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Lara Croft just can't keep out of trouble. Today this busty bitch gets abused by a huge-cocked cave monster. Enjoy!

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72 Responses to “Tomb Raider: Cave Monster”

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  3. very bad game

  4. Number 4 cock suckers!

  5. cool idea and really hot

  6. Thats it? Wish a normal guy was fucking her. Check my profile, Im on there today

  7. Cool but to short

  8. In what way is this a game?

  9. Meet and fuck would be nice

  10. I hate "Meet And Fuck", please more adult fighting games!

  11. this was a little poor i think...

  12. boooooooooooooring

  13. very bad

  14. That was pretty terrible. The huge cock made me horny though.

  15. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  16. i like doggystyle

  17. way too short

  18. this was riped off from hentai foundry the guy made it as an animation not a game

  19. suck very bad

  20. Man, GoD is turning to shit!! We want real MnFs!!!

  21. Total Fail

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  23. To short, no fun at all!!!


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  26. big tits awesome.

  27. This is not even a game, you just click "next" and the weird monster didn't do any good.

  28. What the fuck, a Mind Flayer! I never thought that I would see one of those in a porno. I do not like this shite.

  29. any milfs intrested msg me

  30. Good idea but the game is to short and lame

  31. why everybody callin this crap a GAME!!!!!

  32. cool cumshots

  33. it had a good cumshot but no sound and it was short girls check my profile so we can chat ^,..,0

  34. FUCKING BAD GAME !!!!!!!!! >:(

  35. like the cthulhu creature fucking her pretty good animation

  36. love the animations but it could have been so much better for example he could have rip her clothes off instead of her stripping also MORE POSITIONS it seemed like she willing let him fuck her


  38. Mindflayer ftw.

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  40. this game was pretty good. More Positions and some sound would be real nice.

  41. that cock is really huge

  42. stupid game.. -5/5

  43. I'd rather it be a normal guy fucking her.

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  45. I thought this guy got killed by the ice dragon

  46. the girl has huge tits

  47. pity there's no titfuck scene

  48. just clicking next doesn't mean play...

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  52. Not really a game honestly though, I did giggle when his dick hit her tits I dunno why just seemed funny. *flop* :P

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  54. You'd expect some tentacle rape, given this creature's Cthulhian nature... shame, really.

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  59. definitely it needs more scenes

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  61. it need more scenes but it was good, check my profile ladies

  62. too short

  63. nice need more interaction and more positions

  64. nice graphics but the game is too short

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