Ori Yoko

Sex game: Ori Yoko

Sex game: Ori Yoko Sex game: Ori Yoko Sex game: Ori Yoko

This is a little japanese game in BDSM style. The name of its heroine is Ori Yoko. She is a lovely girl with big boobs and graceful body. Today she's going to be your sexual victim. Tie her up and fuck the shit out of her :)

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  • Rating: 3.22/5

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103 Responses to “Ori Yoko”

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  5. 5 U__U e si va

  6. a stupid game

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  8. wtf stupid people with stupid numbers we know u can count idiots!!

  9. they do not go to school

  10. no sound:(

  11. no they cant count because they never say 1 but 111 :p

  12. how do you get different positions

  13. quien apago la vela.

  14. hot babe

  15. que vela?

  16. but add the full game soon please

  17. Disappointing.

  18. fukin gay and 181818181818181818181

  19. i so couldnt figure it out check profile if u like what u see

  20. this not the full game. i will not rate it

  21. So can you even get the different postions?

  22. At least they could give us the link to the full verison

  23. fairly sure the game was never finished, so this is all there is to it.... rather sad isn't it?

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  25. front and back

  26. their a button on the right

  27. no sound.. damn boring.

  28. is it demo?

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  30. it is so boring

  31. it waant that bad

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  34. Would be good if it were finished.


  36. wanna play with my hard nipples?))

  37. I liked it, even for a demo.

  38. a stupid ass game

  39. there is a full version. it just needs to be found

  40. the game was good

  41. fuxing hell got to go im gonna have sex

  42. im back my fanny reely hurts though

  43. shimata --'

  44. ok for a demo

  45. whats the website for the full vrison of ori yoko

  46. Not really into BDSM, but.... Not bad :)

  47. i wanna play the full version

  48. hey boyz check out my page an add me im sooo horny

  49. This Game Is Crap

  50. need full version.

  51. You People need to get a life and have a little fun with it.

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  53. anyone knows where the full game is?

  54. Demo or not, there is one thing that would enhance the experience. And that is sound

  55. Where is the full version?

  56. no sex that's too bad

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  63. esta apgina empiesa ah decepcionarme saben!!

  64. where can i find the full version

  65. i just want to enjoy it

  66. who wants to play with me? i like it

  67. i like big boobs. im your guy!

  68. i like big boobs. im your guy!

  69. this game is realy hot

  70. you should make english version

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  78. nice but it looks like a demo

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  80. It is finished. This came in a bundle of games as one release. And its apparently impossible to get the other options on the menu, ive tried.

  81. very sexy game

  82. Most of you Copy Pics from other Sites, T_Nadia, yours is a Loop from some other Web Site, which is really Obvious. Lol.

  83. Nice. ;D If only there was a fetish related game. Or some F/F stuff. ;P

  84. Not bad, but it's not the whole game. Damn.

  85. No this is crap,just as bad as those meet and fuck demos, please stop putting those games on here. What is the use if no full versions are available for free. Better yet it's like cock teasing, well no thank you.

  86. Is there a way to unlock the menu items?

  87. where's the full version?

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  89. its good

  90. Yes please Nadia! This game is crap! No sound, no other positions... if it is a demo, where is the real deal?

  91. fuck it damn slow

  92. wanna tease me like that?

  93. fuckin stupid dumb ugly girl and game fuck!!!!!!!!!!

  94. U R V SEXY AND hot

  95. shut the fuck up with the numbers and rubbish games

  96. So Hentai//

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  102. this game is good but these coments are fucked up

  103. I will fuck Yoko sex ass pussy

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