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Today you will play as a Nazi Officer. Your goal is to catch enemy spy. This is a busty russian babe Zina. You should be very careful, don't shoot her! We need her alive to have fun with her gorgeous body :)

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170 Responses to “Spy Zina”

  1. NUMBER 1

  2. NUMBER 2!! yeah bi tches.

  3. Btw The games Okayish.

  4. bad game

  5. she got fucked by nazis? am i wrong but are those german troops lol?


  7. NUMBER 5

  8. erm i cant shot a gril?

  9. Nice game xD

  10. im so horny i want to be fuck

  11. aha shot the lamps to get her:D

  12. how the hell to shoot?

  13. bad game

  14. give us more from zone archive

  15. This game has an ok plot but not dynamic. Anyways, good job.

  16. How to play?????? Nothing happens after she get's naked!!!! help!

  17. how do u shoot?

  18. double click to shoot

  19. Number 19

  20. marie-wird-entjungfert(dot)net/?uid=5889

  21. The girl is hot

  22. that was okay

  23. awful game

  24. вы - ублюдки..все что можно сказать..

  25. wtf is dis shit -_- dats it on gonna bangbro porn

  26. i haven't seen a game by these guys in a while not bad

  27. not ok :(

  28. i like this

  29. what the hell should I do, after the bitch get nacked

  30. very short but nice one!

  31. Most @!#$$%^& frustrating thing I've ever tried to play! The mouse 'sights' have so much lag time it's almost impossible to hit any of the baulbs. Eight tried and the best I've been able to go is get down to one left.

  32. The Spy IS SAPPING MAH SENTRY Those soldiers looks like engineer from TF2

  33. This is lame!!!! not much of the thrill!!! easy said done done!!!

  34. noob game

  35. it's not loading there's a guy holding a girl and the music plays but nothing happening HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. wtf.. after she gets naked you can't do anything.. this is fucking lame!

  37. Wayne, try pressing the moving arrow on the right soldiers left arm, it should help.

  38. Meet n Fuck!

  39. theres an arrow on the right side of the screen you need to clk to continue

  40. If anybody has actually found a way to win, please let me know. I generally like this outfit's games, but this one is @#$%$#@!!! I understand you have to shoot out the lights, but half the time the sights don't move and half the time you get hits and the lights don't burst. The dodging thing seems usless as you can't aim and dodge at the same time, and aiming alone is next to impossible!

  41. Well, maryann, I'd fuck U

  42. just keep dodging and you don't seem to die. Quickly pop out of cover and blast the lights then just keep pressing those arrow keys

  43. i wanna get fucked sooooo bad it's not even relivent to this game!! PORN GOES UP MY ASS!!!

  44. Victory impossible !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. wow she gets f***ked by nazie!im in lieing there bad ppl

  46. 어떡해 하는 지 모른다 씨발 야이 미친 싸이트야 4일 기다렷는데 이런 좇 게임을 주냐 미친 지랄련 좀더 젖나오고 야한걸 내놔 씨발련들아!

  47. Its alright

  48. I am fascinated by the music in this games. Is there anyway to get hold of that piece (download or e-mail)? Or does anyone know this song, can it maybe even be bought on CD?

  49. fuck it up her ass

  50. Vee have vays of making you toolk!

  51. we need a naruto meet n fuck

  52. shoot the lights off

  53. all-the-exgirlfriends . info/?uid=370095

  54. after you shoot the lights out and have her dress off and her boobs exposed click on the right part of her bra or else you wont be able to go any farther in the game

  55. not to shapy. 6 out of 10.

  56. I love this.

  57. You shoot the lights, then get to watch as she is screwed by the bad guys. what a bunch of bull crap. about the worst game I have seen on here

  58. wow this game is gay

  59. anyone wanna chat

  60. This game is fucking gay! I shoot her in the arm, she dies. I shoot her in the gut, she dies. FUCK YOU GAME, FUCK YOU!

  61. hi barely legal how are u doing u are fucking hot

  62. hows it going barely legal

  63. commie bastards...

  64. hey any girls wanna chat in montreal my email is nini_dimarco (AT) hotmail (D)com

  65. Capitalist bastards! Forgotten Russian tanks on their streets? Remind!

  66. oh nini no !!!!!!!! i wanna fuck you

  67. shoot the lights

  68. Попиту.

  69. dude wtf way to short, need games with real chicks!!

  70. ther is no arrow on the right arm of the right soldier I'm stuck on where is is naked please help me and tell me what to do once she is naked?

