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One lonely dude has almost lost a hope to see anyone at his Xmas party when suddenly the door bell rings. It was a handsome girl standing on his porch and asking him for help. Lets watch what happened next...

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15 Responses to “No Party”

  1. 1st rubbish

  2. "now i feel hot a little!"

  3. katy game is not new, its been 3 years since I play

  4. it`s new years but theyre is presents under the tree dickheads. press to click da fuck? the bell`d ringed and i`d got lost? the shittyest game i`ve played REALLY shitty games but this one is the king of shitty games


  6. nice scenes. the graphics could have been better although

  7. Handsome Girl, wow. I must be into a gay porn site...

  8. What a load of garbage.

  9. Gtfo GoD : /

  10. Where can i click the play button????!!!!! Shit

  11. this is why you don't upload 3rd world flash, they get a computer and they think their english is all that and give the internet this kind of crap. I bet you that art work is traced from some place because the best they can draw is the guys face.

  12. Who gives a shit about the dialogue least the game has some nice seens and such. You think they put 0 effort in this? Im sure they tried they're best. ;l

  13. Not too bad. Keep at it ^_^

  14. you should not complain unless you can do as well

  15. this game is is as bad as the grammar that is used in i XD

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