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I'm glad to present you a new game from Lesson of Passion. Name of today's hero is Drake. Help him picking up the hot sexy girls for tonight.

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68 Responses to “Passion One”


  2. Let's fuck like rabbits!!!!!!!

  3. Thrid YEAH!

  4. how many ending are there?


  6. That was hot. Mmm. I'm no.6

  7. all of you who says numbers are really lame, no girl will evere want to hook up with an immature retard like you all... nice game by the way...

  8. how do you get ending number 3

  9. how do you get past the taxi scene? like how do you make the bar go up?

  10. Game is about as lame as the numbers

  11. whats the fastest way to get one in bed?

  12. i love sex

  13. send me msg horny girls...

  14. wow its a good one and now I need/want to fuck a gal like there is no tomorrow

  15. Best game dude!

  16. this game is totally amazing!

  17. sexy game just too bad i can't get it right with cloe

  18. I wanted to fuck a boy or man coz i'm a gay

  19. pretty good game, i liked Chloe

  20. Took a while to get all the endings. Chloe was such a picky tease, lol. Katy, in the bathroom, with two guys?? Hot as hell. Makes me kinda jealous.

  21. wow, again a really awesome game...working hard to find all the endings

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  23. I have seen on the network: bouncing Wang Unleashed "Duke Nukem Forever, " the official version leaked

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  26. thats great, graphics and animations of usual quality but i especially liked the story

  27. it is really cool

  28. can you get with chloe? and how many endings are there?

  29. Amazing game loving the threesome in the toilet

  30. How do you fuck Chloe

  31. check my profile ladies ;)

  32. man two guys at once, i am so jealous of katy

  33. after a few false starts and some frustration, i was able to get all the endings and found them all to be fun and enjoyable


  35. cool!!!!!! check out my profile

  36. I love this game, but i was wondering that there was no ending in which the guy gets both chicks. Or did i missed it?

  37. thissssss isssssssssss ssooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool

  38. check my profile

  39. this game has great graphics and is easy enough to play while still offering the challenge of finding the different endings

  40. quante troie ci sono

  41. great job as usual lesson of passion!

  42. Wow.I wanna f*** some sexy bitch right now

  43. wanna fuck me sexybitchesneeded?? i'm all naked..wid ma legs open!!

  44. Oh my fucking god i wish i was kate in the bathroom ugh makes me soo horney! ;D

  45. wish there was a threesome

  46. i wish i was drake all along the story...i'm so hard right now...check my profil girls...

  47. not so good....

  48. What is the fourth option? I have only found three: - Goes home alone - Ends up with Chloe at your place - Threesome in the bathroom with Kate & Damien

  49. ilike all games here its hot add me up merenejhones@y.m. im horny

  50. mmm this got me wet ! message me for dirty talk

  51. 5 endins are gained


  53. best game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  54. Hey what's the name of the song??

  55. great game, i love how each decision you make has a large overall effect on the story

  56. good game the bathroom scene was epic, girls check my profile

  57. contact me : girls , terryzeng123@y.m

  58. chloe was easy

  59. chloe was easy after like 4 tries

  60. it was a good game. and its hot to play

  61. these games are cool, a little too slow though

  62. it is very good

  63. Who wants to suck my dick ?

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  66. im wet and want to have some fun, any 1 wanna party

  67. hmmm...i lik it!!!m so horny now!!!

  68. the 5 endings intentionally fuck up chances both girls- loser ending get with chloe (distract her during phone call) alternate relationship with helen (let chloe answer phone) Depressed ending after getting left by Katy (lock door for privacy) No strings sex (unlocked bathroom door)

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