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It's a pretty bizarre game to be honest. There're three square buttons you need to press in the right sequence: 1) bottom-right, 2) bottom-left, 3) top-right, 4) bottom-right, 5) top-right, 6) top-right. Then click on her boobs to start the show :)

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51 Responses to “Milk April O'Neil”

  1. Brazilllll one

  2. boring game

  3. this is a shit. where are the games like lil red hood ? we still waitting.......

  4. boring game

  5. Ladies, check my profile;)

  6. milk machine? WTF

  7. SOPA and PIPA in description?

  8. how does this work?

  9. Brazilllll SUX =))

  10. ggghhhjjjjj

  11. extremly shity game

  12. ok , this is beyod retarted . this is a new definition of reject , is there some kinda of digital versoin of a nuke so we can get rid of this crap permenitly ?

  13. Stop fucking moaning, and make the games yourself or stop fucking moaning.

  14. how to platy it

  15. BRAZIL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. that was pretty bad. I dont like milking

  17. All I can say is terrible.

  18. What a real BS game!

  19. wanna play with my titties?

  20. How to get started

  21. this game is for dumb bitches

  22. awnser is above

  23. How the fuck i start this game???

  24. by far the worst game, GoD has gone way down hill

  25. agreed how , agreed .

  26. rubbish game

  27. this game not work

  28. Management is very strange: there are three square buttons that you need to press the correct

  29. sequence: a) the right lower, b) the lower left, c) the upper right, d) lower right, e) upper right, f) the

  30. upper righ. Then click on her tits to begin erotic boobs show:)

  31. they just want milk... look what they've done with her beautiful boobs

  32. Funny, and good graphics

  33. What the hell?

  34. how bad it is

  35. very sexy

  36. boring ....

  37. a titfuck scene would be nice

  38. what a wierd concept,turtles cant milk.

  39. He he he he.. Didn't think the ladies would care too much for this little gem- Funny game- Different and funny, I think I will play it again-

  40. free sex online HD porn

  41. COWABANGA !!!

  42. boooringgg!!!!!!!

  43. so sexy game , very exciting

  44. what beautiful big milky tits!!

  45. awful !!!

  46. hey girls send naked pics to gonz1317 @ gmail

  47. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !

  48. COWABANGA !!! super cool

  49. where is 4-botton?

  50. 1) bottom-right 2) bottom-left 3) top-right 4) bottom-right 5) top-right 6) top-right Then click on her boobs! thats how you play

  51. can you make more games like this one? But with bustier females?

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