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It was end year holidays, our hero was walking in main street when he stumbled onto Wendy. That's how the game begins. Your goal is to see this girl naked.

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54 Responses to “My Wendy Christmas”

  1. i im 1#'st

  2. Me have bone with merry pizza tire. YAY!

  3. Before you click on start game, the girl has the weirdest looking left calf I've ever seen

  4. The X-Ray also looks like a very sad sea urchin

  5. So, is there a 5th ending?

  6. Hey guys what up

  7. I got love ending, rape ending and twin ending. How do I get others?

  8. There are 4 endings. The 5th button activates after ya get all 4. It sets her mood (facial expression) Bet ya'll haven't paid attention to her eye color, huh?

  9. hope you all have a great start to the new years

  10. mmm awesome sex scenes

  11. girl's check-out my profile awesome game

  12. Nice game with a different playing strategy than the usual. Attractive model but her proportions are a bit off and cause her to look odd in some places. Unless I missed some clues, there really isn't enough info as to which girl one is dealing with in an exchange.

  13. pretty good game, got all 4 endings but got tired of trying to get the pictures

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  19. im boy looking for girls in 9th or 8th standard

  20. Keep getting the: love, rape, or twin endings. Any hints on how to get the 4th ending? I collected all of the photos but didn't see any changes in the game after doing so.

  21. nice and hot

  22. Strip end(benice to her on strip club), love end(avoid strip club till chapter 4), twin end(fuck her green eyed sister), rape end(be naughty to her).

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  27. Thanks for the help asas. Got all four endings but didn't see a 5th option to select for the mentioned facial expression. Is the continue button suppose to light up after getting all four endings?

  28. All of it is the same with a different background and face..... Sooo sad... Even more sad for me to play this ;(

  29. nice creampie

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  31. How do you get the 3rd ending?

  32. George if you wana get the 4th ending in chapter 2 peak on her, and in chapter 3 first thing u do is check the ally and u see her in a strip club and select option 1, in chapter 4 go in main street and select option 1 and option 1 again and you get the Strip ending.

  33. Thanks for the info Bob. I have the 4 endings now. The posts here say there is a 5th ending you can get after you get all four regular endings. I got all 4 endings without fully exiting the game. But I didn't see any new option to get a 5th ending. The continue button appears to be the only option that remains unavailable so was wondering if the continue button has to light up to reach this 5th ending. If so, what does it take other than getting the 4 endings?

  34. The fifth option is available in the sex scene, after you unlock all 4 endings you get it, that option is 3rd option in the starting menu.

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  36. How to get the 1 ending?

  37. i wish i was her

  38. Thank you Bob. I hadn't looked in sex scene section before.

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  50. Nice Liked It! (Got The Love Ending)

  51. Nice Liked It! (Got The Love Ending)

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  53. What is the "Promo Code" for this one? Can't seem to find it on the Wiki or on the Site.

  54. Code:thewholestory

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