  71. Hey people! i have news I like chocolate :)

  72. to short

  73. i beat it



  76. won't fucking load

  77. It's not the right arm on the right soldier, it's the left arm on the right soldier.

  78. tese nazis sure gave it to her XD

  79. Not very great. Ranking: 3 out of 10

  80. wooo am new

  81. this game sucks

  82. this game sucks

  83. it was pretty good

  84. makes me think of the monica game

  85. hey girls add my msn its sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com and we can have some fun:) cant wait

  86. makes me think of the monica

  87. fucking stupid game!!!!

  88. The idea was good.. The game was utter shite and a waste of time

  89. marie-wird-entjungfert(dot)net/?uid=78554 dot = . have fun^^

  90. Great game to get past shooting stage shootthe lights

  91. so all that time wasted and i dont get to fuck her, what the hell. lame game.

  92. It's too bad that nothing else can be done after she is caught

  93. bullshit game

  94. how do you get the game to start HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. mhkkhkihiogjngmibkknklobkobklohkkbkiobmkihgjigkohbkouigbmjgkioglobkogkiogbjihbkjiigjigmobkohnkjvmiobkiobjiodfnkgvkigfmnibkg,igb

  96. Spy Zina - Zina the sexy spy is caught red-handed committing espionage. Go and punish the pesky spy so that she will remember not to ever spy again. To get to Zina, just shoot-off the light bulbs on the chandelier.

  97. how to shot

  98. this game is BULLSHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!

  99. You fucking bloody bastards! You will burn in Hell for such a humiliation of russian heroes!! And to think such game was posted before the Victory day.... I HATE YOU ALL!!! DIE!DIE!!!DIE!!!!!!

  100. Music belongs to Azerbaijan

  101. ol she has aids

  102. *lol she has aids

  103. wow gotta watch the retarded intro every time??

  104. 전구을께삼

  105. just shoot-off the light bulbs on the chandelier.

  106. Poor game but nice animation, i like these Alex M pictures... faaaart.....proooooot!

  107. cool music wats the artist n title name

  108. WTF? Do these games always have to be like this? All fuck and no cums?

  109. any girls wanna fuck?

  110. what do you do after you undress her?????????

  111. this game suck ass

  112. You fucking bloody bastards! You will burn in Hell for such a humiliation of russian heroes!! And to think such game was posted before the Victory day.... Вы ублюдки в создавшие игру проиграли бы вторую мировую без СССР

  113. Well you are right dude.

  114. why the dont make a good bdsm game it is too short

  115. zonearchive where are you?



  118. i like to talk dirty

  119. ... ok after taking off her chlothes its just animations... u dont do anything. kinda weird...

  120. to get to the next part after she is naked, press the brown arrow on the right side. kinda lame

  121. I just think its absolutely fantastic.

  122. beatiful game

  123. if i play this i im thinking genesis mae

  124. song name? anything?

  125. click the arrow

  126. Max mosley fav game:)

  127. she has a nice body

  128. does anyone know what song that is

  129. 這是美國人遊戲嗎?

  130. song name????

  131. I Love Nazis!

  132. what the f***! work on the games u pick!

  133. the game sucks!!!!

  134. 음하하하하

  135. no one knows wtf the song iz called

  136. make it better

  137. shut up!

  138. путка!

  139. fuck up girls

  140. wow huh got to buy this site

  141. Song is called доpоги by Микаэл Таривердиев

  142. if you want real sex write to sise58@inbox.lv

  143. i cant shoot that girl

  144. for all those who are wonderin' your supposed to shoot the lights on the chandlier how it helps :)

  145. I have to say the music is very relaxing. Nice and mello.

  146. lol huge tits on that babe

  147. being a spy is very dangerous. you can get fucked hard at any time :)

  148. it's very hard to hit all the bulbs:(

  149. What the heck.

  150. big german cocks)

  151. I'm not german but I have a big dick

  152. it was the same way i fucked my mom

  153. wat are yu serious hey

  154. oh yea this game is kewl

  155. i guess she liked it:)

  156. hey it sucks

  157. sex anyone

  158. sexo bem ?

  159. this game sucks, usa bitches will pay for this...

  160. how the hell do you play this game

  161. i am horeny

  162. does anyone know where i can find free porn

  163. nice gang bang scene

  164. Easy one.

  165. fucking boring game

  166. nice tits

  167. She always die!

  168. stuped game! i hate it!

  169. there is nothing after she gets naked.

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