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I think this is the most bizzare adult game ever. You play as a guy with unstable psychic symptoms who's going to explore unknown dark caves filled with strange female creatures.

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213 Responses to “Spam Land”

  1. number 1 :p

  2. FiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirsT One!!!!

  3. numba 3! (I hate numder fags, lol)

  4. how do you open the door?

  5. great game, made me horny

  6. I am hot wath go the bed boys

  7. Applesauce

  8. how to get through the door? o.o

  9. this is fuking gay

  10. click the green light between her legs

  11. i could not find anything no girls im stuck at the beginning

  12. you can find the key in her ass

  13. lulz what ass im in an empty cave o.o

  14. you have to click on the green thing under the readhead pussy and then open her ass to the maximun, then a key falls

  15. how do u get the money??

  16. lol ia cannot find any girl any ass or keys where r these???????

  17. At the begining, their is a dark place hidden. There, you must turn around to find the switch. Bring the light back. Then, look at the girl. Put the rope to get her up. She has something in her ass. Remove it. Then strecht the ass until you find the key (you need to make one long click during which you move the mouse). After that, it goes easier : you basically just need to listen to all caracter and do as they told. If blocked at the end, remember she wants underwear licking.

  18. is the troll lady in town the only way to get money?....

  19. Hey girls, are u bored like me? I'm really bored and don't know what i can do with my huge dick. Got an Idea? Then add me on msn, ICQ or skype. Msn: Skype: everyonewantsme ICQ: six three one five four six seven nine six

  20. Cant get off the Underwear of the Fairy at the End :/ Can anyone help me?

  21. i cant figure out the code for the door

  22. how the hell do u get out of the cave??

  23. I got to the end, but I couldn't do anything with the angel. I licked her underwear but nothing unlocked past that point. Any tips?

  24. Same problem: I got to the end, but I couldn't do anything with the angel. I licked her underwear but nothing unlocked past that point. Any tips?

  25. i could not find anything no girls im stuck at the beginning, How to turn around in the start?

  26. check my profile ;)

  27. Lick niples, remove bra, lick panties, remove panties.

  28. stuck at the door - what's the code, or how do you find it out?

  29. how can I find the Milkmaschin

  30. stuck at the beginning. can find nothing nor opening the doors. any tips for this?

  31. Feel very bad ... ...

  32. Hmmm, so horny, guys contatc me!

  33. what do i do with the milk girl? also where do I get rope?

  34. How do i find the lever in the dark fucking cave?!

  35. what is the code for the sm queen?

  36. donkey cock sandwitch

  37. where do you find the whip?

  38. and wheres the clothpin?

  39. I got to the Angel at the end, fully undressed her and starting rubbing her tits as I was instructed to no avail. How do I get past the rubbing scene so that I can fuck her?

  40. Never mind, I figured it out just as soon as I posted my plea for aid. All in all, this is a game that gives you the option to fuck the neck stump of a decapitated woman, so at least it's unique.

  41. Donkey, cock, sandwich

  42. how do i not kill the chick

  43. how to play?

  44. im sorry but i am the kind of guy that rather sacerfice my life for a inacent girl. if i cant go foward without killing her, srew it

  45. idonnotlikethegame fuck icannotfing theswitchinthebegining badgame

  46. Where the **** is that light switch in the cave??

  47. ending was really gay

  48. this game is sick

  49. no too bad....

  50. where is the milkmachine?

  51. kinda weird but interesting

  52. stuck at the maze

  53. You, don't need a miking machine you just squeze them

  54. cant fucking find da key someone tell me where it is

  55. It was pretty fun, :) Little sick but that kinda made it kinky, though I must admit I needed help.

  56. i really cant find money


  58. where is the light switch? pls tell fast

  59. nice hehe

  60. That was very strange, and more disturbing than hot. I'm gonna go watch some porn or something.

  61. how do you milk the girls boobs?

  62. where to find the s&m queen

  63. This is one seriously FUCKED UP GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Grab her tit and slide down on the mouse

  65. Cant even get from start cave or whatever.. searching for switch but where the hell is that thing? .)

  66. close pin ????

  67. a walkthough please T_T

  68. THE SWICTH WHERE IS THE SWICTH T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. with the rope captured the girl in the house who you have found the key of the palace

  70. Where I can find the sling shot?

  71. SWITCH: WALK into the dark cave! TURN around (aboutface)! HEY LOOK LIGHT SWITCH!!!! its MAAAAGIIIIIC!

  72. inding the switch: Forward, left, furthest forward, right, forward, turn around. Switch is on right side of doorway. Cave Key: same room as switch, click rope, click green gel between legs, click + hold on ass, move mouse to far side of screen. Money: You can only get money early on by pleasing the Ogre's sister in the house, pee on face for instructions. Rope: go to farthest part of town click on girl at barn, click + drag upper part of left breast then move mouse down, Alternate breast each time until bowl is full. Whip: Ogre sister's house, on the left there's a safe, just make both the red...

  73. make both the red what?

  74. uhhh very very weird.

