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Today you've met charming girl on Internet. She lives in Miami and you're going to visit this beautiful place. The result of your dating depends on you. Good luck!

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194 Responses to “Miami Holidays”

  1. Primooooooooooooooooooooooo n culo a tutti

  2. Secundoooooooooooo! Russia rulez!

  3. fuck a demo!

  4. is dis a demo cuz fuck it if it is !!!

  5. only woman i really loved

  6. fuck you im numbah 5!

  7. This is bullshit another demo

  8. In soviet russia, you don't play games, games play you.

  9. Damn, this game left me heartbroke....

  10. this is not a demo, what are u guys talking about

  11. its not a demo...

  12. Very nice game

  13. This game needs less BlackJack and more sex.

  14. it's not a demo, it's a sim game so you have to earn money and stuff do finish it

  15. i like this game

  16. its a nice game ... i like it :)

  17. Brokenjar why are you lesbian.... why are the cutest girls always lesbians...-.-

  18. very nice game make me horny

  19. very good..

  20. Ok seriously guys dont post pictures of your dicks i dont want to see that shit when i scroll down.

  21. in this site, of 10 games 7 are demos....2 are shit....

  22. it doesn't load

  23. i liked the ring :)

  24. very nice game

  25. Super Erotic!

  26. mmm so sexy game i like it!!

  27. finally sexhotgames made a decent game, now if only the music wasn't louder than her moaning.

  28. It's a good game, it's no Meet 'n' Fuck but not bad.

  29. no russia sucks cock u fag

  30. nope piss on russia canada fuckin blows their not even a real country anyway

  31. it isn't even their dicks that they're posting on here.

  32. how do we earn money

  33. well, sexhotgames is improving.

  34. is the last part set to be failure for proposal or?

  35. i think that if you marry a girl after a month at least she should do anal...

  36. Soviet russia lmao

  37. I liked the game alot, I agree with Fan of tits...less Blackjack, more sex.

  38. fck awsome

  39. fck awsome

  40. I got to marry her

  41. U have to make sure that u buy all the expensive things and try to stay above the good line.

  42. When she asks you to came over to your place say maybe nextime

  43. That will make her marry you.

  44. working for her is a pain but it feels so rewarding to finally get her!

  45. i f***ing hate demos why not give the whole game?!

  46. is so fun so sexyporn

  47. Sex GURRU, ure a dumbass. It's not a demo, its not even classified as the original "MeetNFuck's" so u can't exactly call it a DEMO. It's a separate game created by SexHotGames. Which is pretty much the same style as MeetNFuck's, thats why so many people get confused.

  48. very good

  49. why have soi many demo

  50. i get a white screen after it loads for awhile!

  51. Love the girl, damn sexy, not strange boobs, and nice body :D

  52. oh I like it

  53. the music cd you have to buy better be made out of gold or platinum for the price you pay

  54. Everytime I see a Lesbian its usually an ugly ass chick with a roll or two on her belly

  55. after al this time game over

  56. Fun game. Check out my profile ladies.

  57. exellent j'adore .................!

  58. ce jeu est cool , il y a mieux mais on s'en contentera

  59. sex part bad gamplay good no demo o,O

  60. oh miami...such a nice city!

  61. ok so i get to the hotel, and all you can do is get flowers from the shop and thats it. Where the hell do you call this girl??

  62. go the the movies and buy 2 tickets

  63. I beat the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. can enyone sex me plz?? im a boy

  65. great game :) made me horny check my profile ladies ;)

  66. the game is toooooooooooooooooooooo sexy.

  67. sex on the beach was great

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  71. i want to f++k the other girls in the game 2

  72. i really liked the game, but it could use some more action..

  73. Would like to know a beautiful friend

  74. This is HOT girls add me :)

  75. good game.....great sex scenes

  76. Great game and sex. But why is there no cock sucking??

  77. thanks for pointing that out

  78. Fuck..Another demo!

  79. Like to know a girl

  80. Yo, no demo!! great!!

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  86. great game! now i wanna have fun

  87. Hope to meet you, look at my data

  88. finally not a demo good pics & good music

  89. Who can I talk to, I would like to know a girl

  90. Who can I talk to, I would like to know a girl

  91. i like the game but i dont think my bf likes it kuz i play it and its a porno game.

