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This game has a bit strange scenario. Our hero comes to his senses in the room he had never been before under the watch of several cameras and a mystery naked girl lays next to him. Maybe it could be a good begining for some new reality show :)

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192 Responses to “Unique Sexy Occasion”

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  14. numbah 42. also it takes a while to load don't it

  15. I hate this game it is killing my hand. FUCK IT AND WHOEVER MADE IT

  16. im number 1 bitches

  17. Such a fun game i would want to play it over and over. Although the cameras are unnerving


  19. she looks kinda like hinata

  20. yeah she looks like hinata fuck at her

  21. Hit tab, see the yellow box appear around the area you are suppose to click, then hold down spacebar.

  22. its wery sexy

  23. the animation was good but the girl was not. needs bigger boobs and better face.

  24. Start was promising, but in the end, girl's tongue out was a little... *facepalm*

  25. wtf this loading took ages!!

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  27. Hmm.. The game is OK.

  28. Stupid boring game. Loading too long and stupid non stop click. Make a descend game sometime!

  29. This is awful. pointless and tiring clicking is stupid.

  30. What that?!Pig?

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  45. That was kind of weird, good looking scenes, but so much clicking kind of ruined it

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  53. fuck me i worked an awful sweat for that....

  54. at the start that girl was sweet but then she turns into a fucking sex adict... weird

  55. "TITFUCKING MAKES ME HORNY" that made me lolz

  56. not a bad game but the couple looks like teenagers it would be better if they looked like adults also way too much clicking you can get carpal tunnel play that other than that good job



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  61. I'd rather watch guildedspartan's ass bounce then click alot!

  62. 2 hours later still loading

  63. If I'm going to get carpal tunnel from watching porn I don't want it to be from clicking my mouse 500 times!!

  64. Oh, and if you want to skip the loading screen just right-click and press play.

  65. uck it! It's Hinata!!

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  70. pretty hot scenes...i have to admit

  71. Pointless tedious bollocks

  72. Too much clicking, Graphics not too bad though.

  73. wow, hentaigirl with normal-sized breasts. YES! good game, but the tongue at the end was... disturbing

  74. but I like the big boobie hentai girls :(

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  94. I would have liked it, with all of the positions, if there was less clicking. Darn clicking!

  95. great game, though the amount of clicking required to get through ONE position killed it. also for the people with dicks for their pictures, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THEM YOU FUCKING CUNTS! the only people that actually want to see them are very horny females/shemales and gay guys so gtfo or change your mother fucking picture

  96. Yes,I love it

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  98. she looks so happy:)

  99. this game is shit

  100. yeah, I could play with myself to this game... if I wasnt clicking so hard

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  103. Gah! Fuck! My hand! I'm gonna have arthritis now!

  104. so many positions...made me so horny

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  106. lmao i love this one "Where are we?" "I dunno" "Wanna have sex?" Ok!

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  109. That game was fucking grate

  110. That game was fucking grate

  111. if you hit tab you can just keep hitting enter instead of clicking, makes it a lot easier to do your stuff while getting along in the game:)

  112. nice but to avoid the mouse clicks

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  114. The game was ok.

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  119. hit tab but then just hold the enter button and it'll go up super fast

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  128. Really boring to click like crazy!!!! But nice graphics.

  129. right click and forward

  130. i like this game

  131. i like the porn games here

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  134. Someone needs to proofread this shit... Ok game but WAY too much clicking.

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  145. I hate it when they censorize pu$$ys. Fun game though

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  189. this game is fun

  190. I LOVE THE ORGASMIC LOOKS SHE GIVES! but the clicking is annoying as hell

  191. I wanna be this girl!

  192. I am a boy from China hope to know some countries girl I like open little girl. Chinese are very conservative.

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