The Legend of Krystal

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Porn Game - The Legend of Krystal, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - The Legend of Krystal, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - The Legend of Krystal, picture 3 of 3

This is a crazy porn game with characters from the classic PC games. For example, we can choose a princess from Super Mario series and fuck her hard in every hole.

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262 Responses to “The Legend of Krystal”

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  8. Is this working for anyone, I just get a black screen after it loads

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  10. 10 and a half

  11. game is not yea..just use right click and forward to get through

  12. the games are getting bigger in size...

  13. the load is so freaking long >.

  14. the games are getting me bigger in

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  16. Lol make it working

  17. Haha. Interesting. Fox girl is fucked on almost every screen :) Princess as well... :)

  18. Use the arrow keeys when you get up from the bed. theres more to it

  19. Well at least you dickless assholes can count

  20. any girls want to chat or send pics

  21. Damn numbers are killing my sack

  22. looking for girls to cs xD

  23. The game loads as long as my dick!!

  24. very sexy game :)

  25. takes forevr to load

  26. can someone finish this please.....I know it takes a while but it has great potential

  27. interesting game, lots of cum in this one

  28. iam new to the site the game has a very long loading

  29. its realy glitchy

  30. these games is goood

  31. Not bad, great concept, would have loved to see if fleshed out a bit more. I enjoyed playing it.

  32. Not bad, great concept, would have loved to see if fleshed out a bit more. I enjoyed playing it.

  33. fuckin load iz to long


  35. im stuck

  36. fuck this load very loooooooooooooooooooooooong

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  38. not bad don't really know what to do in the krystal game but not bad i just keep going in circles

  39. it keeps going in circles after u do dino, really annoying

  40. Well it does say that game is unfinished...

  41. lol fun game

  42. took me a hour to get this shit lol

  43. should make the three game seperate so the load is a lot shorter

  44. they should have finished the link sex scene where he just about puts his tool up her ass I cant believe the creator didnt finish that bit


  46. Lol T-rex Got penis and alligator too!HAhahahaha This game is so cool!Nice animation

  47. very interesting


  49. interesting game but LONG LONG LOAD

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  51. nice game it made me absolutely wet

  52. Best game ever!!!

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  54. are u kid 1 2 3 4 5 who care


  56. Nit bad at all

  57. Not bad at all

  58. Does this piece of shit ever work?

  59. When it finished Looading there is still black screen what to do?

  60. supper long load!!! but this game is HOT!

  61. very funny game

  62. Number 0!!!

  63. Nice Game Man =D

  64. glitches after she sucks reptile's leader

  65. what do you do after she wakes up? she just stands there looking at the other chick.

  66. it is not working for me it never leaves a white screen....even after download is ready

  67. Is there anything to do after giving that lizard the stone? the tunnel and dark woods just loops

  68. glitches after everything

  69. made my pussy to fuck all the girls like this

  70. couldnt get past the part where krystal gets outta bed. wouldnt do a thing

  71. Help please)Krystal. how to enter the cave? ))

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  73. sex!!!yeah!!

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  75. One could overlook long download if the game would actualy work but since that aunt the case it's total waste of time!

  76. WTF is the experience for?

  77. it made me SO HORNY

  78. eatmy pussy

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  81. It is a Fucking joke...Too long to load

  82. long load but a great game! it was worth it! it made me wet! just occupy urselves u impatient ppl

  83. Who stucked use arrows.

  84. this has a long loading tim

  85. who's "long loading tim"? Is that your boyfriend, fag?

  86. who's "long loading tim"? Is that your boyfriend, fag?

  87. i hate long load

  88. i'd like to get fucked by super mario

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  90. suppeerr long load but hot game usin my wii

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  92. it is not working...

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  94. great game

  95. I liked this one

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  97. long ass load

  98. how do you get past the part where krystal is lying on the bed? i want to fuck her hard

  99. long loading

  100. Takes too long to load -.-

  101. game is unfinished after krystal on the bed but that lesbo action would have been nice

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  103. damn now i'm wet

  104. I normally don't like furrys, but Krystal made me sooo wet in this

  105. It isn't loading very fast...

  106. use arrow keys to move krystal

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  109. the game is loading freaking do long. i'm bored...

  110. i only got white screen..

  111. funny games hahahhaha

  112. i love porn

  113. to long of load

  114. At least it's not another demo! Thank god.

  115. i came to this website joust to find a bunch of pervs like every single one of you

  116. it takes a half hour to load

  117. You can get it from other locations, and download it faster. Just Google. When Princess Peach is fucking Bowser, click the button that makes it start a few times more, not the next button, or you'll miss some great scenes. The one with the fur girl and lizards doesn't work right. Use a viewer to see all the scenes that are for that, but not working. Looks like it could've been great.

  118. nice games makes me wet alot

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  125. crap the guy who made this said he won't continue

  126. yo, good game. wish it was finished. hey girls send me a message

  127. well sweet becky, your something huge is right here babe

  128. a faster way to load is to right click the screen and click forward

  129. once you get to the bed screen, use the arrow keys to walk around. it's like a mini-adventure game

  130. what the fuck

  131. sexy mario)

  132. the mushrooms wud be a hot orgy to have

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  135. this is taking 2 fuckn long 2 load

  136. long load

  137. Lol zelda is a slut

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  139. whats with the numbers BS please enough already

  140. cartoon porn)))

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  146. soooo fuck long to load!!

  147. seriously whats with the loading

  148. this game is good, to fuckling long load tho...

  149. For Krystal, the should add Fox in there somewhere.

  150. fucking funny game

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  159. why do you even count?

  160. This game is gooooood!!!

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  162. Numbering of assholes haha

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  186. Who plays these games here???? Just fucking save the game with Orbit--> Grab++ Play anytime and without net connection...

  187. takes long to load

  188. Anyone else disappear after the big dino guy fucks her?

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  190. i wanna fuck badly after that

  191. yeah me too

  192. When I get to the dark woods i can't go further any1 knows why

  193. and God did spake unto the israelites: "lol, internet"

  194. fuck.. that was hot.. im so hard and thick at the moment

  195. how do u suk off general scales?

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  197. to bad u cant fuck zelda's pussy

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  200. needs to be updated

  201. guys.....theres no real girl here

  202. it's so long load....

  203. Is there any way to play past the werewolf screen? It just goes back to the cave entrance for me :(

  204. yea how to past were wolfs?

  205. its making horny....... i take it anymore?

  206. its making horny....... i take it anymore?

  207. cool game...

  208. why upload a game that isn't finished? doesn't make sense!

  209. Love the music for the Zelda game!

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  213. kinda weird some of it doesnt work

  214. long load but good game

  215. made me wet...very hot game!!!

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  217. fox girl disappears after you blow lord reptile guy WTF!!!!

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  225. good game,but load for along time

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  228. Just by looking at the sad expression on peach's face, you can tell the game has clear derogatory messages. All Peach does is walk up to men and get raped. No wonder women are still treated as if they weren't people. It would be more fun to see more INTERACTION between characters rather than a worth-drained female character. The ones who are hard to get are more exciting and realistic. This is not.

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  233. someone has to finish this. it's got all the perfect parts!

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  235. ah, good ol' playshapes. He's got a newgrounds channel too.

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  255. why dont you just play the full krystal game on NEWGROUNDS...

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