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All fans of Pokemon series should like this little adult game. Huge flying monster Dragonite is going to fuck the sexy teen Tia. Let's help him to do it :)

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84 Responses to “Tia and Dragonite”

  1. number 1

  2. Gay as Shit

  3. I love that faces.....

  4. wont load

  5. haha the thing in the tree was jerkin off too, you see his load all over the hole. That was about all the enjoyment I got out of this. Kinda lame. Check my profile for something better


  7. click the thing in the tree and get a deleted scene

  8. I'm ashamed to say I was turned on by this.

  9. i love hotness i will pregnat you

  10. number 10

  11. haha this funyy

  12. the girl looks absolutely happy...i'd love to feel the same

  13. its too short and idiotic

  14. WTF ???? i need MnF full version.....

  15. aquien le gusta culiares

  16. that pokemon has some big balls. fuck she seemed to like being fucked by that dragon.

  17. oops that was dragons leg in the way where its balls. oh the deleted scene was as good as the game

  18. the girl looks like she really likes it

  19. what the fuck? this isn't even a game!!

  20. That was actually pretty fun. Wouldn't have minded a hotter girl, though. Maybe Flannery or Cynthia... Oh, well.

  21. I'm in the mood to dreess up like a dragon and fuck someone with my huge cock now

  22. i m jus waating some game lik divauzuki~

  23. pure bullshit

  24. thank you so much for making dragonite look badass

  25. SHADOWGOLD YOU ARE A FAGGOT. why the hell is your avatar a pic of a guy jacking off.. dude you fail

  26. The faces made it more funny than arousing

  27. Waste of time

  28. would have better humour to it if at climax the dragon shot flame from its mouth all over her head

  29. isnt that a pokemon =) sexy sexy

  30. Wanna play with me? Wanna Webcamfun? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN: everyonewantsme@hotmail.de

  31. If you click on the tree in the hole where the eyes are at the very end it unlocks the "deleted scene" and you can see things from a different angle.

  32. use harden use pound use explosion ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE

  33. lol u guys its not that bad her face makes it worth playing


  35. i used to be a jerk ass :P and still i am !

  36. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn we can have some fun;) im a 17 year old male and im always on and horny;) girls only!

  37. lol dragonite has charizards wings

  38. i wish i had a dragon =)

  39. click tree once it's finished for "Deleted scene"

  40. oh my.. what a wild animal.. wish my bf would be that wild!

  41. hella funny i actually remember that show


  43. Crap and shit game

  44. @ t nadia I could be your dragon.

  45. dragonite used dragon rage...er

  46. strong dick

  47. very hot game...you should add more games like this

  48. not much...just something to spend 1 minute....

  49. @ t_nadia i'll be your dragon , we gonna have to work day and night :3

  50. click on the Owl when he cums for a deleted scene

  51. check my profile

  52. Mmm, I definitely wouldn't mind being that Dragonite.

  53. got me so hard, if any girls are feeling the same way send me an email, addy on profile

  54. @KrosaKaine mmm your cock is driving me crazy!

  55. i would like to fuck that girl too

  56. Can i hire someone to be my dragon?

  57. this game is lame

  58. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love you sex

  59. Hmm.. Not bad .. But whatever thing makes me wet , i'd like to play it again and again~

  60. if you click the thing in the tree there is a deleted scene

  61. i wouldn't mind having that dragonite in my party

  62. any bitch wanna suck my cock??????

  63. Yeah doggystyle

  64. t nadia i can be your dragonite

  65. damn, lucky dragonite. girls- my cock is still stiff and i need to cum. wanna help me out- call me 559-309-4016. girls only.


  67. looking for a dragon! message if interested! ;)

  68. sexy yuurika ill be your dragon

  69. facess are hot

  70. o.o wtf i cant ...get . my dick back in my pants!

  71. this is great I just wanna hear some vocals

  72. kinda dumb ...

  73. one of the greatest cum scenes ever

  74. That thing is huge. Kinda lame. Cute animation. Look at the thing in the tree.

  75. the thing in the tree was jerking off.

  76. dragonite used dragon rage...er

  77. does any one know of a good porn site

  78. dis shit gay as FUCK. adorable ashley sexy as HELL!!!!

  79. hard game, a good game but not the better, you know.

  80. i already have a dragon, but if you're a wolf. pm me for some rp

  81. Nice pic Mad Skillzs

  82. i wanna bust my load in some woman like dragonite rlly bad :/

  83. if u wanna play free hentai on, search up my username on google.

  84. pokemon, f*ck m all!!!

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