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Name of our hero is Morgan. He has a glamorous and well paid job as an agent on a PR agency, constantly surrounded by the beautiful ladies. Today it's quite an important day for him - he's gonna fight for the contract with the new rising RNB star.

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145 Responses to “The Agency”

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  7. damn it...loading so long!!!

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  10. too long to load

  11. by the time it loaded my load was already gone!

  12. load load and load and it didn't show the game. suxx.

  13. where do i find screwdriver

  14. loading to slow

  15. was pretty cool I suppose

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  17. So fucking long to load.... hope it worth it.. let's see

  18. where is the screwdriver

  19. make games more easy, not this long story games

  20. cant see the endings

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  23. i just see a blank square

  24. Screwdriver is in the "social corner" by the window ledge, enjoy...

  25. this made me so horny. screwdriver is in the left window of the relaxing area

  26. loading and then loading again? confusing.

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  35. Your right xD

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  38. good game,good graphics but the animation needs work

  39. I cant do anything?

  40. really long load

  41. You should too, loaded inside of a minute.

  42. It makes more than a little peeved when it takes a game forever to load

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  47. almost perfect, just the sex scenes could be more "realistic" and could have orgies... :P

  48. thanks beerman :P

  49. stupid game.

  50. The game is actually no good. The 2-Phase-Animation sucks.

  51. @becky: Oh yeah, a orgy would be nice :D. Sex scenes aren't so good, that's right, but at all nice game with sexy women :).

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  59. Irenne baby i wanna fuck u so hard

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  64. where is the screwdriver?

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  67. anymations are not that much but graphics rocks but i think it is good cause if they made it with longer anymations it would take about 30 MB of size which willl take a loooooooooottttttttt of time to load

  68. i still thin t nadia is the hotes O_O she is so fucking hot

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  90. hey, can anyone tell me what's the name of the initial song?

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  95. not so hard to get all the endings. have anyone managed to make damian do anything with the coffee for caroline ?

  96. How do i take a picture of caroline with my mobile phone. I don't know where to "click" ..

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  101. is this game demo?

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  120. interesting story,half the gameplay options don't seem to actually do anything, seems like there could have either been less useless options or more twists and turns

  121. quite good story

  122. what do i do after i have the screwdriver?

  123. Good game...

  124. please, what is the name of the music track playing

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  140. For newbies: 1. click,click,click and move to Caroline's office, ask if you can help. 2. move to reception, click Caroline needs help. 3. move to Caroline's office, and just click the 6th option again when you can. 4. you maybe get call from Jessica, click through, move to social corner, get Caroline coffee. 5. move to reception, 5th option. 6.Caroline's office, 6th option. Finally something passionate. 7. reception, click phone.

  141. Jessica 9.reception, 5th option, 6th option. 10.and Caroline's office again, click, then conference room, click, go to reception, get bulb from Damian, screwdriver is on left window of the social corner. 11.fix light, click Jessica and back to Caroline's office, click Caroline(and the card by her feet if you haven't), and back to conference room, click Jessica. 12. click phone, click bathroom, and...... 13.Sasha comes. Next part is tricky......

  142. 14. click conference room (take time to read info before this step to understand what you're doing), up, up, down, up, up, up, down, down, up, down, and you reach an ending.

  143. wait a sec, if you do click the 5th or 6th option in step 9 (So how's it going), click Caroline's office, click photos and you reach the only gential contact sex scene in-game, which isn't pleasant......LoP's later games have improved animations.

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