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You know, shit happens. Your new girlfriend turned out to be a vampire. You didn't even know that she has not only big boobs, but also a big hunger for blood! But there is no time to fear, you should act immediately. Fuck that damn sexy bitch and show her who's the daddy :)

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  5. Not bad, have played better though.

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  13. Dark story , pretty girl.

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  24. If they had put a little effort into it it could have been a lot better. but I do like the concept.

  25. i liek it :p

  26. that game was fantastic - not the easy peasy over in two minutes that we usually get here. The girl was great and it actually took a little effort for the reward. I like this very much. Also vampires are awesome

  27. These games are really disapointing me right now. Oh well message me :)

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  30. How do you get endings 2-5?

  31. fuck you... you made me play this.

  32. did anyone find any of the secrets in this game? I've managed to get 4 different endings but still no secrets at all.

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  40. The reason you keep loosing at the flashlight section is simple you're not reading what she says don't shine the flashlight in her face or you die.

  41. This one was great. More games like this.

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  43. sweet game

  44. Extremely good! You have to think a bit sometimes, and theres multiple endings! MORE GAMES LIKE THIS!

  45. "Secrets" are clickable items that you're not prompted for - e.g. if you click on the overhead cupboard in your room, you'll find corn flakes. There are 5 secrets in all.

  46. Good game-I was married to a vampire, my ex sucked my bank account dry. Those that post a picture of dik they downloaded, maybe you should move out of your moms basement.

  47. hey 'datruth"... tell us all how you got those two endings?

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  50. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW! ! ! ! -click the cupboard knob -click the football field on the map screen -click on the raven sitting on the cross in the graveyard -click the skeleton hand picture in the mansion -click the clock in the room behind the locked door

  51. how do u open the locked door?

  52. You need to get the crowbar which is to the right of the girl, just before you go up the stairs... then "go back" instead of going up the stairs then open the door again...done!

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