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Today you will meet a nice blonde girl Samantha you should fuck. First of all you should find out what does she want to talk about. Your task: make some visits to her friends to get some information and more. Your adventure begins…

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83 Responses to “Sexation: Quest 4 Samantha”

  1. loved it

  2. Should make it easier when you miss a question you shouldent start all over again. Other then that a decent game, with average clips. Have played better on this site.

  3. What an amazingly bad game, there were so many things wrong with it and the text wwas so bad!!

  4. isn't that blondie from meet n fuck my favourite teacher?

  5. Hey girls, are u bored like me? I'm really bored and don't know what i can do with my huge dick. Got an Idea? Then add me on msn or skype. Msn: Skype: everyonewantsme

  6. That was really annoying to play, too so long to start over when you got something wrong. The sex scenes were not worth all the trouble

  7. good game

  8. Yea, the blonde chick is the one from MNF My Favorite Teacher.

  9. Awful. Terrible conversations. Half of the right answers don't even make sense.

  10. Thhis game are great

  11. The fack you fuck bother her mates before her... odd but hey good man

  12. good story and sex scene

  13. ...this game was on newgrounds like a year ago

  14. kinda boring

  15. Not bad, good sex scenes, but the speaking took too long.

  16. very sweet and horny game mmm...

  17. For the conversation, I do not understand; it can not continue the game.

  18. wow... after the fifth time fucking up on a question and starting over each time, i think i'll just watch some regualr porn, fuck this

  19. Yeah sorry, It's just not worth it by the time you get to the end. The art could have also been better.

  20. the animation was good but i wish they would put some more movement in thier games otherwise pretty good

  21. Nothing special!

  22. the most answers ain't logical. it's so annoying

  23. "I'm very glad you like the picture - I do not believe you, sorry [FAIL]" Wait, what ?

  24. I think that game is better with sexual sound ;) Kiss!

  25. ive been looking for this game for so long

  26. Is there any point to the park being on the map???

  27. The conversations were irritating, but at least the sex was hot.

  28. Secks is boring, I'm gona go play some cod black ops...

  29. girls plz check my profile. i liked this game, but there are some improvements to make.

  30. where did he get that suit from in the last scene? lol

  31. "i really love you samantha and i want a serious relationship".....that's why i fuck your two bestfriends...:P


  33. Samantha was so much better in My Favorite Teacher.

  34. I don't think women breath by inflating their breasts....

  35. the scenes were good, shame about the talking

  36. Questions were way too annoying, unpredictable answers and scenes werent really worth it. When you select a wrong answer it takes so long to load too

  37. FUCKKKKK i dont like this game to slow to stupi answears bullshit if u miss wait to restart the whole shitt

  38. I think a dumb game creator doesn't know how to chat.

  39. Check my profile ;)

  40. Just not worth it. Having to restart the conversation every time is a pain in the ass. And not the good kind.

  41. hai am halo ai laek sex

  42. loved the game. no anal scenes though

  43. this game is so fucking dum

  44. this game is so fucking sad

  45. totally not worth it

  46. ladies check my profile im hard and always looking for some fun

  47. sam: "can you draw?" you: "i can draw." sam: "you're lying, i don't believe you!" does this make any sense?

  48. quite a easy game...

  49. takin so long to load

  50. waste of time ! what the fuck is with the questions? u'll start over and over again!

  51. bad game, the fucking scene needed more & more

  52. samantha is really....ugly

  53. Hi i feel so horney right now... wanna check out my profile for a nice chat?

  54. boring convo...bad animation...I didnt like it much at all

  55. SexyCindy wanna play

  56. check my profile

  57. nice dick

  58. Good game

  59. this makes me so horny;) check out my profile and leave me messages if you want to trade pics;)

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  61. Love this game

  62. took me forever to find out the correct paths

  63. its so sexs!!!!

  64. sex with me

  65. wtf really i has hoping for more dam

  66. I am free for any one who plays games

  67. hey sexy hot GIRLZ! wanna sex webcam? I m big hot male, only girlz with webcam too, add me :

  68. how in the world they choose the main girl so ugly among her more beautiful friends

  69. The girl friends are much sexyer then samather herself :(

  70. pas mal j en bande

  71. cnu ba pwede namang makipag sex sa akin ang ganda kac

  72. when u ucking the people they barley move wtf

  73. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  74. well to sleep with his dreamed girl, he has to seduce her two best friends flrst, that makes sence!

  75. hey peeps if you know any cool games just let me know... laters

  76. this game sucks! the only good things were the tits

  77. why dose my muse no work

  78. this game was lame on so many levels I don't feel like typing them all-

  79. hot game for sure

  80. xxxasfds1123

  81. i like this gamesofdesire :)) very horny right !!:))

  82. Can I choose one of the friends instead? They're much cuter.

  83. 13231.The first five choices

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