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Today you will get a game with a thrilling detective story. You are an experienced private detective hired by well-known businessman. He is going on a business trip and wants to make sure that his wife wouldn’t cheat on him. Probably the results of your investigation will surprise him. Good luck ;)

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190 Responses to “Private Detective”

  1. Beat the number fruits woot

  2. lol no #s yet

  3. cool game

  4. number 1

  5. .................

  6. bad animations

  7. I cant figure it out. I fuck the secretary and the girl at the fitness center, then im stuck?

  8. ........

  9. how do you get the evidences?

  10. Lol, this is not good. :P

  11. to fuck the secretary buy her a pen at the gift shop and to fuck the chick at the fitness center buy her flower

  12. looks like damn paper when they fuck

  13. The animations when they fuck is like from the 90,s

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  15. bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i fuck the fitness center girl then the secretary then wot

  17. This game, just isn't very good.

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  19. I'm totally stuck on this game.

  20. When at the fitness centre click on it again to go to the restaurant. Wait there...

  21. how do you get some evidences? a little help could be useful

  22. nice game i have finish all and now i'm very hard and horny


  24. Right click the image and click "play" whenever you get stuck

  25. he has small hands....

  26. this game fucking sucks

  27. weak weak

  28. easy game. played it on another site. its not hard. all you have to do is READ

  29. not a M&F game, sucks ass, and needs way better graphics.

  30. ok you just sit outside the fitness center the you just keep hiting the time buttion

  31. 31!!!!!! wooooooooo

  32. i need help am stuck

  33. have fitness chick ,secretary, and hotel respiecpinst now what

  34. Not bad... dreidz check my profile, you are so horny

  35. At the fitness center wait 30 min a couple times

  36. have fitness chick ,secretary, and hotel respiecpinst now what and I have the pictures from the restaurant, from the hotel and the sex, but how can I get on now?

  37. I think its not a demo

  38. nice fucking game

  39. there's some spot in wall

  40. how to get photo from hotel?

  41. i've got the photos. what should i do next?

  42. after you get the pics u should call Mrs. Hallivan

  43. "i've got the photos. what should i do next?" You call the wife.

  44. pig benis

  45. I really wish these games were a bit more realistic, but besides the girls being to easy to fuck it was an okay game

  46. Almost as good as your mum last night!

  47. Stupid low budget MnF clone.....

  48. At least it was a full game, though not as well done as MnF. Check my profile, its cool.

  49. Nice game, but not good graphics.

  50. good game, but could be better

  51. This game is freaking lame. lol.

  52. The secretary's ass can fold up, very weird. The hans are too small, and the color resolution is too low.

  53. now that i've finished the game

  54. It's like an old meet-and-fuck in which the animation is crap and the women will enjoy rubbing one of their breasts, but not the other.

  55. When u stuck in hotel room, click right mouse and forward

  56. lololol "go fuck a goat"

  57. What do you do after you get the pictures and tell the wife?


  59. It a Awsome game and i like it and i don't what someone else think about it to me it's awsome everyone can fuck them self they hate it.

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  63. i have problem i waiting in the resteurant and nothing and i dont have play button

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  65. finished the game :P

  66. watch and learn guys, this will teach you how to charm and fuck the virgins

  67. game suxs azz anybody know how to get past the part where u have evidences and can't prove it to the hallivans?

  68. hjgjny jufttud udumrbdtnid 7

  69. talk to the hotel receptionist,buy her expensive watch,then fuck her...she gives you the keys,enter the room,take a picture using the hole in the wall

  70. I can't choose yes for some reason, when it asked about whether u like the game or not.

  71. guys try waiting at the fitness corner. juz keep clicking wait for 1/2 hour

  72. what the fuck game...i never had the ending of this game...shit...

  73. right click and click on "play" if you want to skip to all the sex parts

  74. YES Finally a meetnfuck ripoff, okay this might be bad graphics, BUT ITS FREE :D meetnfuck only upload demos :(

  75. you cant talk to the wife then what do you do after that

  76. there are two endings. what did you choose? sex with the wife or money?;)

  77. u r right

  78. so anyone

  79. This gametakes the cake for slowest sex EVER!!! It was terrible! I love to rammed til I bruise and they barely make contact! Puh-lease!

  80. WTF?! After you get to your hotel room, you can't continue?!

  81. Looks like someone's trying to copy Meet N Fuck games

  82. is there a way to fuck the wife?

