^_^

  196. im glad they didnt upload the whole thing, just think how long that wouldve taken to load

  197. by posting that, i interupted the loading process and now it has to start over... great

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  213. and u all need new comps, it took mine less than a minute and i have terrible internet.

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  215. Hey guys, yOur cOmputers really suck !! XD It didn't take a lOng time fOr mine, and it's nOt a great One . . . well, nice game, iven if there's nO chOice tO make.

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