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You may have only dreamed that such a hot nurse would tend to you after falling in the tub and cracking your head open! She's a little frisky, so play around, and don't be afraid to play rough! If you can find every treat in the game, you will be rewarded handsomely.

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102 Responses to “Naughty Nurse”

  1. lame but funny

  2. н•њкµ­1л№ лЇёкµ­2л№ 1м‚ґмќё

  3. no 1 ha ha ha

  4. No. 4... YEAH!!! BTW, What did no. 2 mean??

  5. funny but crap wonder what the injection was


  7. very funny wonder/,.,,..,

  8. Your comment is too short or contains some disallowed shit!

  9. pretty lame but yeah, i don't complain FIN HELL STOP ASKING FOR M&F FFS!!!!! It'll come when it does, u'll just have to wait patiently, asking for it won't make it come faster, u dumb or anything???

  10. i hope that idiot kills himself MNF sucks anyway

  11. stupid games, like you

  12. wtf is this????

  13. it's funny ^^

  14. someone can give some tips to get the end?

  15. Weird,funny game. Annonymous, please off yourself an post it on youtube or something for everyone to enjoy. You're a worthless, peice of shit, fag, nobody likes!!

  16. ooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. All the people whining for mnf should kill themselves

  18. not enough coffins for that

  19. fucking shitty game

  20. not even worth to load it

  21. seems a little crazy

  22. can't load the fuckin game

  23. kim69 nice video

  24. goodddd GAME more M&FUCK PLEASE

  25. stupid and corney ass fuck

  26. dumb but weird

  27. pretty boring if u ask me

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  29. н•њкµ­ 2л“±лЊ“кёЂ мў‹м•„мљ”

  30. click on the bed, window, her tits, her skirt, her face, the cupboard, the needle, the guy and the iv bag that everything

  31. this was a pretty simple game

  32. so f@ckin lame :(

  33. es la mejor pajina de juegos para adultos

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  35. this game is so amazingly lame!

  36. u forget his penis thats what u forgot master

  37. Damn that was easy

  38. Pencil Dick

  39. Wow you've discovered cut and paste! Good job...tool.

  40. Lol, potential

  41. all you people whining for meet n fuck.....would you rather have a lame ass halfway done game or a really well done game that was worth the wait? stop complaining and rushing the game designers. they're just doing their jobs. go find something else to jack off to in the mean time, jackasses.

  42. Just a fun game, when you find "EVERYTHING".. oh yeah the 'Meet N Fuck' moron crybaby meeting has been changed to who gives a #@!#..

  43. Cute The meet n fuck games are not any more fun, most are down right borrrrrrring

  44. Man, that guy's really short. XD

  45. stop ur bitchy ass wineing u fucking morons

  46. the game was not too bad,it was also funny.....Ive played worse

  47. funny game..........hahahaha

  48. it was nice

  49. ah................

  50. all these people complaining about meet n' fuck should meet n' fuck somebody in real life

  51. mmmmmm......

  52. lol stupid in a good and bad way

  53. I have not a clue what I am supposed to do in this game

  54. hahaha,... nice one,.. ^^

  55. thats kinda gay you click on his dick =\ wtf most ppl are not gay who comes to this site

  56. i only like the end :P

  57. boooooring,but funny

  58. lol this game sucks.........

  59. i can't play it!it's a idiot game!

  60. i find everything ..... is easy .. and the game is a little bit stupid

  61. good game i enjoyed it so different ?

  62. WOW! This game sucks, and not in the good way.

  63. SO SO HOT!!!

  64. So fine but freaking weird.

  65. the games ok

  66. it sucks

  67. wonderfull.....................^^

  68. typical british humor? :p

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  70. Stupid. Stupid game.


  72. WUZ UP BZ UP

  73. new meet n fuck now

  74. wow, u guys must have a terrrible life if ur playin this...

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  76. what is yaur name?? ohhhhh yahhhyahhhh hit it and quit it okeyy

  77. weird shit

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  79. wuz okay. funny but amateurish.

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  83. i like des games

  84. it sucks

  85. that was slapstick funny

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  93. there is a cheat press tab

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  99. it so cool

  100. i like it oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  101. is there a nurse here? i feel something bog in my pants.... please look ;)

  102. this so ferking sweet

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