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Another modification of Fellatio X2 game. This time you play as Spiderman. You should help him to force Catgirl doing a blowjob. Put your cock deep inside her throat and present that bitch with a great portion of hot sperm :)

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148 Responses to “Spiderman Blackcat Fellatio”

  1. spiderman is back!!! lol

  2. Leave your mothers basement nerds! See that big bright thing in the sky, its called the sun! Get a life all

  3. IM numbah 3 biches these felatio games r starting to be anoyying

  4. @dariaolsen hey

  5. hmm .... i think that was nice .. but played better before .. + we played smthing same before :P

  6. por que siempre ponen demos carjo misios

  7. Hmmm, any girl here to give me a deepthroat like this?

  8. good game

  9. Liked it :)

  10. @ badboy4ever: I do. I could do even better ;)

  11. good games i like it.....hmmm cassidy i love to have a deepthroat from you..you make me hard with that pic

  12. same screen difer char

  13. mmmm i like to give a deepthroat

  14. Whoo-Whoo Spider-Man rocks. Fuck that girl's mouth

  15. You know nobody can fuck a girl's better (except for me) then Spider-Man

  16. @ cassidy really? Would proof it? Just thinking bout it makes me hard, and if u do even better i would make u scream licking and fucking u ;)

  17. oh yes now that is deepthroat

  18. @sexgamesareforlosers BITCH THAT EXPLAINS WHY YOUR PLAYING ONE

  19. this is turning into a porn meme

  20. atleast they changed the dialouge

  21. mmm... i would love for one of you ladies to suck my dick

  22. i wanna suck like that ;P check profile for more info ;D

  23. spiderman can do what ever a spider can... but that girl can deepthroat a cock like i never knew possible

  24. i am sure you'd be able to give it a good go Angela.

  25. yea i liked it that chik looked fine but its just like the other game with the fox and aligator

  26. I'd love a chick to suck me like that.

  27. stop these fuckin fellatio ! its the same .wtf ye guys thinkin

  28. it was ok

  29. i wanna to be suck like that! Check profile Maybe we can Plan Something....

  30. this is probably the best out of the three, but i still think i can do better ;)

  31. I love it!

  32. I can do deepthroat better than that also all I need now is someone to test it on

  33. check my profile for pics

  34. Wow they must be getting desperate to rip off the same game twice!

  35. This is another fuckin' version of Krystal Fellatio.....guys....can't u b original....just changing d characters wont make it a better game...

  36. I've just cum in my girlfriend mouth. Wow!!! lot of sperm.

  37. It was cute, Loved her tits.

  38. I could even put on a super hero suit... I loved his cock

  39. hmmm...hllyjt you are a sexxy woman and horny .....i like you:X:X:X....id love to do me a deeptroath

  40. Hmmm i so fucking hard right now! check my profile and watch me cumming ;)

  41. so much cum...the final scene is AWESOME

  42. i like how her eyes popp out when she deepthroats his cock! any girl wanna deepthroat my hard cock like that?

  43. It's getting old :P

  44. Check out my profile ladies. Love to play with you.

  45. cassidy i rate ur tits a 9 out of 10 babe ;)

  46. any girls wanna try that on me? hit me up baby

  47. it's so huge

  48. Another Riku deepthroat clone.... and I thought that people would think that putting on that StarFox themed one would put a top on the clone limits... where are the Original Content? but hey, its a good game either way.

  49. You can play with me all night long with that cock strokin4fems

  50. You can play with me all night long with that cock strokin4fems

  51. sure personal trainer I would be happy to

  52. great beta but how about one with spiderman fucking the black cat

  53. hollyjt I'd love to have you deepthroat me like that.

  54. I'd love to get sucked like that.

  55. anyone want to give me a deepthroat like that just send a message

  56. I'm waiting on you Bill

  57. I'm waiting on you Bill

  58. well that was really sexy hehe

  59. Gotta love deepthroat.. i don't think i've ever expereinced it fully unnfortuantly

  60. i'm not sure i can take it in so deep but i'd like to try

  61. cutie we can work on it as long as you want then move on to other things

  62. can someone make the next one with ahsoka and anikan

  63. can someone make the next one with ahsoka and anikan

  64. Final Fellatio again, I have seen it done before and I have done it better myself

  65. who wants to try that on me?

  66. wer will mich treffen? am besten noch heute.... check out my profile

  67. Any ladies that wanna deepthroat me like that send me a message.

  68. cutie88 i'd love you to try x

  69. i wish someone will fuck nice and hard

  70. guys i wanna suck your hard cocks

  71. what the fuck


  73. alexthehuge you are pretty hot!

  74. I WANT A BJ KNOW ;)

  75. @holyjt: just tell me how to get to u, my cock's waiting for ur warm and wet mouth to enter it deep!

  76. @t_nadia: and i wanna be sucked by ur tongue and mouth

  77. @t_nadia: I'd love to let you suck me Nadia. Just send me a message.

  78. oh peter! your cock is driving me crazy!

  79. i just suck cock for the fun

  80. dam i could do a better deep thoat!!!slurp slurp slurp that was good

  81. any gals could give me a deep thoat? message me if you could ^^

  82. i want deepthroat!

  83. any girls out there wanna try me

  84. i'd like to try

  85. How the hell do you get to change the ladies?!

  86. i wish i was her ;)

  87. nadia if u want to try me just send me a message

  88. Oh my ... i imagined if a girl give me a blow job like that O__O .. oh yes

  89. teasiie i can make u feel like her

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  94. man thats bomb

  95. dam this is just like the other game u should make one aboutthe teen titens next

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  97. any girls willin

  98. Teasiie, i wish that was u on cock

  99. @love2cum: would you like to show your cock?

  100. Is this Spiderman 4???

  101. Swallow my power dirty bitch !Mouahahahahahahhaa !

  102. i love it

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  106. so huge cock...it's hard to swallow

  107. @T_Nadia, I'd wanna see you bouncing up and down on my cock

  108. I like this game very much

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  110. Cool game !

  111. @teasiie id make you feel better than her

  112. When Playing The Game Press T You can see the Tools Best Regards In the Future you will meet Me at The TV

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  118. i went out side once the graphix wern't that great

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  122. So Sexy.

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  126. That would be the Black Cat, not Catwoman.

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  132. Hey can anyone tell me how to change the people you can deepthroat? I'd really like to change it up.

  133. how do i shot web?

  134. mmm fuck my face like that

  135. i need to know how to shoot web in this game this is pure lulz

  136. fucking ass

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  139. thats a cool game

  140. I Loved that experience with her and now i'm going to fuck wonderwoman next!

  141. i can poop harder

  142. yep just jizzed on this one... not proud... though i came alot... proud of that

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