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Another mini hentai game with characters from Naruto series. Our today's hero is Sasuke Uchiha. He has caught some pretty blonde and wants to fuck her in the ass. Your goal is to help his with that :)

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106 Responses to “Sasukes Ass Quest”

  1. 1.. i saw it before..

  2. 1!!! poor game

  3. 보지는 뽀대냐..안넣냐

  4. 4 lol stupid game

  5. number 5

  6. wow that was a very stupid game

  7. Old game but good

  8. This game is plain idiotic, too boring. I would appreciate it if you guys put up better games. And I guess many people would agree with me if I said "please put up more Meet N' Fuck".

  9. GoD admin(s) we all would really appreciate it if you made more Meet N' Fuck games.

  10. I would like more Meet N' Fuck please.

  11. meet and fuck games pls

  12. One old game and the idiots keep yelling for more Meet'n Fuck... DAMMIT guys there is more to games than those games. They're not even THAT good...I like Milk plant and some other games far better...

  13. haha you know, they stopped making m'n'f because of you suckers xD and i agree there are far better games than m'n'f.. i would rather play victims of the forrest monster

  14. LAME!!!!

  15. graphics kinda suck. this game should have the chaeters from C

  16. Graphics kinda suck. This game should have the chaerters from Code Geasse. That show is awsome! And the game rates 4 out of 10.

  17. I saw the most beautiful games such as meet'n'fuck and diva mizuki


  19. Another lame ass HK game!!

  20. could be better. nice to see a new game every two days now. and may i point out something to you whiners, there's probably not going to be another MnF, and even if there is, it takes time to make a game. give them a few weeks before you start pestering them. think about it; if you made a game series, and it took a week or so to make each one, you wouldn't want people bothering you every day about making the next. give it time people, and you'll be rewarded.

  21. ur right very very right but m'n'f are great but so are alot of the other games i mean m'n'f isnt everything

  22. shit game

  23. do more victims of the forest monster!

  24. I see a lot of complaints over something that is FREE. Hell, if you don't think what you are getting "what you pay for", just leave.

  25. I want to fart...

  26. This was so stupid

  27. Sakura'll be jealous :)

  28. but that was a lame games

  29. this game is fucking gay wat kind of cum shot and ass rape is that

  30. stop beggin for more meet n fuck just cos its not meet n fuck dont assume its bad you people porbs arent even allowed to play this game!

  31. So so... Could be much better.

  32. Bored? Check me out... XXX Italiane?

  33. Coulda been better you know

  34. old game please put up more Meet N' Fuck,please put up more Meet N' Fuck,put up more Meet N' Fucke Meet N' Fuck

  35. whats with people and remodeling hentaikey games

  36. is that supposed to be ino????

  37. this game is way old

  38. I have to say that those that complain about a "FREE Gamesite" need to start subscribing to sites that charge fees for Premium Games...GET A LIFE....

  39. lousy game with a terrible name. Sasuke is extremely gay for Naruto and everyone knows it so Sasuke's Ass Quest alone would make someone think this was like a Sasuke/Naruto thing.

  40. wow... This is just a stolen, re-made version of the Hentai Girl 4 by Hentai Key...

  41. not a nice game , very lame ==

  42. meet n' fuck!!!

  43. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MEET AND FUCK! this game might not be the best, but its what we get.

  44. this game is old i've already played it

  45. 보지는 뽀대가 아니라 Ass 를 못읽는건가? 웃기네 보지는 pussy이고 ass 는 똥꼬 아니냐 병시나ㅉㅉ

  46. 好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好好

  47. this game is a shit but all the guys who cry for MNF should die give them a break please :@

  48. Hey Meet N' Fuck defiers, nobody would be asking for more Meet N' Fuck if the GoD admin(s) were uploading better games, all they've been uploading are mostly old or stupid games.

  49. I want Horny Afternoon. And i want to fart... prooot...

  50. well that sucks badly

  51. 그러게요...ㅡㅡ

  52. erbärmlich

  53. Bad game not up to par

  54. sucks ass

  55. im glad theres a naruto game up but i wish it was better. make more naruto but make it better

  56. acceptable game

  57. boring game. it sucked.

  58. Lame so Fucking Lame

  59. yeah guys lame i wanna new mnf besides BDSM club

  60. shit-tacular

  61. the blond girl is Ino Yamanaka

  62. most of you are stupid this is not by fucking Hentaikey it's just edited from one of their games just the same as that peach game was supposed to be fucking sakaki can't you idiots tell the fucking difference? + meet and fuck are just lame as hell ,anyone can make a picture move like that ... in fact it's not even moving its just getting warped at a an angle to look like moving stop complaining about this game their just pixels damn it

  63. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. AnnoyedAtTheIdiots U R A MOTHER FUCKER U FUCK OFF

  65. ughhhhhhhhh fuck more hentai anybody want to have some fuckng sex!!

  66. plssssss more MEET N' FUCK GAMES

  67. needs more action

  68. anyone lesbian here???

  69. this game is acceptable and I would like to fuck a girl that way

  70. stupid very stupid

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  72. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

  73. yeah this is no where near sasusaku hentai

  74. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  75. que merda....

  76. this is shit so lame and boring

  77. gay its newgounds shit

  78. Thia was bullshit

  79. sexy ohhh yeah raping

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  86. Could be better.

  87. more meet n fuck

  88. post some more meet 'n' fuck because that game is fucking awsome and if don't care you can kiss my fat american ass

  89. What kind of this game? It`s so boooooriiiinggg!! WTF!!! - I wan`t SEX!!!

  90. that was a fucking stupid game

  91. i love anal sex

  92. what an idiot

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  94. it must be painful



  97. shit i like meet nfuck!!!!!!!!!!

  98. M&F sucks you can't see the full clip unless you join, I thought this was a free site.

  99. Ino! I Like The One with Sasuke Fucking Sakura (Search = Naruto Hentai Sex)

  100. daria id love to fuck your ass x

  101. cum all over my ass

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  103. anyone wants to get analized?

  104. this is amaising but i want to see more big hot ass here

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  106. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

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