  75. how do i turn around in this game?

  76. Crazy game. I do not know what to do at the S&M queen. She told me something about getting all items. I had das the rope, the whip, the dildo and the rainbow card, is there anything else? o.o

  77. Well I have the key, whip, rope, clothes line, Killer Dildo. But I can't figure out what to do I see what appears to be a plank of would with a string holding it or something.... some help?

  78. wheres the clothpin

  79. No idea where the clothes pin is...

  80. The clothespin is in the palace maze. You need the prism to enter the maze. Once you have the rope, dildo, whip and clothespin, go back to the S&M Queen and throw the rope at her.

  81. to get the whip, go to the safe in the ogre's house. You will be faced with one of those plumbing games. Rotate the red and blue lines until you have an unbroken red line linking the two red blobs and an unbroken blue line linking the two blue blobs.

  82. You don't need to fuck the troll to win the game. There's a pot of money hidden in the maze. Man, just thinking about this game makes me lose my erection, some gloriously sick stuff here.

  83. what we have to do after... fuck the S&M Queen...

  84. This is probably the most surreal sex game ever.

  85. I peed on the trolls face and she says nothing help

  86. view my profile ladies? ;D i have webcam

  87. still no one can tell where the light switch is??

  88. This is really wicked and disgusting...

  89. @Joopert the light switch is on the wall of the dark room in the cave. you should walk and turn to find it

  90. @Joopert: left, left, forward, left, forward, forward, right, forward, left, left

  91. how to get the prison?? oO

  92. how do I make the hasnged woman get down? i already tried the slingshot but it alwais miss

  93. I don't think you can get the hanged woman down, you must use the sling shot in the maze on the left way. I managed to finish it, really creepy game, you can fuck that decapicated woman, urgh.

  94. How u enter at door of 3 pictures? any key?

  95. Got to the end. lame finish. it turns dumb and you can't fuck the angel

  96. I'm getting stuck on the angel. Can't figure out what to do after fondling her tits

  97. You actually can fuck the angel but the ending still sucks.

  98. how do you get out of palace maze after finding the clothes pin. I'm stuck, please help!

  99. Okay I used the rope on the S&M Queen and then I slapped her tits a bunch of times. but nothing happens after someone screams..... What do I do After I through rope on her?

  100. good but it needs a save/load option

  101. some things never change - the #'s and the hot ladies who want to have sex - screw the numbers - love the sex ladies

  102. where do i find the sling shot? looked everywhere for it. please help me, going crazy bwahahaha. :-)

  103. How do i get money!?

  104. At least it isn't another goddamn Strip poker game.

  105. ikr. @..., Just get the rope from the boob lady then get in the S&M Queens place look for a ladie with her boobs hanging out and use rope on her. After that I can't help you cause I am stuck on that.

  106. So if some one could help me^ I would Appreciate it.

  107. Ok, S&M queen, throw rope... slap boobies, whip red clothes, whip legs and arms, then???

  108. i seem to not be able to pick up the bucket of money funny fucking game. what a fucked up fucking game. man totally made messa loose his boner muahahaha found clothes pin

  109. Where in the maze can i use the sling shot????

  110. Seriously WTF with this game

  111. I think I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life from the fat chick :o

  112. very err different. . . whole thing was really weird only got hard at the end o-o(alsoWTF!!!!!!!!!! with the decapitated chick???)

  113. @Joopert: Left way at the plank. It's a bit hard to aim, just try ^^.

  114. Re Snow Queen - there are two lines at the top of the screen. A red one representing pain and a pink one representing pleasure. You have to fill the pink line, but you can only give her pleasure (sex, bj, etc) while she's in pain (i.e. while there's a red line from whipping etc.) Don't fill the red line though, or you'll have to restart.

  115. @YoMom: if you haven't fucked the angel, then you haven't made it to the end... ;-)

  116. really the author of the game should visit a psychiatrist:)

  117. fuk how do u get out of the beginning

  118. where the fuck is the light switch?

  119. Finished the game dudes!!!! crappy ending though

  120. it's fuckin weird thing....

  121. Impossible to make money. The troll girl want to be warm up by rubbing her pussy but it doesn't work at all. And I doesn't know how tio make money without her...

  122. check my profile

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  124. is switcher at north ? at "N" ?

  125. Please can somebody help me. I have looked everywhere for the slingshot, i know you need it to bring down the plank to get out of the maze. Helpppppppppppppp Meeeeeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

  126. Victory. by the end it wasn't about fucking her after all the time i spent playing this shit i just wanted to finish.

  127. FUcking have nightmare now cuz of this fucking game

  128. crazy and weird

  129. how do i get the plank down!!!

  130. Hey, listen! there's a walk-through on the developers website. it's really in depth with pictures too, but i cant post the address due to spam blockers, i guess. its called spammish games, or just search the name of this game and you should find it

  131. this gave me an anti-boner, i believe i died a little bit, this is just sick

  132. I got through it and thanks to the games and the money in the maze, I never had to touch that nasty troll! Good for time killing, but not much for the horny factor.

