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The bizzare blowjob session with a furry girl. There are some trash options besides the usual ones.

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47 Responses to “Rock Candy - Zucky Sucky”

  1. terrible game

  2. This was not good, very boring

  3. not good at all, kinda waste of time :(.

  4. Fuking lame game..

  5. where's the old rock candy?!?! this new stuff is horrible -_-

  6. terrible.

  7. But where are the "trash" options??

  8. Not bad I give it a 4 out of 10

  9. This is old, its been out for three years.

  10. the trash opchin it the pee

  11. Fucking horrible.

  12. bof moyen, j'adore le piss et le penis au fond de la george..mdr

  13. heh not bade

  14. hmm always nice spunking in a girls mouth

  15. Terrible sound

  16. this isn't the NEW rock candy, this game has been on their site for a year, if not more.

  17. is this even a game?

  18. waste of time

  19. Someone want a dirty chat ? COntact me !

  20. piss option? wtf!

  21. if a guy pissed in my mouth i would bite off his cock!!!!!!!!!!! if u like this sick game then u r a sick fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. horibble game,girls look at my profile

  23. Even the piss option is a nice option! You just have to like it...

  24. This Game Sucks My Boifrenn Balls

  25. preety good except for the fucking shitty piss part. stupid turn off. just like their halloween game with the girl stabbing ya

  26. hmm you can pee whille having a boner at least not the normal way...

  27. you CANT pee " " " sry

  28. i like sucking

  29. this is really old

  30. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  31. mmmmmmmm sure i guest

  32. @ dariaolsen & t nadia: You morons are still here all the time? Pretending to be girls while you're actually some sick fat male lard faces? GTFO you waste of genetic material!

  33. Seriously?Pissing in a woman/furry's mouth, that is just a turn off,It's kind of natural,Cause furries MIGHT piss in each other's mouth idk!

  34. the not a big fan of animals...weird

  35. nice blowjob

  36. tinggal ngentot sudah lah

  37. Hey t_nadia want some big dick

  38. Hey t_nadia want some big dick?

  39. Not muchinto furry, but don't dislike it btw...

  40. It Suck waste of my time

  41. Very nice song

  42. i like this game..! thats cool..!

  43. O.O lokk at him closley hes green lol

  44. wow who the fuck gets turned on by a chick gulping down piss? not me

  45. Love the game. piss option is cool :-)

  46. Cool game. like the piss option.

  47. hot girls text this number 716-812-6204

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