  83. who every makes these games needs to watch some porn or some thing cuz that is not what real sex is not that dam slow

  84. i am chinese

  85. this was lame.. only got 2 fucks :(

  86. Not Bad huh?

  87. @xxnaughtygirlxx there are four sex scenes. the secretary,the girl at the fitness center,the hotel receptionist and the wife

  88. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn and we can have some fun;) im 17 male and im always on and horny;) girls only!

  89. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn and we can have some fun;) im 17 male and im always on and horny;) girls only!

  90. i like this game

  91. fuck. I am stuck in the hotel room and I dunno what to do next. I can't click anything. I wonder is there problem with the game or the cursor just hate me. Sick of fucking, just want to win this game.

  92. search hole.

  93. how can I prove the photos to Mrs Hallivan?????????????

  94. Really, I can't get out of tha fucking part. I

  95. Really, I can't get out of tha fucking part. I

  96. Really, I can't get out of tha fucking part. I

  97. Really, I can't get out of tha fucking part. I'm tired of fucking. I want to win this game*

  98. Back from vacation. ! add me :) MSN ADD: Skype ADD: everyonewantsme

  99. Enough with the massage mini-games, just get straight to the fucking.

  100. poor graphics. it looks like a very old game

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  102. games of desire rocks............

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  104. i'd like to meet a detective

  105. this game was not so good

  106. Wish the women were a little more realistic looking. ALL of them have gigantic breasts! Where's the variety?

  107. Did the girl at the fitnes club and the secretary. What now? The limo never shows at the fitness club, and nothing happens at the restaurant.

  108. Can anyone tell me how to finish this game? I got all the 3 pictures, what should I do next?

  109. nice game njoyed it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  110. nice cock

  111. man.....where 2 w8 after fuckin receptionist????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. what i will do aftr i fuck the receptionist in the hotel??

  113. wtf wat do i do after i fuck the recpionist and go to the targets house??!!??

  114. wtf wat do i do after i fuck the recpionist and go to the targets house??!!??

  115. wtf there is a bitch on my screen

  116. shoot em out off my screen.

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  118. fucking easy!!!!!!!

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  123. what will I do after i'm in the restaurant

  124. Ok, YES!!!!!

  125. Loading is too slow

  126. Can someone help I need help. I got the pics and I fuked the secretary, the fitness girl and the hotel manager. So now what do i do.

  127. yey i win!!

  128. very nice game. takes a little while though

  129. if you need real pleasure on cam hit me up on my PROFILE

  130. Not to hard just get the pics, fuked the secretary, the fitness girl and the hotel manager then call the guys wife then go fuck her

  131. Errm.. Anonymous How can i Fuck the Hotel Manager But i Only Fuck The Fitness and Secretary Only. ?

  132. the graphics arent that good....

  133. Would you please speak some Chinese, English? Do I look not to understand

  134. Baha. I won. Both endings.

  135. excellent game


  137. so once u get all pics what do u do if u called her already

  138. hoooooooooooooooo

  139. no a good game at all

  140. yeah i wouldnt choke my chicken to it...

  141. Very poor graphics and its really confusing.. Less sex scenes .. This is consider awful to me but it really did make me horny, wow :)

  142. lol at the end where is asked did you like our game, button "yes" isn't working

  143. Stuck at the restaurant?

  144. check my profile ;)

  145. Which game have the biggest tits?

  146. haha haha haha

  147. how to go beyond the hotel receptionist? PLease help

  148. how do you get to the hotel

  149. now i want to be double stuffed

  150. minor here mumbles love this

  151. I take the pics...what me do next ?

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  154. would have been great to fuck all the woomen again or in an orgy

  155. from where i can download those horny games

  156. good game. got e hard

  157. when do you tell her?

  158. fucking corny

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  162. very sexy game

  163. fcked them all :d lame fcks though

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  165. what time to go to the fitness

  166. what time to go to the fitness

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  171. @anonymous thank you!

  172. It a real sweet game

  173. I got all the photos, what should I do next? Please answer me!

  174. When I call the wife, she say she's busy and when I go to her house, I cant give the photos. Please answer me!

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  186. I get stuck on the part where i take the pictures of the wife cheating but idk where else to do :/ plz tell me someone out there :D

  187. After fucking the Secretary and the receptionist, how do i get the eddviance

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