  92. we live in such good times...we can meet on the internet

  93. another demo like it, love it, dump it.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. lol u get married at the end. if u guys arnt getting the ending try harder -_-

  95. nice game!

  96. cool! look my profil boys

  97. i like it.......

  98. enak main nya..........

  99. is there any way to get other girls in the game?

  100. .........yea it is kinda bullshit damn demo



  103. anybody know how to win this game?

  104. the girl in the game is looking very hot in both sex scenes. especially on the beach. i l;iked it very much

  105. check my profile to know me!!!

  106. nice story...i'm glad there's no happy ending with a wedding=)

  107. ilove fuck you t-nadia

  108. this is a awsome game, more of these i want

  109. i love this game because it inspired me to propose to my girlfriend XOXOXOXO to her love her soooooo much

  110. oh god that was tedious

  111. Note To Male Members: No one like to see pictures of your dicks. Only the women! So send them pictures yourselves you lazy doushes! D:< Note To Female Members: We appriciate your pictures. Anyways, please keep posting hot shots. :D

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  113. i wanna get fucked

  114. seriously... who fantasizes about getting married?

  115. not bad,and good 3D

  116. Note to Life's a Glitch: Loving your double standards there, what a pity none of us lazy douches care what you think ;) Anyway, keep posting your illiterate ramblings :D

  117. i fuck her 3 times and she don't marry me.....

  118. Not a bad game and sex on the beach is great

  119. ..............

  120. check my profile to get my email .. i will wait u here .. im wet here now baby ..

  121. I Love the girl

  122. they dont get married in the end. so i spent my fucking time for nothing

  123. whos is love me

  124. i got her to marry me ha you stupid dillholes

  125. too good

  126. what do u do after u get the music

  127. fucking hot game

  128. This game is beautiful!!!

  129. why have soi many demo

  130. lol look at how many ppl failed

  131. she's hot

  132. if she was real im gona fuck her till shes satafide

  133. huisss i really like the game and i have also played all the meet n fuck games .. pretty cool .. hope they can release new games in every month .. keep up the gud work

  134. That bicth took my ring!!!!

  135. he payed for hot sex;)

  136. no good end??

  137. feel good

  138. oh yeah fuck me baby

  139. wtf? just becuase here mood was bad i was game over wtf? XD

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  141. She was sooo cute!

  142. excellent game

  143. esta bueno el juego

  144. great game ! She married with me:)

  145. ah shit i am loser of this game i am from albanian i cant speak english just little

  146. ate kantutin kita gawa ren tau ng games

  147. Lovely game, it made me wet

  148. I've spent so much money. had sex twice. and its a freaking demo!?

  149. it's not a demo

  150. is a very nice game but is a little short game anyway for any lady check my profile

  151. I wish getting laid was that easy ;p

  152. im so horny!

  153. i like it

  154. wwoww im feeling like having sex now!!!


  156. @t nadia add me we'll have fun

  157. how do i get the damn ring?

  158. yeah, I said all,right? o.O

  159. I like it

  160. good game...wanna fuck my tits?

  161. lol everything in this game is super expensive, i would never spend this much on a women.

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  169. di meet and fuck kok nga bisa maen cuman klik play langsung nga bisa lag

  170. maxi.d.r@hot

  171. ahhhh that was nice

  172. fucking nice

  173. it is so good

  174. mmm i wish that would happen to me

  175. I'm Fucking this game

  176. ohyeah this game is freaking awesome

  177. man this games good but as the other guy said more sex blackjacks boring oh yeah you can't just keep fucking her untill shes satestfied becuase after a while cum runs out and it starts to hurt both the girl and the man :D so you know its best not to

  178. oh yeah its my birthday today anywho

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  185. i love this is game

  186. fuck you

  187. The girl is pretty!!

  188. game made me cum hard

  189. It's fucking not a DEMO

  190. I got to marry her how cool is that

  191. she rejected my proposal is that the only ending or do i have to play again?

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