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Scott is a wealthy australian guy taking a trip to East Europe. The business interests led him to Ukraine where he's met 20 dollars prostitute Olga.

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40 Responses to “Olga 20 Dollars Girl”

  1. some one send me a e-mail with the links of the ends ;D

  2. you are stupid ;D

  3. not bad, but i see better ones from this series

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  8. super , nice gamess

  9. It's not a good idea to go for the cheaper prostitutes in real life, they're more likely to be plagued by STDs.

  10. the game is too short, and you have to play the same scenario each time just to get to the list of her 'private pictures', which is the same regardless of the 'ending'

  11. nice game love it~~

  12. yeah the other ones are better cause you get ending based on your actions. Oh well.

  13. great grammar

  14. ohhhhhhhhh ! great ! just like me .. check out my profile guys ! want some fun ?

  15. Olga is very dirty girl! Nice work!

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  17. wish the game was longer lots of potential for all kinds of action

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  21. This guy sounds a bit like me, Australian and the rest not being married though

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  23. hotchick is ur id correct

  24. short and simple. graphics OK. story line is too easy. funny ending. some of the lines hard to understand

  25. nice game !!!

  26. what kinda game is this....its fuckin weird

  27. the game is nice but too short

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  29. i don't know how to play

  30. it stops on her face for me


  32. sucking awesome

  33. you are sexy

  34. love her

  35. The game is simple. Kinda short, but really entertaining. I wish I could fuck Olga for real, I have twenty five dollars in my pocket. It's nice to have a change, y'know. BTW, Olga looks like Lara Croft (or Lara's crotch?)

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  37. buityful

  38. nice game , check my profile

  39. I could make a living that way but I would charge a lot more than 20 bux

  40. Oh fuck yeah...makes me wan get a hot ass whore now!!!

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