  133. what do you do when you play with the angels tits?

  134. pretty good quest

  135. how can I fuck the angel!!!

  136. check my profile... and lets have some fucking horny now baby

  137. check my profile... and lets have some fucking horny now baby

  138. i killed the angel and then>>>>>??????

  139. it wont let me buy the dildo!

  140. perhaps you doesn't have enough money

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  142. After inserting prism into gate to enter maze, go E, E, S, S, E, E, E, E, S, S, then E, N to get clothespin, or W to get money. When returning to gate with catapult, go E, E, N to plank and lower bridge by shooting.

  143. i want too fuck you all girls

  144. Angle sequence lick her bra starting with screen left bra cup. Thin right. Remove left thin right bra straps. Remove bra. like panty remove same. Play with Boobs and nipples. thin rub tops of legs. Thin but pussy. Thin lick pussy until wet. Thin insert... game ends. I think I covered them all but some steps might be missing.

  145. very unusual game

  146. I have never been so tempted to fuck a decapitated body.....

  147. hello i am a chinese boy

  148. this is a seriously messed up game. do not play it. it is not worth the time and effort.

  149. wtf? does anyone like that


  151. would like to play more quests

  152. sexy.. i have a naked.. rape..!

  153. were i can find money

  154. what the fuck rainbow card for

  155. I piss on her face but nothing happened How to make the fat chick happy? I rubbed her pussy but still dont know what to do

  156. how to get milk from that bitch ?

  157. you should squeeze her boobs

  158. how can i get some money, or how can i get the dildo whit out money

  159. whats with the donkie????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. this is shit!

  161. How do u get some money

  162. lets hv some fun girls..

  163. what a crazy game!

  164. strange, how many are not able to take the gorgeous humor of this unique game. had so much fun!!! would like to konw, either you need to like kinky stuff in general to enjoy this or not. who of the "vanillas" here can enjoy this too?

  165. to enter the cave....i'm stupid....

  166. this, is really a strange game

  167. how do u get through the door with the horses

  168. how do u undress the angel ?

  169. this game is so awesome, i just love it! it should be longer

  170. wat the hell, i dont understand how this is makin people horny

  171. i licked the angel's panties and still nothing god this game is screwed up!

  172. can someone fuck me

  173. Cool game but i get stuck at Angel

  174. I got stuck at the beginning, somebody can helpo ?

  175. i cant move damnt

  176. number 179

  177. cant give the s&m queen an orgasm i dont know what to do after you slap her titties

  178. weird game with lame ending

  179. i love this game :D so funny.

  180. the key's in her ass O.O

  181. very funny

  182. to beat angelica u must lick nipples til u c them then pul off bra then lick pussy til u she's stops smiling n then pull off panties rub boobs, left right both, legs, nipples, then pussy once she stops smiling from pussy rubbing fuck her up!!! Good Luck

  183. Remove belt, remove dress (down-up), lick both nipples, lick pussy, remove bra, remove pantties, touch breasts, touch nipples, touch legs, touch breasts (both same time), lick pussy. When wet: use cock.

  184. nice angel fuck^^ but low ending

  185. The most entertaining sex game I have ever played.

  186. how do you tweak the mother fucking niples!!!!! LORD!!!!

  187. how do you turn the light on?

  188. how doyou get theprism

  189. koja bi da mi ga pusiiii

  190. where is the angel??

  191. stuck in the cave where the fucks the switch

  192. what does belly mean??

  193. haduh... cape-cape kukurilingan..., ukur ngewe anak buta

  194. jadi oge ngewe angel.... tungtungna bet jadi hayam???

  195. need some hot babes to talk to

  196. Go to the main site..spammishgames..and click on the word walkthrough

  197. Great Game Lota good ANAL stuff in there!

  198. ahahaha....... it was me who died not the angel.

  199. Slingshot at S&M queen. Code:donkey cock sandwich

  200. Very hot game! check my profile plz!

  201. wont load

  202. how do you get money?

  203. it shows nothing in the begining any tips?

  204. how do you use the prism?

  205. how do u piss in her face?

  206. crazy ass game got me hard tho ;)

  207. btw hmu check my profile

  208. what the fuck

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  210. alright ive had enough can someone please HELP ME with the code at the sm queens house it is pissing me off to no end

  211. Tips for SM Queen and Angel part. For SM Queen, collect all accessories and you can find the password in the comments. Take off her clothes, fill the up the red bar and tease her, the pink bar should increase. For Angel, you need to collect the clip inside the maze before finding SM Queen. afterwards, answer the questions and tease the angel. Watch her face and you will know if you are correct or not.

  212. any tips to finish tis damn game

  213. If you're playing now, it is possible to end the game... just talk to everyone, play the matching game since it provides money without losing any. Don't bother with the ogre, and just full the red bar before the pink bar when with the S&M queen. Tease the angel until you can pull her skirt up, undress her, lick her nipples until you can see through her bra, then fondle her until she's ready to be fucked. Have fun!

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